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Mistakes Of A Sale-Crazy Mommy

1st time: 40% OFF

2nd time: 50% OFF

Mistakes Made: TWICE.....

From: Mothercare

Sizes: All same, except for 1. 

Lesson Learned: Never buy lots of baby clothes, leave them in the shopping bag, and then forget what all you've bought. Also, take a quick look at brand new clothes before next shopping trip.

Imagine my face when I found two two - in a minute!

Have you other Mommies made this mistake?
Please tell me I'm not the only one! =D


OOTD ~ Varsity Sweater Dress


~ Why didn't I apply a black nail polish? Or black & white stripes...haha... who are you kidding?!
~ When will the skin on my hands be smooth again? Moist.
~ What if that aggressive father monkey that was living on our balcony when we were out of town comes back & attacks me? I'll use backpack as a shield. 

~ Hmm...I feel like watching that movie 'The Craft' again.

 ~ Tiesto. Playing. In Gurgaon. Can't go. Life of a Mommy, sigh. (He's playing tonight, btw)

~ My baby. Can't wait for bedtime cuddles & tickles.

 ♪ ♫ My heart is a ghost town...toodoo...doodoodoo.... ♪ ♫


LOTD: Wintry Dark Lips

Hi, everyone! :)

It feels so good to be posting a LOTD after so long! I have so much to say, but I have to do a bunch of stuff and head out, so I'm just going to say what's important for now & save the rest for other posts to come.

I missed you. I hope all readers from Chennai are safe & sound. Lots of love to everyone who wrote to me & checked my blog regularly when I was away for so long! <3

So this look was inspired by this dark lippie & of course the headband I'm am absolutely in love with! Somebody invite me to a big fat Indian wedding so I can wear it with a matching lehenga I don't have! ;p


Still Here....

Soul in my goddamn imperfect world.
            Feet in my seemingly perfect shoes. 

(Wait, that didn't rhyme anymore! But it's not meant to be poetry, you idiot. Okay, keep going....)

But you.....
(Yes, pause for effect.)
 No matter how many times I've failed,
I'll always find my way back to you.

(What the....Cheeesy! Get outta here!!! Go put on that new dark lipstick that matches that F21 headband you treat like a piece of valuable art, and....ah, never mind.... just get out!)


{Shoes: Forever New Azalea Mesh Cut Out Heels}