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DIY ~ Easy Dotted Nail Art Using Colorbar Nail Lacquers & A Toothpick

What you'll need:

  1. Pink Nail polish ~ Colorbar Nail Lacquer #44
  2. White nail polish ~ Colorbar Nail Lacquer #37
  3. Colorbar Top Coat
  4. A toothpick


Moles ~ Hidden Meanings ~ To Remove or Not? Poll

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to get the mole on my face removed. It doesn't bother me, but I find it distracting every once in a while.

At times, I think if I remove it, I'll lose my magical powers =D (assuming I have some.. LOL)

Do you believe that some moles are good luck charms?

I have 3 big moles that, I believe, have played some part in shaping my life. Because inexplicable things have happened in my life and I've had some very surreal "good luck" at times when I need it the most! (touchwood)

They say that the bigger the mole, the greater the force of the omen which it indicates (good or bad)

I have 3 big visible moles. Alongside, I will list what all meanings I've heard and read people say about my moles.
  1. On my left thigh (front) ~ A warm enthusiastic temperament, warning of loss of money, injustice and loneliness, hard work & business, sensual nature.
  2. On the right side of my neck ~ Unforeseen 'gifts, legacies and inheritances', will acquire a lot of gold, unreasonable temperament
  3. On the left side of my nose ~ Will shed a lot of tears in life, voluptuous temperament
Blake Lively has a mole like mine, but on the right side of the nose:

They erased her mole in the second photo


Current Favorite Lip Balms ~ EOS, Bourjois, The Face Shop

According to 'Lip Balm Anonymous' , lip balm is addictive. I totally agree.
Would I ever want to go cold turkey? 
Hell, no! Why would anyone wanna do that?! =)
And with these in the world......

Summer Fruit & Honeysuckle Honeydew 
EOS Lip Balms ($19.50 for both)~ These lip balms are 100% natural, 95% organic, paraben and petrolatum free. Packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil.

You know I'm a sucker for cute packaging. These are some of these cutest things ever! (They remind me of Easter eggs and litchi =) ) Plus, they do moisturize my lips very well and don't wear off quickly. I like that the texture is almost matte and doesn't make my lips look glossy, which makes it easier for me to put a lippie on top. I'd say both flavors are equally nice and will definitely get Sweet Mint and Lemon Drop too later.

Bourjois Baume De Nuit Night Lip Balm (Rs.420)~ What it is: Your night time prescription-a tinted lip balm which restores lips while you sleep. The formula moisturizes and restores lips all night long, filled with emollient oils & repairing agents. The creamy texture makes your lips look visibly repaired and nourished in the morning. Let your night time treatment work while you sleep!
This is my favorite lip balm. It doesn't look fancy, but it delivers. Somewhat like a not-so-attractive or glamorous-looking hairstylist, who always does a better job at doing your hair than the other glam hairstylist with the perfect locks and trendy outfit.
 It was the only thing that helped when nothing else seemed to work. It has an unmistakable extra virgin olive oil smell which doesn't bother me. I will have to stock up on these because Bourjois seem to discontinue a lot of their products without prior notice. I do prefer this lip balm to the Body Shop Lip butters.
The question in my head is, why that 'meh' blue packaging?! Don't you think pink (or even peach) would've suited it more? 

The Face Shop Fresh Lip Balm RD 301~  Mouth watering fruit scented and flavored lip balm softens and comforts your lips with natural fruit extracts, vitamin E and jojoba oil. Has a sweet cherry scent.
*Sob* it's almost over and it won't be easy for me to get a new one! I like grabbing for this whenever I want some deliciousness (which has nothing to do with food!) on my mouth. It's almost always in my handbag because it's a good substitute for lipgloss and lipstick. I like it a tad more than the Body Shop Born Lippy lip balms. And it's also a man magnet *wink* 

To see my other favorite lip balms go here

So, any other lip balms you think I might love. Do let me in on your favorites.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Reader's Request ~ All Nails of the Week : March - April 2010

Thanks Priyanka for requesting I add this. I will add a post of all my NOTW at the end of every month from now on :)

Colorbar Nail Laquer ~ Light Blue

Inglot Nail Enamel #150

Colorbar Nail Lacquer ~ #49 Flirty Mauve

Colorbar Nail Laquer #40

So, which one is your favorite?

I know I didn't update my NOTW these past 2 weeks but will make up for that next week. I did do some simple nail art last week but silly me forgot to click a photo :S

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

India's Watsons/Boots? ~ New U Store + Haul


I'm very happy to see a health and beauty store, called New U (by Dabur) in Delhi and Gurgaon. I went with my friends from back home recently, and they went crazy at the store. The store offer most things-from make-up to skincare. I especially like the beauty tools and accessories, like bath stuff, false eyelashes, vanity bags and mani-pedi equipments.

Make-up brands include Maybelline, Loreal, Chambor etc
They also sell fragrances (Nina Ricci, Carolina Herrera, etc)

I've only been to the ones in Ambience Mall and Promenade Mall, but I think there are a lot of stores in other cities as well.

Size-wise, the stores are not as big as Watsons and Boots, but I guess starting small is the way to go for any retail chain in this uncertain economy.

I just bought a few things because I'm trying very hard not to buy unnecessary stuff and I can always go back for more *wink wink*
There were these cute nail polish removers in pink, green and purple bottles which I really liked. Forgot the name of the brand. 

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner ~Black (Rs.375)
Can't help falling in love with this! ;)

Sen Chocolate & Milk Hand and Body Lotion (Rs.125)
This does smell like dark chocolate. It's moisturizing without leaving my skin feeling greasy
There are other products from this brand from Turkey that I'd love to try out like Strawberry & Milk Hand & Body Lotion. Check out their website here if you want to know more.

QVS Natural Lashes (Rs.250) & Glamour Lashes (Rs.220)
I actually got the Glamour Lashes last December and tried wearing them on New Year's eve but they just didn't seem to stick to my eyes. I hope I have better luck with the Natural ones.

Garnier Gentle Soothing Face Wash With Orange Fruit Extract (Rs.40)
Loving this face wash! Doesn't dry out my skin and leaves it feeling very very smooth. I recommend it 100%

Wait. That's it?! I must be getting really good at controlling my impulses =D

P.S~ Sorry for the lack of posts. Been really busy with life. Now I'm back for good :)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


My Favorite Blog Post 2 ~ Make-up Shopping in Singapore ~ "The Sweet & Helpful"

Here is another favorite blog post of mine. I asked Pchan of 'My Makeup Diary' about the different make-up brands that are available in Singapore because I'm thinking about visiting the place again soon after 5 years and wanted to make sure if it's worth a second visit (that is, depending on whether all my favorite make-up brands are available there ;) ), and she was sweet enough to write a post about it "especially for meee..." :D 
If you're planning to visit Singapore any time, you might also find this very helpful.

Tips: If you're visiting Singapore for a makeup shopping trip!
~ By Pchan

This post is specially for you, Cynthia!!!

:) I hope you'll find this useful.

And for those who happen to want to visit Singapore, here are the best places to go makeup shopping!

For international brands like MAC, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Christian Dior, Chanel, Lancome, Clarins blah blah blah, I would recommend you to get them in the Duty Free at Changi Airport as they are MUCH cheaper than in Orchard Road.

If you want to get a Japanese/ Taiwanese makeup fix, you can drop by Sasa in Wisma Atria (Orchard Road) or Watsons (everywhere you go to there will be a Watsons!) but I would recommend the Takashimaya branch (Orchard Road). Watsons has Fasio, Maybelline, Loreal, Canmake, Gransenbon, Za, Sana and other Japanese makeup brands :D

For Fancl stuff, you can get it from either their flagship store at Takashimaya, or their counter inside Isetan departmental store (Wisma Atria/ Tampines mall). Isetan has Kose, Dr. Ci Labo, Laneige, Anna Sui, Shu Uemura, RMK, Paul & Joe, Cosme Decort (sp?), Givenchy, Origins.... the list goes on.

Takashimaya also has Coffret D'or, Kanebo and Lunasol!
For Korean cosmetics, you can check out Etude House at........

.......Please read the rest here

Thanks Pchan for letting me share this "Sweet & Helpful" post =)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Indian Traditional LOTD

In My Favorite Indian Traditional Outfit

Peek-a-boo! ;)

Products used:
  • Thin layer of MUFE HD foundation followed with Pond's Age Miracle Tinted Moisturizer. Mac Studio Finish concealer, Mac Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder
  • Cheeks ~ Mac Ladyblush Cremeblush topped with Benefit Thrrrob 
  • Lips ~ 1st n 2nd pic: ZA Pure Shine Lipstick in Shell Pink, others: Bourjois Scrub&Baume Pearly Balm
  • Eyes ~ Teal eyeshadow(120 palette), shimmery white eyeshadow(Koi palette), shimmery chocolate brown (Koi palette), blue-green glitter liquid liner on top of the teal eyeshadow, Loreal Super liner, Bourjois Smokey Eyes pencil in Deep Green on inner half of bottom lash line
  • Lashes ~ Mircoz Lash Lengthening Formula, with  Loreal Extra Volume Collagene mascara

Have a great weekend everyone =)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-ageing Serum ~ Review

Been using the Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-ageing Serum for a while now and it's time for the final verdict
My skin type ~ Combination/Oily.


  • Smells great! (It smells like the Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-ageing Cream)
  • Moisturizes my skin enough so I don't need to use another moisturizer on top of it.
  • Acts as a makeup primer too
  • Fills up my fine lines
  • Not greasy/oily
  • Minimizes my pores (but not totally)
  • Makes my skin feel soft and supple

  • Caused some breakouts when I used more than 3 pumps **
  • Umm...I think that's it.
  • No, wait. It is overpriced in my humble opinion. Rs.700 for 50 ml. I think for that price they should have at least made the packaging prettier.
** It smelled and felt so good that during the first few days, I got greedy and couldn't stop piling it on my face, which I think caused some tiny white zits here and there. Now, I've decided to refrain from committing one of the seven deadly sins at least when it comes to this serum =D
Now,I use only 2 pumps of it once or twice a day.

Would I buy it again? Maybe laaa..ter on. I wouldn't visit one country 2 times in a row, so I feel the same about anti-ageing products =)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


My Favorite Blog Post 1~ NKOTB "The Tickler"

 So I've decided to post some of my favorite blog posts, every now and then.

The first one that left a lasting impression in my mind so much so that even 5 months later I still think about it when insomnia hits and laugh under the covers, is "NKOTB" (New Kid On The Blog) by Witoxicity. It is the funniest post by a beauty blogger I have ever come across. I laughed so hard, tears came out. Many thanks to Mara for sharing this post in her blog 5 months ago and in a way introduced me to Witoxicity.

NKOTB ~ by Witoxicity

I ♥ that drawing =D

I’m the New Kid On The Blog. I have openly admitted that I’m a makeup late bloomer, so I might as well fess up and say that I’ve been quite a makeup jargon dummy too. Everybody has to start somewhere! Trying to guess the meanings of abbreviations and acronyms in the early days was like a fun sport for me, a kind of mental jogging.

One of the first abbreviations that I came across when I was researching makeup for problem skin last year was MMU. Since the topic was on makeup and not on a university in Manchester, I quickly realised that it stood for mineral makeup. And while on the subject of MMU, have you ever tried EDM? I have bought several products from Everyday Minerals, including its flat top brush which has received very good reviews. It’s really a great face brush……but I digress.

Well, there was also MUA. After circling the internet block quite a bit, I found out that MUA could mean Makeup Alley, the popular beauty community website, and it could also stand for makeup artist, though the latter is sometimes also represented by MA, I think.

“I have yet to find my HG foundation.”

When I first read that in a blog written by this very anxious girl, I didn’t have a clue as to what HG meant. “Is that a brand?” I wondered. “Does it stand for High Grade, a product of superior quality?”

On another blog written by a very enthusiastic female: “MAC MSF is my HG highlighter!!”

[Eyes glazed over]

Thankfully, I came across a forum where someone, unaware that she was doing me a great favour, kindly typed out the full words ‘Holy Grail’. Enlightenment!
I had to Google for MSF though because my guesses were associated with

(a) Doctors Without Borders, and
(b) Microsoft 
........Please read the rest here and if you end up wiping tears off  your face, do let her know about it ;)Thanks Witoxicity for letting me share your hilarious post.And before I sign off.....
LOL!!! =D

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^