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Lakmé Fantasy Collection Cheek Artist Peach Blush Photos & Swatch

Get those dreamy rose-kissed princess cheeks. This multi-purpose stick glides magically over your cheeks for a natural blush. Feminine and fun, these colors blend beautifully on all skin tones. 
Available in 2 shades Peach Blush and Kiss of a Rose

Price: Rs. 395/-

I'll be showing you Peach Blush. I still have to test the wearability and see if it breaks me out or something, coz it's a cream blush, but so far I'm loving this cutie. This shade is so pretty!

Lakme Fantasy Collection Cheek Artist

It has a protective plastic cap 

Lakmé Cheek Artist Peach Blush

It's a peachy-coral shade with subtle gold shimmer

The blush stick comes in a short chubby twist tube and is less than 1 inch

Peach Blush Swatch

It is creamy, silky, pigmented and super blendable. The shade is kinda like Nars The Multiple Maui.

*I will do a final review and fotd with it sometime next week. Hope you enjoy the photos for now.

***Review HERE

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

Disclosure: Product was sent by PR for review purposes. I am not affiliated with the company nor am I being compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.


  1. Hey Cynthia, the shade looks really pretty & summery..i wana pick it up bet skeptical wonder how will it hold in Delhi heat though.. cream blushes + Delhi summers = makeup disaster

  2. Super cute ^_^ Love the blush colour. xx

  3. super cute and natural, what else? lol

  4. I want the peach so badly ...i got the kiss of as rose one :( thats not nearly as pretty...

  5. The color looks nice.Waiting for the review.But Lakme needs to work on its packaging it's too boring and mundane.

  6. sonia- I don't mind it, but yes, it could be better.

    pnb- oh, i'm surprised u didn't get the same. U can buy this then

    ish- hehe...enough said

    ibc- as long as they're not too greasy/oily and they dry to a matte/powder finish, they do work in the summer for me


  7. its so cute, but the quantity is quite less :( Needless, the price compensates for it, I think. Can't wait for your final review. Not that I'll ever be able to get my hands on it, but Lakme always excites me.

  8. This looks awesome!! i am getting this for sure..i bought way too much shadows..and now my blush collection is i am stocking up on blushes this time around!! i love this!! such a pretty color!! :) :)

  9. This looks totally peachy-keen convenient!! n such a lovely color! *adore*

  10. aoyv- ya just about right for the price. I'm sure it'll still be here when u visit again :)

    fathima- ya it's blush time then :)

    litbb- It is ;)


  11. I got the kiss of a rose & am loving it :)... I tried this at the store - this is real pretty too - but it seemed similar to Bourjois Lilas D'or to me so I skipped it :)

  12. will it work good in mumbai heat as well??

  13. anonmous- ya, it will coz it dries to a matte finish



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