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Terminal 3 Haul

Imagine forgetting your airport haul bag, above the sink, in an airport washroom.
Then you're running towards the boarding gate, because it's the FINAL CALL ( yoozh).
Halfway, you realize the bag is not in your hand, and you're left with 2 choices:
Run back to the washroom, which would take about 2 minutes - OR - continue running to the plane & secretly shed some tears during the journey.
It took me 5 seconds to have a very small heart attack & turn back.......

Satya Paul Wallet ~ Because instant attraction.

Accessorize Sunglasses ~ Because I forgot to carry sunglasses.

Rage Chocolate ~ Because of the packaging. (Actually from the landing airport, not T3)

Just a quick post, as I'm still out of town.

Speak again soon!


Bye Bye Summer! {OOTD}

Fun Fact 1: 
This is my most favorite dressy outfit of Summer 2017. The coral top, especially. I'd buy every one shoulder flounce top if I could.

Fun Fact 2: 
I never wore it, because I was saving it for a special occasion. You know how you put together a brand new outfit for something? You think: I'll wear this top. But with what kind of bottoms?Umm, black skirt/shorts? No, it has to be a fun florally something, not black & flat. Hey! Definitely not that black crow-type skirt you're thinking about right now! Okay, one of 4 brands I'm so loyal to will have something.
(Btw, said occasion NEVER happened. I don't wanna talk about it! =\)

Horrifying Fact: 
The little heart bracelet I'm wearing here I almost threw out with a shopping bag, along with a pack of H&M rose gold hair clips. I'd completely forgotten about them! I also have no memory of me buying them : | ... I'm going to check exactly when I bought them, so I know what state of mind I was in at the time. But I assure you, I've never shopped when I'm drunk! ;p


Jewelry/Accessories Haul ~ Forever 21, Accessorize, Claire's, Forever New, Etc

It's SALE time.
You find something you really like at 50% OFF.
It fits perfectly and/or it's looks very very nice.
You feel so lucky!
Just like when you find money you'd forgotten about in your jeans pocket.
As you're standing in the queue to the cash counter,
Not only are you grinning (creepily, if you're being watched),
You're also thinking: 'I could win a award for Best Bargain Shopper! Ooh....maybe I should turn it into a career! Ya, lazy people will pay me to go shoppi.....Oh, my turn!'
You take out your wallet to pay for the greatness that, at this point, you'd scratch people for if they tried to snatch it from you! (Meow!)
The cashier says a number that's not the same one in your head.
A smaller number.
It's actually 70% OFF! 
They must've forgotten to change the sticker on the tag.
Now you're shaking a little bit,
 and all of your teeth want to come out and ogle at the cashier.
But you warn yourself.....
'Be cool.' 


That, ladies & gentlemen, has happened to me twice.  

First time: At Lipsy in Glasgow last December - I thought I had to pay £20 (Rs.2000) for a top, but the price was £12 (Rs.1200)

 Second time: At Claire's recently with a not-so-expensive hairband, but still.

On to the haul.....

Forever 21 Chandelier Earrings, Rs.409 ~ Why 2 pairs? One pair is for the winner of the "What's In The Box" Contest =)

Forever 21 Romantic Duster Earrings, 539.


Beauty Addict And Her Stash To Pack | OOTD

Leaving UK in less than 2 weeks now, so that means these are crazy packing times! Last night, I was home alone. Mr.CZ had gone to Newcastle and he'll be back till later this evening. I layed almost all my makeup and beauty products on the bed in our guest bedroom. This bed just has a sheet, and we didn't get any pillows and whatnot for it because, you know, no point. These are most of my beauty products (save for some skin & hair products I keep in the bathrooms) that I'm packing to take to India.
I decided to throw myself into the MESS, because it's always been my dream to sleep on/next to a pile of makeup products..hehe. Btw, I kept my left knee bent in most pics, coz I was trying to hide a a big (healing) bruise. I fell down on the bridge a couple weeks ago. Always been a quiet bridge, but that day, a couple was walking towards us, and they saw me fall. Because that's how life is - you never fall without an audience.


Holiday Party LOTD & Accessories

My favorite season & month is here! I just can't believe another year is coming to an end. I clicked these pics mainly to show off my new quirky hairband and then one thing led to thing I knew, I was naming my blog post "Holiday Party LOTD" when I didn't really go to any party....haha!
*These pics were taken on a very cloudy day. So the pics turned out very dark & noisy. Here in Scotland, one minute it's bright and sunny, and I think "Ooh, let's take pictures!" Then when I'm done gathering the things or myself, it's suddenly gloomy, sometimes when it's only 3 in the afternoon!


Black Magic Makeup Look {Halloween}

Halloween is in 3 weeks, so I thought I'd do a few dark & crazy looks. This one is inspired by that black sequined fan. I saw it among the Accessorize Halloween Collection one day, held it just like in the pic above, stared at myself in the store floor-length mirror, became indecisive, went home without it.....and life felt incomplete. I went back for it about a week later.
If a girl needs a black sparkly fan, she needs a black sparkly fan


Mint Dress OOTD | Fav Blog Posts Poll Results | UK Life Update

While I write this post, I'm gonna try to get the memory of Miley Cyrus' VMA performance out of my head. We won't say what's already stamped all over the internet, we'll just bury the memory, and think of butterflies instead. Ooh....butterfly print dress....
 Yes, that's the photo for Cosmopolitan.....
Cosmo Editor said "We want full-length pic. I said "What kind of attire"? Cosmo Editor said "Wear your favorite outfit!"


The Shopping List ~ TheBalm, Topshop, Accessorize, Vera Wang, Michael Kors, Etc.

I did some window shopping recently,so some of of these pics I clicked in stores. These are just some of the things on my Shopping List aka Wishlist.....

TheBalm Instain Long-Wearing Powder Staining Blush ~ I want ALL OF THEM! But I'll probably only get Argyle, Lace & Houndstooth.
Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss ~ New packaging, new shades. I like the 3rd one, Super Natural, which is my kind of nude shade
Accessorize Eyeshadow Palette ~ These palettes are so pretty! This 'Exposed' palette has all brown & neutral shades.
Topshop Makeup Brushes ~ Hot Pink! I really really want the 2nd flat angled foundation brush. Then the 3rd & 5th.
Topshop Lip Bullet ~ These are such a nice change from lip crayons. I like one shade called 'Covet'- extreme left.
Olay Glow Perfectors BB Cream Moisturising Cream +Plus Touch Of Foundation by Max Factor ~ I'm not sure I want this, but I thought I'd just put up the pic in case you're interested.
Michael Kors Rose Gold Watches ~ The one I had my eye on for ages isn't here, but I like a couple out of these.

Tokidoki Pittura Brush Set ~ These were launched long back, so i don't know if they're still available. WANT! Oh, there's more....
Tokidoki Pittura Brush Set 24 Karat Edition ~ Those are bracelets!
Vera Wang Lovestruck EDP ~  The fragrance was inspired by a modern day version of the story of Romeo and Juliet, and the bottle decorated with a tulle bow and deep berry flowers. I'm lovestruck! I want it NOW.

What are you drooling over these days?

P.S. I got sick, so posting will be random like this for a few days. But ya, I'll find a way to shop, and come back with a haul ;)


Video Tutorial: How I Created My Look In Cosmopolitan Magazine

Over 1 month later than promised, here it is! It went up on my Youtube Channel after 11 pm IST last night....after I waited over 3 hours for it to upload on YT. But it's okay
Pics from the magazine issue here, in case you're new here.
Why this delay? Computers are to blame for this. The laptop I edited this video on didn't work without the charger anymore (battery spoilt), so I decided to take Mr.CZ's old laptop to India, as there used to be daily power cuts in my hometown. I quickly transferred video, and happily thought I'd upload it from India after I'd seen the magazine issue. I found out in India that video couldn't be played in the other laptop...maybe coz it's Windows 8...I don't know! Then the hurried move to Scotland happened....and then the wait for broadband. The End.
Still, I apologize for the delay. 

Anyways, hope you like the video....and think my editing is a little bit better than my purana (old) videos =D
*The lighting is bad in some parts because the sun was shining in my face.

I was going to do a voiceover, but I couldn't do it right. I bought a mike attached with funky headphones and everything- like a DJ's, but then the background noise (including vibrations from the fridge) was deafening. Hoping I'll learn all the techie stuff before the next video. 
Do you know what's arrived? My birthday month! Hola! I better start looking for things to wish for & lust after... I mean material things.... I know Zayn Malik is too young for me, okay- even younger 20 days from now! ;p (Gosh, if malik of my heart and soul sees this....)


Primark Shoes I Picked Revealed!

I put up a post asking you to guess which color shoes I picked from Primark (post here & in my Facebook Page). You know I like to play those games ;) Thank You to all who commented! You must know me quite well, coz none of you picked black/white =D
Yes, I picked the RED ones! They're red, right? Coz Mr.CZ and a few of you said they're coral. I don't know....I guess coral-red.

So the ladies who guessed right are:

  • Bhumika
  • Narindra Evah
  • Sukanya
  • Miss Bo Peep
  • Poorva
  • Wajiha Sajid
  • RJ
  • Geetz
  • Adaa
  • Preeti Kaur 
  • Malavika Gadiyar 

Congrats! =)
To the others who guessed Pink/Black pair: There was a 90% chance of me picking them over the red ones, BUT..... 
The buckle is a little different from the red & black pairs. See, it extends way to the front, so they didn't fit well- too loose. 


Fabulous Find ~ Accessorize Shape & Brow Kit

"Walk straight to the end of the makeup aisle. Accessorize is in the corner, next to Max Factor, opposite Revlon.", I said over the phone to Mr.CZ. "Okay, do you see a fuchsia pink thing with gold design? It's right on top of the shelf."

One Day Earlier: 
Like a Rani (queen), this royal-looking thing was displayed high up on the Accessorize shelf.  So gorgeous it looked under the store lights! I'd never seen it before, so I assumed it's a new launch. I reached for it, and took a look inside. 3 chocolates of brow powders, tweezers, brush &, it has it all! I did not see the clear brow wax.
I thought "Ooh, looks nice. But no testers....why didn't they keep testers?!! Risk it? Nah, what if the powders are chalky? Remember your disappointment with the Accessorize lipstick? Okay, I'll check out reviews & swatches online, and then come back another day- when I'm back from India. Ya. Bye bye, beautiful!" I got some other stuff and left the store.
Fast forward: Later, I googled...found no reviews on it...couldn't stop thinking about it the whole night! What to do??? I'm supposed to leave for India you go get it when you come back....NO! I can't, I can't wait that long! Okay calm down, woman! There's only one way you'll get it today.....
Text message to Mr.CZ: "*insert cute name I wouldn't call him in front of other people* you going anywhere near Superdrug?"
This pretty little thing houses 7 things:
  • 3 brow powders (light/medium/dark) ~ They are smooth & quite pigmented, although I wish the 2 lighter shades were a little more cool-toned. They referred to the lightest powder as a highlighter, but we can all agree it's too dark for the brow bone. On the brighter side, you could use them all as eyeshadows too.
  • Clear brow wax ~ It does hold up long-ish untrimmed brow hairs and gives a defined arch.
  • Mini tweezers ~ They do their job fine.
  • Mini dual-ended brush ~ Brushes on both ends are the same- angled but a bit to fluffy for eyebrows, I must say.
  • Mirror ~  Always a plus.


Jewelry Haul ~ Accessorize & Primark (Boxing Day Sales)

These are all the jewelry I got on Boxing Day. If you're not familiar with this day, it falls on the 26th of December, and most stores in the UK (and a few other countries) put up major sales for some reason. Don't ask me why it's called 'Boxing Day'. I read about it on Wiki, but I don't remember... maybe I didn't even understand. 
Anyways! I'm very happy with my haul, especially Accessorize because I find it more expensive in the UK & I'd been waiting for the sale for months!
Accessorize Jewelry: All 50% off
  • Carved Rose & Leaf Ring ~  £2 (Rs.177)
  • Gold Earrings ~ £3 (Rs.265)
  • 3 sets of gold hoops ~ £2.50 (Rs.220). 
  • Gold Chain Hair Bando ~  £4 (Rs.354)


Accessorize Lipstick Smitten Review & Swatches

First official makeup blog post of 2013! I wanted to show you something so very pretty. A lipstick with floral prints....butterflies.... and an owl. On top of that, it's called 'Smitten'! I love that word, because I feel it all the time.
*If you hate anti-climaxes, I apologize in advance. But it's not like the series finale of 'Lost'.