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IKEA India Haul (Decor) ~ My First Time

By popular demand, here's my IKEA Haul, that I did while in Hyderabad.

My first ever visit to an IKEA store. That too, years agter I wrote this post in 2013! So it is a monumental day...haha.
For those who don't know, there's only one IKEA store in India right now.

Firstly, OH MY GOD! It was an overwhelming, one-of-a-kind experience shopping there!
The store was HUGE! So huge, it felt like an industrial factory. 
I read it has a "Cafe", and this cafe is like a food court! You could literally live in the store for days! 😁

I loved the furniture & a lot of heavy things, but sadly we could only pack small things in suitcases.

IKEA could be opening their 2nd store in Gurgaon, which is where I'm at. So....I shall wait.
Maybe, then, I'll move into a brand new house, and fill it with Ikea everything, who knows.

In the meantime, here are the little things I managed to pick up in less than 2 hours.......


IKEA To Open In India???

"Swedish furniture retailer Ikea, which is scouting for the right location for its India stores, is reportedly in talks with the Uttar Pradesh government to open its first store in Greater Noida." ~ FirstPost
"IKEA has decided to enter India in a single-brand retail venture. It plans to open 25 stores, investing about INR 10,500 crore (US$ 2 billion) over the next 15 to 20 years. IKEA’s first India store is expected to open in 2014-15." ~ Ikea Wikipedia.
You know, one of my favorite things to do is browse the Ikea website, although I have no home to furnish at the moment since we are staying in a furnished rented apartment.I want so many things for storage, but can't buy any right now, coz I will probably have to leave them behind when we leave. (Argh!)
Have I told you that most of the furniture & decor in our home here are from Ikea? I know this because I saw the stuff in the website during one of my visits to the website!
Ikea sells awesome stuff at such reasonable prices, it's easy to overlook the fact that everyone ends up buying the same things. I'll show you some of the stuff that we might want.......
Makeup Storage solved! Around Rs.9000 in UK
Rs.80,000 in UK