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MAC Marilyn Monroe Lipstick Love Goddess Dupe?

More than 10 YESES came in when I asked you if the lipstick looked like a dupe of the other lipstick. Previous post here, in case you missed it. A lot of yeses, actually. Some even guessed the lipsticks already! Such smart readers I's like I can't hide anything for long! =D
Okay! The lipsticks are MAC Love Goddess (from Marilyn Monroe Collection. Photos & Swatches here) & Lakmé Enrich Satin #356. 
I went to check out the new shades of Lakmé Enrich Satins, and from the first moment I saw Lakmé Enrich Satin 356, I thought it looked similar to MAC Love Goddess. I had to wait to compare them coz I was in Delhi, and Love Goddess was in Newcastle. When I could finally hold them together, they did not look exactly the same. Lakmé Enrich Satin #356 looked redder. But when I swatched & wore them, it's a different story. They looked almost the same. Ohhh, they're both Satin finish too- I realized this just now, as I'm writing! MAC Satin finish....Lakmé Enrich Satin .....sheesh, what a tube light I am sometimes.
MAC Love Goddess,  Lakmé Enrich Satin #356

I applied MAC Love Goddess on the right side of my lips & Lakmé Enrich Satin #356 on the left. Excuse the lopsidedness =D

After blotting with a tissue....
As you can see, Lakmé Enrich Satin #356 is a little bit darker and has more red in it. But I think they look similar enough.

Price Difference:
  • MAC Love Goddess ~ Rs.1050/ I bought it for Rs.1297 from UK. It was a 'Limited Edition' lipstick.
  • Lakmé Enrich Satin #356 ~ Rs.225. [Lakmé, Y U NO stick to these prices?]

DUPE METER:  I'd say 95% but it could look 99% if applied in a super copycat style.

What do you all think? Btw, did you want MAC Love Goddess and couldn't get it? Comment below with your feedback for more DUPE posts! =)


Fun Nail Trend: Match Your Nails With Your Man's T-Shirt!

First of all, it was a coincidence. The man's t-shirt matched my nail polish one day. I got so excited! I wanted it to happen again.... I'll make it happen again!
Some feminists would be like, "Why? Why should we match our nails to what a man is wearing now?!"
Uhm, because it's fun! And because it'll be the other way around. We (demand) suggest he wears a t-shirt that matches our nail polish.
I think it's cute. A subtler PDA.
What if my nail polish is pink??? There are lots of t-shirts with a lil' bit of pink graphics/writing. But if your man is not opposed to wearing pink, you're a lucky lucky lady! =D
For all you patient nail art experts, you can even copy the graphics, and put those numbers and words and hyphens and whatnot.
This was only the first time- by accident, so it's not a very good picture (which I clicked in a moving train). Wait till next time ;) 
You ladies with me on this trend?


Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Review & Swatches ~ Honey, Sweetheart, Rendezvous

All words from the romance genre ~ "A Rendezvous with my Sweetheart, who is sweeter thinks I'm sweeter than Honey."
(And that is why I will never be a poet.)
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains have caused quite a stir lately, and today I'll be the one stirring- with 3 colorful ladles.
Honey 001 ~ It's a dusty pink shade that could look mlbb (my lips but better) on some people. It's the kind of lippy that goes with everything.
Sweetheart 025 ~ Fuchsia pink. There's something about this color, it looks good on everyone. I have to send one to my cousin sister because she liked it so much when she tried it. I find that the finish is a tad different from the other 2- it's smoother, and makes my lips look a lil' bit plumper.
Rendezvous 040 ~ A true orange shade. It's almost exactly the color of the orange Cadbury Gems. It's a color that always stands out. Although I don't wear it much, I know I'll miss it if I don't have it.

MAC Archie's Girls Collection In Stores Now! Products & Prices....

It's finally in India! It launched today, so RUN before everything sells out!
Below are all the products with prices:

Girl Next Door Vivid blue pink (lustre)
Betty Bright Light vibrant peach (satin)
Oh, Oh, Oh Sheer brown plum (lustre)

Summer Sweetheart Light peach
Stay Sweet Light lavender pink
Kiss & Don’t Tell Bright coral

Lord It Up Bronze with pearl
Black Swan Black with gold pearl

OPULASH (INR :1,200)
Optimum Black Saturated intense black

PIGMENT (INR: 1,500)
Cheers My Dear Light lavender (frost)
Lucky In Love Shimmering light blue green (frost)


Pep Pep Pep Light peach nude
Comic Cute Bright coral

Cream Soda Light neutral coral (satin)

Flatter Me Golden peach base
(Shell Pearl Beauty Powder)
with coral hearts
(Foolish Me Powder Blush)

EYE SHADOW X4 ( INR :2,800)

Caramel Sundae Mid-tone warm tan (satin)
Cheryl Chic Light coral pink (frost)
Dreammaker Pale frosty yellow (frost)
Showstopper Dark, cool-toned brown (matte)


I'm A MAC Lipstick. Is That My Cheaper Dupe?

I hate it when people say something is a dupe, and when you go look at's clearly not. So to avoid any disappointments, I'll let you decide whether this is a dupe or not.
The original is a popular MAC lipstick, and the other is an inexpensive lipstick by an Indian brand. 
I will reveal this "Possible Dupe" only if I get more than 10 Yeses. 
YES or NO?

My Vanity ~ Stage 1

I finally unpacked most of my beauty products last night. This is what it looks like right now. It's clutter-free, but not for long. Those drawers are still in a mess, coz I still have to figure out what goes where. That's a nice mirror, but it's hung too high! I can't see my face, I can only see my hand when I raise it (...and wave it like I just don't care!) But it's fine, cos there's a huge full-length wardrobe mirror on the other side of the room.
What's missing?
  • A candle that matches the wallpaper.
  • A lipstick rack. Right now, they're all stuffed in a mini travel bag.
  • Flowers. Fake ones, of course. I don't know what kind, but ivory-colored.
  • A lil' accessory for the mirror Can you guess? ;)
  • A basket or tray to keep knick knacks. 
  • Another makeup brush holder. 
  • A small vintage clock.
  • One more jewelry/necklace holder.

Basically, I want the theme to be "vintage". By that, I mean I want more golds & ivories, and maybe ditch the girly pinks...well, not all of them =D

Will show pics of all the changes I make in Stage 2.
Mr.CZ will freak when he sees this post. I know exactly what he'll say- "You want to buy more stuff?! You know we won't be able to pack them all when we leave, right?! We'll have to throw them away!"
He says 'throw them away' like it's going to scare me. I get mad, and I say, "I'll throw YOU away!"
But I know I should think twice before I accumulate more stuff. Even packing from Newcastle to here was a bit of a hassle. Sigh, I wish I could turn into a camel whenever we have to move.


LOVING ~ Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks By Kate Moss 16 & 107

How awesome it must be to have your name with a heart on a lipstick cap! Mine will have a bow instead of a heart, but I'm guessing you already know that. I have an untidy touchpad sketch of it in my computer. 
I'm doing a full-on review after a while, no? I've had these pics for a long while now. To be honest, I have a bunch of reviews lined up, but I can't seem to translate my thoughts into words! Let me test drive with Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks, some of the cutest drugstore lippies ever!
16, 107

  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks By Kate Moss 16 ~  A pretty pink with a hint of coral. I've been wearing this a lot. The finish is not an easy one to work with, because it has to be applied a certain way to look smooth & polished, but the color is too perfect for daytime that I always reach for it. This is from the Spring Collection and the formula has black diamond pigment complex (whatever that is). I guess that gives it a little bit of sheen & creaminess (not matte)

  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks By Kate Moss 107 ~ A wine shade with a ruby powder enriched formula. I've seen it's the most popular shade with bloggers here in the UK. It is one of the best deep red shades out there, and has the most glide-able velvety finish. 

Bought An INGLOT Eyeshadow Twice By Mistake!

I spent hours at the INGLOT store in Select City Walk, New Delhi, trying to customize a 10 Eyeshadow Palette. I almost went m-a-d! I was exhausted, and at one point I wanted to lie on the floor for a while (to think!) After approximately 45 minutes (or perhaps 1 hour?) the SA said:
"I've never spent this much time on one customer."
In the end, it came down to one eyeshadow. One. He said pick this beautiful bright green shade- 477.... and I did. It was finally over! I left the store - feeling free! No, wait. There's another feeling.... something is not right. I think.... ooh, ZARA!
I went home and browsed my own blog.... then I saw the "feeling". I'd already bought this eyeshadow before!
[For swatches, please go to to the previous post HERE]
It's kind of okay though, because I'd sold my other palette in a blog sale....and it means I really like the eyeshadow, right? But still, I feel stupid....and old! How could I forget?
Has something like this ever happened to you? I'll hit myself if nobody says yes.


NEW! Lakmé Absolute Pop Tints

This summer Lakmé brings you a vivacious collection of colour tints to make your lips and nails ‘pop’ in true diva style. The Lakmé Absolute POP TINT collection is a kaleidoscope of bright and happy colours, which captures the spirit and exuberance of the contemporary Indian woman. Turning up the heat a few degrees, bold hues of neons, sorbets and jellies from this limited edition collection represent the style statement for spring/summer 2013 internationally.  Drawing inspiration from this collection, designer Namrata Joshipura will bring these colours to life, taking Pop Tints from skin to silhouette as she presents the grand finale show at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2013. Style diva Kareena Kapoor is sure to turn heads as Joshipura’s showstopper.
Lakmé Absolute POP TINTS, a high performance make-up collection of lip tints in shades of summer, including bright orange, vivacious pink and flaming red for that amazing “read-my-lips” pout and nail tints in pastel tones of blue, green and corals.  
Lip Tint - Orange Tease

Lip Tint Pink Sorbet
Nail Tint Orange Squash

Lakmé Absolute Lip Tint ~ These thick creamy pencils in 8 pop shades deliver rich deep color and incredible shine in just a stroke, to give you lips that pop like it should. Price: 800/- 
Lakmé Absolute Nail Tint ~ These pastel nail colors in 8 tinted shades promise a jolt of color with an unmissable smooth finish and lacquered shine that say tint all the way. Price: 250/- 

*Press Info. 


The Donut Bun

Hey Everyone,
Wad up? I'm now blogging from Scotland. It was a hectic weekend, and there are lots of boxes near the front door yet to be unpacked- all mine, coz my Virgo man unpacked all of his things in barely 20 minutes. Howww???
So, me with a bun that I did all by myself....I never thought I'd see the day! You must have noticed that I'm not very creative with my hair, so this donut was sort of out of my comfort zone. Usually, I hate buns & ponytails.... they give me a headache ("My hair hurts!") But since Cosmo wanted an updo for the story I was featured in last month, I had to do it- for the first time in my entire life. Oh, actually this is the 2nd time. 1st time was the for only the initial pics that I had to send asap- ya, that bun didn't turn out so well....and yes, I had to do this same look twice!
It couldn't see the top, so I missed putting hairspray on  some stray bits. Look how they poke out =\
I used this Primark Hair Donut which I got for only £1 (Rs.83), a hair tie & some hair pins. I wouldn't say it's hard, but it'll take some practice to perfect it.
You'll see me do this hairstyle in a video shortly. I have to wait for broadband to be activated here in our new place, so I can upload it to Youtube. Ugh, something or the other is keeping me from posting this video! Hmm, but everything happens for a reason.
What do you think? Do you like wearing buns? 


FREE Ciaté Paint Pots With Marie Claire May 2013!

I've always wanted to have some Ciaté Paint Pots only because of the bottle with a bow (look!), but  I find £9 (Rs.740) too steep for a nail polish. Hell, I don't even want to shell out 200 rupees on any nail polish! Yes, nail paints are where I'm most kanjoos at =D
But on a quick trip to Tesco today (to buy a Double Decker chocolate bar for Mr.CZ), "I saw, I squealed, I bought." *Jumps*
This shade is called ~ Pocket Money. 
Oh ya, there's another freebie with it- Jergens Ultra Healing Body Moisturiser! Ah, the joys!

MAC India Introduces Mineralize Rich Lipsticks

M·A·C’s love affair with lips has led to the launch of a new M·A·C masterpiece. Introducing Mineralize Rich Lipstick – it’s larger in size and scope and lavishes lips with nutrient-rich moisture. Featuring a luxurious formula and gorgeous colour, enhanced with a mineral moist complex that provides lips with nourishment and lasting hydration. Lightweight colour glides on with ease for an intense bright with shade retention.

Style Surge Neutral coral cream Glamour Era Mid-tone warm brown frost

Posh Tone Soft warm nude cream Splurge Mid-tone cool plum

Lady At Play Mid-tone cool tangerine Lush Life Deep cool plum

Grande Dame Mid-tone neutral rose cream All Out Gorgeous Deep warm red

Everyday Diva True red cream Elegant Accent Mid-tone warm rose cream

Utterly Delicious Bright coral cream Divine Choice Mid-tone cool pink cream


OOTD: "This Used To Be My Playground"

Pictures taken outside the home I grew up in. The home I eventually left....for good. Of course it didn't look like this when I was little, it changed- like everything else.
I went to visit my grandma last time I was in my hometown. My cousin sis clicked these pics quickly before we left.
"Your cab is here. Stop posing!"
There's that curious boy again :)


In The Spotlight ~ Illamasqua I'MPERFECTION Collection

A few products from Illamasqua I'MPERFECTION Collection for Spring 2013:
  •  Lipstick in Immodest ~ £16 (Rs.1341)
  •  Powder Blush Duo in Katie & Ambition ~ £28 (Rs.2347)
  •  Blush Up Brush ~ £28.50 (Rs.2388)
*Will post review & swatches of all the products shortly.  

Let's take a look at the brilliant promo pics:
Illamasqua I'mperfection Nail Varnish ~ £14.50 (Rs.1202)


Kevyn Aucoin's Makeup Pictorial #1: Smudged Smoky Eyes For Different Eye Shapes

When I went to my abandoned apartment in Gurgaon (Delhi), I took a few makeup items that I'd left there, and I made sure to take my makeup books. I was missing them a lot. Unfortunately, they're too heavy to take to UK with me, and I also didn't have time to go through them properly while I was there, so I just clicked pics of a few pages. I rarely read them again while I was living there, but now I badly want to go through them- thoroughly. See? You don't value something until you don't have it anymore.

Men-Who-Don't-Appreciate-Their-Wives&GFs, do you hear that? Yes, you. Your beautiful girl is sitting right next to you, and you're checking out other girls?! One.Tight.Slap.

Anyways, I thought I'd share some pictorials from the books of the MUA I learnt a lot from- Kevyn Aucoin. These illustrations are from either Face Forward or Making Faces, I'm confused. I've done a post on makeup books here & here

Hooded Eyelids: Hooded lids means you have a chunky piece of skin that covers your lid space. Ya, my eyes are a good example of hooded lids. You must have seen that I always draw a line on my crease- or rather the area where my crease should have been. Also, I can't pull off a thick eyeliner without contouring my crease area.