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Summer's End Reverie

Feet and ears tucked snugly inside the quilt, instead of out.
An unanticipated sneeze before you've even brushed your teeth.
Sandpaper knuckles.
That in-between emotion that you've yet to name & fittingly stow.

Little notes from Summer - that it has left.


Okay, I don't know where I was going with that. These are just impromptu pictures I clicked because I loved the light & shadows in my room that day :)

BUT they are my favourite things......


Why Use An Eyelash Serum?

Apply Castor Oil.
Apply Vaseline.
Apply a mixture of castor, coconut & olive oils.
Eyelash surgery, where they'd sew individual hair on your eyelids.

I've read every article on eyelash thickening tips, but never tried any. I have never even seen Castor Oil in real life, but I swear I've been meaning to get it for my lashes since I was 18 years old!

I've only tried using Vaseline, which did improve the density of my lashes, but it always made my vision blurry when it got inside my eyes.....

....and now, I'm finally using the Etude House My Lash Serum....

This lash serum seem to be very popular, and it's one product with a lot more good reviews than bad ones. I think it's because it's not an overpriced eyelash product, that arouses high expectations. Everybody can try it, and keep buying it - like a convenience store lip balm.

Ingredients (taken from Etude House website)Water (Aqua), Butylene Glycol, ethanol, glycerin, phenoxyethanol, polyacrylic acid, tromethamine, blood not -32, blood not -6, disodium this dithiol this (???), dangyak extract, carbonate, biotin, sodium hyaluronidase, Maltodextrin, Ginseng Extract, Ethylhexyl Glycerin, iris extract, Aloe Vera leaf extract, Yellow No. 4.

*I see no Parabens on this list, whereas I've seen some sites list the common parabens. So, I really don't know.


Puppies On Makeup!

I thought I was (kinda) over this cutesy makeup packaging phase, but I'M NOT!
Not when they go and put puppies on them!

Etude House just brought out their first LE Collection of this Year Of The Dog.....


Lipstick Cases


Hong Kong Beauty HAUL

Etude House

Those are name I shan't forget.
Because they had everything I wanted to get.
Nanaladida....then show off on the net.


Let's start with ze CUTE.....

Tony Moly

- Panda's Dream Clear Pact ~ Compact powder in shade 02
- Panda's Dream Contour Stick 02 
- Panda's Dream Contour Stick 03 ~ This is a perfect shading stick for my skin tone. Love it!
- (FREE with purchase) Panda's Dream Special Kit containing: (1)The Chock Chok Green Tea Watery Cream, and (2) Panda's Dream White Magic Cream.

*I gotta hide these from the baby real good, coz he crazy about Pandas!*


Secret Brush

Oval makeup brushes.

 Once frowned upon. Howww???, they did that hand gesture. Toothbrush, they mocked.

Yes, I was one of they. Until I decided to try of of said toothbrushes....

 The Etude House My Beauty Tool Secret Brush 121 Skin

What it is: It's s synthetic brush for applying cream products, as well as powder products - no hard rules here.

What I LOVE about it: The brush blends base products effortlessly. The sponge is like a polishing tool, because my skin looks like polished wood - what I mean is 'sheen' - after I give it a good buff with this & it makes all my pores non-existent.

 The only complaint I have is that when I'm using the sponge, it sometimes comes off because it doesn't fit into the handle tightly enough. 


A Lipstick To Remember [Lipstick Day]

Wishing all you Lipstick Princesses a very HAPPY LIPSTICK DAY! =)

If you're reading this from a land where it's no longer 29.06.15, please forgive me. It's been a looong day!


Pink Glam Eyes & Lips Combination

You know that feeling when you finish watching the finale of a TV series? Like something died inside you? Ya, that's the feeling I'm feeling these days - after I finished watching The Missing. It's such a brilliant show with an ending that still haunts me days later. Do watch it if you're into mystery.

So....if you're wondering what makeup I wore on Valentine's Day, this is it. I didn't get time to click photos that day, so I recreated the look. Well.... just eyes & lips, because a full LOTD with presentable hair is almost impossible for me to do these days! Even on V-Day, I had to put my son on a chair opposite me while I did my hair! He stopped crying & watched  =D


Etude House Princess Happy Ending Collection Haul & Photos

Etude House meets Disney's Fairytale Princesses - Snow White, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine. This Limited Edition collection is another one of Etude House's many gorgeous creations. They outer boxes are made like little CUTE! And I have to mention again how awesome the reasonable prices are! Why isn't this brand in India yet???!!!
The only sad thing is, I missed out on the lipsticks because they sold out everywhere. I know I'm still on my Lipstick Ban, but the packaging is too pweety! (Pic below). I also didn't get anything from the Jasmine pieces - a mascara & nail set.
Etude House Princess Happy Ending Belle Rose Cheek Blusher ~ The packaging! ♥_♥

Price (each): $9.26 = Rs.574

I don't know if I'll ever have the heart to touch that design!


2 Faces Of A Picture ~ Pink Cutesy Makeup



{The balls kept rolling away from a perfect heart So if you don't mind throwing a palmful away afterwards, go ahead and glue them in place! :)}

Products in Pics:

The Body Shop Lily Cole Collection Puff On Radiance
Etude House Dear My Lipstick PK005
Etude House Pink Bow Brush


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Etude House XOXO Minnie Collection Photos

Finally I took Etude House XOXO Minnie Collection out of the box! Although I look at them almost everyday since they arrived. Mr.CZ complained several times about the box always being on the dining table, and I gave the same reply: "Because I have to click!" I think he had been waiting for this post....hehe.

I have not used most of the products, except for two of them. I can't bring myself to using the other 5, coz I like them looking all new and shiny. I'll play the "collector" card again this time. No swatches, but hope you'll also like just looking at them =D


Etude House Minnie Mouse Collection ~ Haul

My Facebook Status, 15th October :
My heart....
in slow motion....
beating.... I'm about to click 'Proceed To Checkout' on Ebay....entire Limited Edition makeup collection in my cart. Didn't "consult" with Mr.CZ first....


{to be continued}

♥ CZ.


I clicked on it.....beating.....I was on the 'Confirm Payment' page within the next few minutes.....beating....Okay, maybe I should remove some items, and order them another time. That way the total amount will be split up and ....No, I want them ALL!  They all belong too-gad-der (together)The phone rang suddenly! It was Mr.CZ saying he'll be home in 5 mins. It was as if he knew I was about to do something behind his back! Long story short, I left the payment page as it was & waited till he got home before clicking the final button. Yes, I chickened out, sheesh!  =D
You don't know how much I wanted to talk about this collection! To say that they're on their way to meeeeee! But you know I'm kind of superstitious. Jinx and all that. What if I post in my blog, and the products don't turn up at my door? I thought, don't count your  chickens  Minnie Mouses before  they  hatch  postman delivers them.


Online Haul ~ Kawaii Makeup & La Roche-Posay Skin Care Products

For those who don't know, Kawaii means cute/pretty/adorable. The term is popular in Japanese culture. I love everything kawaii. It's the only reason I want to go to South Korea someday. If I ever create a beauty brand, it will be kawaii-ish. If! I said if.

I did a little online haul recently, and the packages just reached me. You know, our postman sometimes leaves our parcels under the doormat outside our front door. Very thoughtful of him.

  • Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Lip Stick ~ Lipstick in a black cat. Super cute! I will post pics & swatches. I want a lipstick in a bunny too now!
  •  Etude House Portable Ribbon Brush ~ Oh my bows! How cute?! But do you notice that it's lopsided? I'm talking to the seller about it, and I'm hoping for a replacement.

All those are from Ebay. I won't mention seller until I'm happy with my lil' pink bow brush =D
On to the La Roche-Posay skin care products. Yes, I'm so into this brand at the moment =) 
  • La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo ~ My 2nd tube. I didn't use it for a week or so (because my first tube finished before I purchased another), and I immediately got 3-4 pimples. Also, I noticed a big difference in my skin texture when I used this & when I didn't. You can read my previous post about it  here. Price: £9 | Rs.840.
  • La Roche-Posay Biomedic  Pigment Control Concentrated Conditioning Serum ~ Very excited to try this out. It's got Kojic Acid (a safer alternative to Hydroquinone), Glycolic AcidAHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). All ingredients to target dark spots & pigmentation. No Parabens. Price: £20.67 | Rs.1930.
  • La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water for Sensitive Skin ~ Soothes & softens sensitive skin. I just got this mainly because I wanted the bill to reach the amount that equals free shipping, but I hope it'll hydrate my skin and act as a setting spray when I'm using the other two. Price: £2.33 | Rs.218.

These are all from Escentual, which is currently offering up to 1/3 off on all French Pharmacy brands - La Roche-Posay, Bioderma, Vichy, Avène, etc.
I saw that they also ship to India for a shipping fee of about Rs.275, if you're interested.


Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Lipsticks: Photos, Swatches

If you want proof that time go by too quickly: I unboxed these on 31st October last year, and now I'm posting photos! I sternly told myself:
You cannot click anymore photos until you have posted all the ones in your computer first. Put your camera down I say!
First of all, what a long name! 'Dear My Blooming Lips-talk'. It doesn't even make sense! Well, unless it's a short cryptic love note: 

Dear My,
Blooming Lips Talk.
Your Dear. 

Why do I write these things?! On to the lippies.....
Finish ~ Creamy & doesn't sit well on the lips. I'd say only a little bit less creamy than YSL Rouge Volupte Lipsticks, which I'm not a fan of.
The Good ~ Packaging |  Design  |  Inexpensive for how adorable the packaging is  | Has a mild grapefruit (I think) scent  | You get a lipstick & bow ring, coz those bows can be taken out! Although they're too big for my fingers.
The Bad ~ The texture emphasizes lines & locking lips makes it look patchy  |  Lip swatches below were done on chapped lips, and they didn't look good  |  Weak staying power  | Available only online- for most of us.
Too pweety!


CUTEST Hand Creams!

An Ebay seller I got the Etude House Princess Etoinette products from sent me a card of her online store, and first things I saw were these hand creams that are so.... oh my bows, I can't even..... dizziness by cuteness!
Etude House Missing U 'Bee Happy' Hand Creams ~ How painfully cute are these?!!! They come in 4 types:
  • Pink - Queen Bee
  • Yellow-  Honey Bee
  • Green -  Baby Bee [that honey baby bottle is just too funny!]
  • Red - Ladybug 


Etude House Princess Etoinette Collection Photos & Swatches

 Etude House Princess Etoinette Collection has got to be the best makeup collection that I've ever seen. Not only do the products scream luxury & vintage, they don't have repugnant price tags that deserve to be chewed by the sharks in Jaws. The creativity that went into the packaging & impeccable attention to detail make me feel intellectually inadequate, but they also made me realize how much beauty one's mind is capable of creating. Hats off to the brains behind it all- Sylvie de France (One of the 5 people I'd want to be for a day. Hello Whoever-Can-Make-It-Happen, please jot that down next to #4. Please hurry with #1. Thank You!) 
But one thing that I don't get: If the collection was inspired by Marie Antoinette, why "Etoinette"? Is that another Korean princess?


Preview: Makeup Collection Fit For A Princess

Etude House Princess Etoinette Collection

I couldn't resist putting up this little preview. I will have to photograph & swatch them another day when the weather isn't so gloomy & depressing.
For now, I'm just ecstatic that they all reached me safe & sound. All from Ebay. Will give you seller details and all in the other post. 

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


The Shopping List: Christmas Edition....

..... Where Savings Come To Die!

It's that time of year again! We write a long wishlist (in Windows Notepad)..... we think just because it's Christmas time, we'll get everything we wish for..... and we know Santa ain't real.

No. He's not real. 

  • Etude House Princess Etoinette Collection ~ Look.At.Those. Makeup fit for a princess, really. I can't even tell you how much I want this collection! I can't even.
  • MAC Making Pretty Collection ~ These are ridiculously pricey, so I might not get any of them. Bug *sigh* so pretty!


Unboxing The Lipsticks Of My Dreams! [With BOWS!]

Squeeeeeeal! They're here! They're finally here! The pretty pink lipsticks with bows! In mint condition! No dents or scratches on the lipsticks! [My pet peeve]
  1. Small cardboard box.
  2. FREE gifts- Natural Rich Soo Essence Sheet Masks (Green Tea & Cooling) & a Tootsie Pops orange lollipop!
  3. What's in the bubble bag?