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I could be referring to a number of things:
  • No more Blog Sale drama around here. It must have confused you spectators too =)
  • No more Desperate Housewives *sobs*
  • No more Grey-Steele drama, coz I finished reading the "50 Shades Of Grey" trilogy.
  • No more Indian Beauty Bloggers' drama. At one time, it was like an Indian tv serial. You didn't know? Well, I won't b***h and tell, coz it's all in the past now ;)
But I'm referring to none of those things. Really. I'm only talking about Essence Color & Go Quick Drying Nail Polish in #27 No More Drama.


"You Belong To Me"

"You Belong To Me" can sound both psycho and passionate. 
  • Psycho - if you're squeezing the person's neck and say it without blinking.
  • Passionate - if you're running your fingers through the person's hair and say it with a smile on your face.
Okay, they both sound psycho. Well, how should I know?! I've done neither. least not to a living thing. 
So, the latest nail trend is colored French tips, which I love love love- mainly coz I'm very lazy about doing my nails & I hate waiting for them to dry.