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Lakme Fantasy Collection Shadow Artist Shimmer Stick Astral Blue & Glimmer Green Review, Swatches+ EOTDs

What is Shadow Artist Shimmer Stick?
Let your eyes share magical moments with light beams. Creamy color pencils laced with super fine glitter, reflect light and bring a mesmerizing sparkle to your eyes. Edge, smudge, line, shadow, color or blend. Keep the mystery alive.

Available in 4 shades:
  • Astral Blue
  • Starry Night
  • Glimmer Green
  • Moon Beam
I will be showing you Astral Blue & Glimmer Green:

Astral Blue & Glimmer Green
Oh-my-gosh, I love these! Love, love, love. Did I say love yet? I prefer them to NYX Jumbo Pencils, coz they don't crease as much. The feel of Astral Blue is almost like my favorite Bourjois Effet Smoky Eyes Pencil, but a little more intense. They are better than cream eyeshadows for sure.

♥  VERSATILE. To quote Lakme- edge, smudge, line, shadow, color or blend. True story.
♥  Very Pigmented. They don't lose their colors when applied on the eyes.
♥  They blend beautifully. You don't necessarily need a brush to blend them, fingers do just fine. Although a brush will make the edges more precise.
♥  Can be used as eyeshadow bases.
♥  They are so easy to use & no-fuss. You can apply them in a moving bus, if not straight out of the pencil.
♥  Waterproof. They won't wash off until you use soap. Hence, long-wear.

-  Can't sharpen them even on my big sharpener. I tried sharpening only to end up breaking/squishing the tip. The sharpener only peels the wood around the pencil. What to do???
-  All 4 shades are the same color family. Blue-blue, green-green *rolls eyes*
-  They crease a little when applied all over lids, but that's expected otherwise they wouldn't be so blendable. The good thing is you can re-blend the line quickly with a finger.

Swatches & EOTDs with both pencils....

Swatches: Astral Blue & Glimmer Green

Astral Blue: Just Astral Blue. Doesn't it look gorgeous? The shade is on the lines of MAC Eyeshadows in Deep Truth & Prussian. I like that it's looks almost matte.I applied only on my lash line and blended upwards up to the crease using a pencil brush.
*Please excuse the clumpy bottom lashes. I cleaned up the green to apply this blue. Gotta save time! :)

Glimmer Green: Did the same here. Although I did have to apply more on my lid, coz this shade is sheerer than Astral Blue. It's because this is more shimmery.

Price ~ Rs.350/-
Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥4/5. When I find a way to sharpen them, I might be a little more generous than that :)

I'm buying all of them. Maybe just Moon Beam, coz Starry Night looks similar to Astral Blue, but lets see. I hope they make more colors. 

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

Disclosure: Products were sent by PR for review purposes. I am not affiliated with the company nor am I being compensated for this post. Honest review, as always.


  1. WOW! love what u have done with the blue

  2. The astral blue looks gorgeous! Love how you have worked on your eyes with it!

  3. I so love Astral Blue, your eyes look beautiful with that on!

  4. Great review. I got the astral blue but the green also looks great...specially on you and I plan to get it. Thanks :)

  5. Great review. I got the astral blue but the green also looks great...specially on you and I plan to get it. Thanks :)

  6. Great review. I got the astral blue but the green also looks great...specially on you and I plan to get it. Thanks :)

  7. Great review. I got the astral blue but the green also looks great...specially on you and I plan to get it. Thanks :)

  8. I like Astral Blue! I think I might even buy it..and your eyes are gorgeous!!!!

    Style Fashion Etc

  9. is it d shimmer sticks or is it you? /:) at d risk of sounding like a flatterer (:P), u're a genius at what u do! heck, u r! :D fab eotd! fab sticks! :)

  10. Both look great, but as everybody is saying, the way you have worked with blue looks gorgeous!!

  11. cnf, raey, shruti- Thanks. Glad u liked

    beautydiva- ya u should get green too ;)

    litbb- aww..thanks! Very flattering but awesome compliment :D

    Ginger- Thanks


  12. ooh!! Astral blue looks gorgeous on u!!! superb!!

  13. i have already seen these pencils in other blogs..but what i hadn't seen was how you could do your eyes sooo nicely with just those pencils! i am inspired. a couple of questions.
    would b great if you could drop reply on my blog or i wouldnt know if you replied :)

    1. since they can be blended soo easily, do they smudge even if not intended?
    2. in ur make up, have u also applied a black outline to your eyes or is it the shadow?

  14. Awesome product! Great work with the pencils. You've done your eyes beautifully!
    So sad... i've got both the colours in clinique. Hmm... maybe i'll buy just the green one, because it shimmers :D

  15. Ooooh! I love the blue on you! Really hot :D

  16. I'm sure you've heard this before but you have amazingly pretty eyes!

    and I love the way you've used 'True Story' here. Reminds me of Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother

  17. Sharon- Thank u...and I'm glad u got 'true story'. Barney was exactly who I thinking of lol

    aarthi- thanks


  18. pinkladybug- hehe...maybe u should ;)

    T ~ haha..

    hof- ok i will...soon :)


  19. Re: sharpening the pencils, have you tried the deep-freezer method? Just pop pencil into the deep freeze for a while, so that it hardens up a bit, and then sharpen it quickly, using the sharpest
    pencil-sharpener you have. It seems to work for a few other brands, so maybe you'll have good luck with Lakme too.

    1. Ooh thanks for the tip. I will surely try that now, esp since it's so very hot here in Delhi atm



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