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Video: My Night Time Skincare Routine ~ No Pimples, No Wrinkles

Hi all, hope you had a great weekend. Mine was half spent on editing & tweaking this video. I wanted to put this up because skincare is one of the most requested posts from readers & this routine is the one that suits my skin the best.

I had major pimple issues (big cystic ones!) in early 2013 (Post here), and ever since I started this routine, I stopped getting pimples & my skin became smoother and firmer.
I wasn't a planned video. Remember when I said I did something else after packing my makeup in this post? Well, I just decided to point my camera at me while I was doing my usual end-of-the-night face routine that night early morning (time flew to 4am!) That night, I was staying alone in Scotland while Mr.CZ was in Newcastle.

Play the video below. Hope you'll find it helpful!

Products Used:

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Cleansing Oil ~ I usually use MAC Cleanse Off Oil, which contains no Mineral Oil like this one, but it was finished. However, this is good too, and my skin has no issues with the mineral oil. I don't know why people say it's bad, considering it's in most baby products.

Clean&Clear Morning Energy Skin Brightening Facial Scrub.

Nivea Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Micro-Exfoliant Astringent Lotion.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo.

Olay Total Effects Day Cream (Normal)

Maybelline Baby Lips Hydrate.

The Body Shop Vanilla Bliss Hand Lotion.

If you liked this video, please SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel HERE! Maybe I'll do a Day Time Routine & Special Skin Treatments Routine too someday. I have another video planned when I move to our new apartment. Hopefully, soon!

Mr.CZ & I would like to THANK all of you from the bottom of our hearts for all the good wishes & love on the Baby CZ post! I was so overwhelmed by all the heartfelt wishes & reading them made me feel a lil' more excited about this change in my life =)

I had gone for my first scan & I put a pic on my 2nd blog CZloves: here

Talk to you again shortly.


14 New Beauty Products On My Nightstand ~ From India & UK

For the last couple of weeks, I've been seriously craving GLITTER. I wanted some glitter eye shadows, badly. I have some, but they're all in our old apartment far away (and they are not very interesting.) I was so excited when I found some yesterday in Lifestyle. If you are not at all interested in glitter jhatakness, worry not, there are more things you can look at, coz it is sort of a Collective Haul post.
Faces Stackable Sparkle Glitter ~ Look! Aren't they super cute stacked up like that?! Colors: Silver, Gold, White, Blue, Pink, Purple. I know exactly what I'm sprinkling on my eyes first. Price: Rs.499
Faces Sparkle Dust in Light Pink ~  I noticed this before the glitters. These also come stacked, but I just a single for now. Price: Rs.200-something.
L'Oreal Stain Splash in Lolita (Nude) & Marilyn (Fuchsia) ~ Quite disappointed with these, coz they don't have as much color payoff as the first shade I'd tried, Princess (swatched here)
Lakmé Gloss Stylist in Pink Pout ~ Thought I should give one of these a try, since I have not got new Lakmé products in a long time. Will swatch it and let you know if it's worth the Rs.700 price tag.


The Shopping List ~ TheBalm, Topshop, Accessorize, Vera Wang, Michael Kors, Etc.

I did some window shopping recently,so some of of these pics I clicked in stores. These are just some of the things on my Shopping List aka Wishlist.....

TheBalm Instain Long-Wearing Powder Staining Blush ~ I want ALL OF THEM! But I'll probably only get Argyle, Lace & Houndstooth.
Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss ~ New packaging, new shades. I like the 3rd one, Super Natural, which is my kind of nude shade
Accessorize Eyeshadow Palette ~ These palettes are so pretty! This 'Exposed' palette has all brown & neutral shades.
Topshop Makeup Brushes ~ Hot Pink! I really really want the 2nd flat angled foundation brush. Then the 3rd & 5th.
Topshop Lip Bullet ~ These are such a nice change from lip crayons. I like one shade called 'Covet'- extreme left.
Olay Glow Perfectors BB Cream Moisturising Cream +Plus Touch Of Foundation by Max Factor ~ I'm not sure I want this, but I thought I'd just put up the pic in case you're interested.
Michael Kors Rose Gold Watches ~ The one I had my eye on for ages isn't here, but I like a couple out of these.

Tokidoki Pittura Brush Set ~ These were launched long back, so i don't know if they're still available. WANT! Oh, there's more....
Tokidoki Pittura Brush Set 24 Karat Edition ~ Those are bracelets!
Vera Wang Lovestruck EDP ~  The fragrance was inspired by a modern day version of the story of Romeo and Juliet, and the bottle decorated with a tulle bow and deep berry flowers. I'm lovestruck! I want it NOW.

What are you drooling over these days?

P.S. I got sick, so posting will be random like this for a few days. But ya, I'll find a way to shop, and come back with a haul ;)


The Things That Make Me Give In.....

Not meant to be taken seriously..... 
  • Fade Out White Nourishing Night Cream ~ Because some things need to FADE OUT! But it stinks like socks! >.<
  • Sleek Oh So Special Palette ~ Because it has a rose gold eyeshadow, and shade names like Bow & Ribbon.
  • Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in 002 Hazel ~ Because you can't always rely on powder.
  • Carmex Cherry & Classic Lip Balms ~ Because they were all half off in Superdrug, not that I didn't need them.
  • Olay Regenerist Cream Cleanser ~ Because we're not getting any younger. This makes skin feel as smooth as a baby's bottom.
  • Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Brown ~ Because there's such a things as "brown beauty" too.
  • Phil Smith Big It Up Volume Boosting Mousse ~ Because we're into volume these days. Bad news is, it only talks big. No wonder it was on sale.
  • Archie Marries Veronica ~ Because I'm so excited MAC Archie's Girls Collection that I'm not going shopping anymore until it launches!
  • Breaking The Rules by Barbara Taylor Bradford ~ Because it was on sale... and because it has a bow on the cover. 


August Favorites ~ Makeup, Skincare, Haircare Etc

The votes were in, and most of you like Monthly Favorites blog posts. High Five! I like them too! :)

I just wrote August in the title, when in fact I've been using some of these products long before August.

  1. Spring It! Hair Removing Spring Thing ~ I can't live without this anymore! I use it mainly to remove hair from my upper lip, which I have to do often coz I click a lot of lip photos over here. On camera, even a leetle bit of hair look offensive (shown here). Basically, you hold both ends down into a U-shape, roll the spring on your skin, and straighten it to pull out the hair. Quick & painless- once you get used to it :))
  2. Clearasil Acne Clearing Scrub ~ This makes my face feel really smooth. The scrub isn't so big and abrasive, so it wouldn't hurt a ripe pimple. I leave it on as a mask too sometimes. However, it doesn't prevent pimples, coz I have a pimple right now when I'd just used it 2-3 days ago. But in it's defense, I'm getting pimples on and off lately. 
  3. Herbal essences None Of Your Frizziness Serum ~ With anti-humidity technology, it says. I love that it smells like mangoes. Slice, to be precise. It does help tame the frizziness I get right after washing.
  4. Etude House Missing U Hand Cream 'Panda Story'~ I LOVE this panda so much! I should have bought all of them! This one smells peachy and it does not make my hand feel slippery. I'm so afraid to use it coz I don't want it to be finished! (also shown here). Must collect more next time!
  5. Olay 7-in-1 Total Effects Anti-Ageing Eye Cream ~ I'm liking this a lot. It has tiny gold flecks in it, which are unnoticeable when applied. It's not very greasy/oily. The outer corners of my eyes used to be dry-ish and this has moisturized them to normalcy. Fine lines have also noticeably reduced. You can mix this with your concealer, and you've got yourself a YSL Touche Eclat dupe...ish, I think =D
  6. MAC Quite Cute Mineralize Blush Giggly ~ Favorite pink blush of the moment (swatches here). It looks so good especially at night under yellow light. I think it could be my favorite pink blush of all time.
  7. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation #53 ~ This is almost exactly like the original Healthy Mix Foundation, except it is thinner (more liquid-ey) and less oily. It is easier to blend than the original too. Yes, I do like it better than the original. It smells so fruity & fresh, I could eat it. Coverage- Light to Medium. 


Fake Olay? Reader Query

The following is an email from a reader:

"I've been using Olay Total Effects since a while now, have finished about 3 bottles. And recently bought the fourth one. When I opened it i felt something odd. Let me list down all those things :

1. The bottle seems a little heavy. Obviously because its full. But even then , none of my previous Olay bottles felt this heavy when they were full.
2. The writing on the packaging seems a little odd. Since all the other 3 bottles came with a free face wash, there packaging was the extended one to include the face wash, and this one had simply the Olay bottle. BUT even then, the packaging on the bottle is different. The older one's had the ingredient list and this one has Directions and manufactured. etc
3. The size is different. The previous ones were slightly longer and less rounder. That is say a minute difference of 0.5 cm or maybe 1 cm difference.
4. OMG the smell. the smell of this one totally put me off. Its so weird. Nothing like the pleasant smell of the other ones. I just couldn't take it.
5. Its too thick. I only pump the bottle once and use that amount. I did exactly that this time, but when I applied it on my face it felt heavy, thick and made my nose oily. Then I started sweating on my upper lips. Something which has never happened with me when I used to use Olay before. It felt as if I had just put the ponds white cream on my face.
6. The color looks pinkish/ peachish in a very weird way. I know Olay was never white, but this just seems so weird. I thought I was dizzy or something because it looked a different color.
7. Tingly feeling on the cheeks. Now I'm really not sure if it because of this stupid ( fake ? ) Olay or something else . Or maybe I'm imaging things. But I've been itching on my cheeks, I've already scratched it a couple of time, anymore and i'll develop red marks.
8. Bad English ! The bottle and the cover both say " Keep out of reach FOR children" Why would P&G let that get printed on their product. Its wrong English. Bad grammar. OMG. I don't expect P&G to have mad that mistake.

Some pointers ,
This was manufactured on 18th November 2010. So no its not expired. It keeps for 3 years .
I know there is one for sensitive skin and one for normal. I have used both. And know how both feel. This one feels nothing like the previous ones.
I bought it from a decent shop. I've bought other stuff from that shop too.

Now I'm very confused. I paid 699 for this thing and think its a rip off . Olay Total , Totally fake ? What do you think ? What should I do ? Should I write to P&G ? Should I take it back to the shopkeeper ? I'm very confused :( "


The Olay I have is definitely not a fake and looks like this...

  • As you can see, it does have that grammatical error too "Keep out of reach for children" (LOL..I never noticed that before)
  • I bought it in 2009 and it is old and I don't use it anymore, but it still smells good.
  • The price of mine is Rs.650. Did they increase the price??! Wow.
  • *Edit: Manufacturing date is written at the bottom. 081216 (YY/MM/DD)
    I think in manufacturing, it's almost impossible to make the product exactly the same. I once bought The Body Shop Passion Fruit Body Butter and it was SO bitter! Omg it was the worst thing ever. It made my hands obnoxiously bitter, and the bitterness was hard to wash off as well, yuck! Another time at a TBS store I told my s-i-l not to get it & to taste it first lol, but it wasn't bitter at all.

    The same goes for the packaging, and maybe it's a different maker.

    But the smell is what worries me with yours. They are stupid to change it if they did. I liked it a lot.

    I don't think it's a fake, but if you're still worried then you can write to them and give them the product number of any other number on the bottle.

    Please feel free to offer your suggestions everyone.

    ♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


    Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-ageing Serum ~ Review

    Been using the Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-ageing Serum for a while now and it's time for the final verdict
    My skin type ~ Combination/Oily.


    • Smells great! (It smells like the Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-ageing Cream)
    • Moisturizes my skin enough so I don't need to use another moisturizer on top of it.
    • Acts as a makeup primer too
    • Fills up my fine lines
    • Not greasy/oily
    • Minimizes my pores (but not totally)
    • Makes my skin feel soft and supple

    • Caused some breakouts when I used more than 3 pumps **
    • Umm...I think that's it.
    • No, wait. It is overpriced in my humble opinion. Rs.700 for 50 ml. I think for that price they should have at least made the packaging prettier.
    ** It smelled and felt so good that during the first few days, I got greedy and couldn't stop piling it on my face, which I think caused some tiny white zits here and there. Now, I've decided to refrain from committing one of the seven deadly sins at least when it comes to this serum =D
    Now,I use only 2 pumps of it once or twice a day.

    Would I buy it again? Maybe laaa..ter on. I wouldn't visit one country 2 times in a row, so I feel the same about anti-ageing products =)

    ♥ Cynthia Z ^.^