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Almost 4 years ago.....

Fifty Shades Of Grey
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Laters baby...... ;)


My Day at Madame Tussauds Launch Event

I feel I have to go to this one...I don't know why, but I have to make it to this one! Yes, why you never go to these events and such? You're not gonna fall down or embarrass yourself all.the.time.! Plus, this one doesn't sound pretentious & boring - they didn't use words like "French-something....and one-on-one interview with.....". They said: 1) Wine & 2)Mannequin Challenge, okay?
Oh God, what should I wear?! I have nothing to wear! My closet is a mess, I can't find anything! I don't even remember what clothes I have anymore!
Btw, where are those black suspender tights???
See, I told you weeks ago to put away the summer clothes in the corner junk cupboard, I (told) telled you!
Oh no, what if it's a formal dress code... like gown and head gear and all.... like "Madame" type?
Okay, please calm down! That new black ruffle bodysuit.... That. Make it work.... and just GO!
Eeee.... who's this Bollywood's biggest superstar they speak of?
Umm... Shah Rukh? Ranbir? Ranveer? Aditya Ro...nah, he's not that big (Yet. But you will be.... Jaanu.)....How I wish The Weeknd was a Bollywood superstar too right now *sigh*!
Ohh...I know, I know! Amitabh Bachchan! Yeah, definitely him.

Where: Shangri-La's Eros Hotel, New Delhi
When: 12th January, 2017

The Madame Tussaud's Museum will open at Regal Cinema building, Outer circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

At the launch, only 3 wax figures were unveiled.....

Amitabh Bachchan

Lady Gaga


Chokers & Chances.....

What are the Chances that you catch a flu the day after someone you care about told you they're suffering from it?

What are the Chances that your child might be OCD?

What are the Chances that you end up liking someone you found absolutely obnoxious at first?

What are the Chances that you love fancy underwear a bit too much....more than clothes even?

What are the Chances that the passengers of MH370 are still alive....somewhere?

What are the Chances that the stranger standing behind you at a food counter might just be someone you're gonna say 'I miss you' to months later?

What are the Chances that I transform into Mr.Narendra Modi someday?

What are the Chances that the person writing all this thought-provoking shtuff is possibly a bit tipsy right now?

Blush Pink Suede Choker ~ Forever New, Rs.1000

Black Velvet Choker ~ H&M, Rs.699

Wire Choker ~ Claire's, Rs.1070 (came in a set of 3)

Studded Velvet Choker ~ Claire's, " (came in a set of 3)

I'd say my most favorite kind is the Forever New Blush Choker, and least favorite is the wire style, which I wouldn't have even bought had it not been part of a set.

"Girls be using anything as chokers nowadays. B**ch, where's my charger?!"

That's from a meme I saw somewhere on Instagram...haha!  
Seriously though, some "chokers" look absolutely ridiculous! I mean, if it looks like a neck brace, or a noose, or some vague metal monstrosity ...nah-uh!

Happy Friday, everyone! =)

Stay tuned for more posts that I'm very excited about - coming shortly.



What are the Chances that I may have published this post without proofreading it first & have forgotten what all I've written before this point?

*Sneezes 3 times.....sips wine....clicks publish*


1st Untold Story & The Last Adored,,,,,,


Her: I'm leaving. Bye, have a nice life.

Him: Why would you do that? If that's what you want, I won't stop you. You looney!

Her: Ya, that's what I want! You're a horrible, horrible person!

Him: Why are you doing this?

Her: Because I can. Now just say 'Bye' to me.

Him: I won't! I won't say it!

Her: Fine! If that's how you want it. 

Him: Over my dead body. Make me say it!

Her: Argh! Don't say it then!

Him: Why should I say it? You say it, since you're the one running. 

Her: I said it already! It's your turn now. 

Him: I will not say it. Can you stop doing this?

Her: Okay. Fine. I'll just leave then.

Him: ...............

Her: ................

Him: Come with me to Jaipur. I'm driving there tomorrow. You should come. But obviously you won't.

Her: I can't. Maybe some other time.

Him: Yeah, right. Just the way I'll ever get to know your name.

*** (To be or not to be continued.) ***

These are some of the things that were my favorites at the end of '16:

Zara Black Leather Jacket
Forever 21 Beige Tie-up Bodysuit
Forever 21 Caged Mesh Bralette

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eyeshadow Palette
Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Bellissima
Victoria's Secret Bombshell Rollerball Perfume
Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder 4-in-1 Harmony #3 Organza Caramel
Colorbar Luxe Nail Lacquer 'Baby'
4U2 Celebrity Shade & Highlight Powder

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you! =)

I hope your 2017 will fulfill all the wishes that 2016 couldn't, or wasn't kind enough to even try.

I know, for some of us, 2016 was flaky af.....sometimes dangling a cookie we don't even want until we thought, 'Okay, why not?!'
..... and then finding out you can't eat the damn cookie - because it's made of stone!

You say bad analogy, I say 2016 hangover.

Talk again soon! :* :*

Most Favorite Song '16