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Pretty Flip Flops

Hello, everybody! =)

First of all, I apologize for not updating this blog in sooo long! Thanks to everyone who keeps checking. 

Let's kick it off with these flip flops. Pretty, Accessorize-ish ones. Speaking of Accessorize, boy, have they shot up the prices of their flip flops!!! Last time I visited, the price tag of some minimally decorated flip flops were over Rs.2000! I just didn't think they were worth that much.

Then the other day, my eyes landed on these.....

Brand ~ GINGER

Size ~ Starting size 36. 
About an inch too big for my size UK 2.5-3 feet, but I like my home slippers to be a little bit big.

Price ~ Rs.399

Available at Lifestyle.

There's also a cute black & white pair with a satin bow on the strap, so do look for them if you plan to go flip flop shopping.

Thank You for reading, all! :*

Until next time.....


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