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Lakme Cheek Artist Peach Blush Review, FOTD & How To Apply It

I've been using nothing but Lakme Cheek Artist Peach Blush for the past 1 week, and the verdict is in. 

I have used a blush like this a while back, No7 Blush Tint Cream Blush, which I adored. So this brings back good memories (of the blush and shopping at Boots in London)

Lakme Cheek Artist Peach Blush swatch on hand

♥  Shade. It a gorgeous peach-coral shade with tiny gold shimmer that would flatter almost any skin tone
♥  It's very hard to overdo with this, because the more you blend it, the more it'll disappear in your skin.
♥  Blends effortlessly. It doesn't become blotchy at all.
♥  Stays put throughout the day, as long as it's not too hot.
♥  Although it's a cream blush, it doesn't feel greasy or sticky. It dries to a matte finish.
♥  Portable and fuss-free. No need for a brush.
♥  Inexpensive.

-  Packaging is kinda unstable. The upper cylindrical tube that holds the blush came out of the base from the first time I tried to pull the cap.
-  Can't apply it on temples and chin (and nose) coz of the shimmer. Then you'll look too disco.
-  You need to layer it for the color to show. You'll only see the shimmer with just one swipe.

How to Apply: Smile and apply right on the apples of your cheeks (make round spots) and blend towards your hairline & downwards with fingers. Try not to go inwards towards your nose. That's where the large pores are, and because this has shimmer, it will emphasize them. Place 2 fingers (index and middle) between the sides of your nose and apples of your cheeks as a guide.

Daylight washed out the color out too much (on camera) so I had to take pictures in different lighting to show the true color of the blush.

Without flash
About 3 layers of the blush in these pics

With Flash indoors

All-in-all, I think this is a pretty good cream blush and hope Lakme comes up with more shades (and maybe prettier packaging....sigh.) It's available in just one more shade- Kiss of a Rose, a dusty rose shade in matte finish, which I'm getting next.

Price ~ Rs.395
Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥4/5

*More pictures of Lakme Cheek Artist HERE

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Aww you look so cute on wearing this blush!! Lovely <3

  2. super pretty..looks awesum on u CZ..:))

  3. I'm going soon to India and im getting this for sureeee and so many other products to get are already in my list :) I like so much ur reviews it helps me to decide either buy them or not. :)

  4. CZ ur complexion it

  5. hey cynth,
    the first pic is shooooo cute where you are showing us how your applying the blush...
    khikhikhi wish could just pull your cheeks...
    and the final look is beautiful too!
    btw i finally got ponds serum and lotus emulsion ...
    thank you sooooooooooo much for reviewing!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hey Cynthia ... I dont know why but when SA swatched this shade it looked bit shimmery ... but now on you cheeks it doesn't :)

  7. suits you like anything! Last pic looks supppaaaa pwetty!! :))

  8. I always have trouble to apply this kind of blush, thanks for the tutorial and pretty pictures x

  9. Amritha- Oh it's just the lighting or something... and makeup :D


  10. S Hijabi- I'm glad u find them helpful :)

    Flamante- aww..thanks hehe. Glad u got those! Hope u lie them too :)

    Shalini- The shimmer aren't very obvious on the cheeks actually


  11. Rentu- aww...thanks *.*

    Rakshandha, Bhumika, Ana- Thank u ladies

    Shruti- thanks! :)


  12. Looks nice and great tips on how to apply :) Would like to see Kiss of a Rose on you :)

  13. I finally gave up & got this shade too! :)... though Kiss of a Rose :)

  14. I've been using the shiseido accentuating color stick in peach for years and its fab and just like this! But four times the cost!!!

  15. Wow..I must say, you look absolutely polished fine! I mean, your skin is so healthy and the complexion is good. Nice site,gal! loved reading it.


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