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My Kryolan Train Case

Hey Everyone, happy Saturday! Mine will be a packing & organizing day. I've got only 6 days now! Amma!
I sorted out some make-up yesterday, and emptied out this Kryolan Train Case. It has been a big part of my life for years, and now that I have to part with it, I wanted to show it to you. I have treated it rather badly, but it has never broken on me until now (touch wood!) I LOVE this baby!
Once, I had it with me on a plane. When we landed, one of the guys from a rock band walked by me and said: "So it's not a bomb."
Color:  Grey & Black 
Price: Rs.2200 ($40.00) when I bought it in 2004. Or was it 2500?
It can be locked

Those separators can be shifted around, and can also be removed completely.
I have now filled it with all my lipsticks & other melt-able products, and I'm still hoping it will accommodate some more.....

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