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OOTD: Tulip

I got a call the other day:

Caller: "Hello, I'm calling from Snapdeal. Can we deliver your order today?Will be there in 15 minutes."

Me: "Okay, but definitely come within 1 hour, coz I won't be home after that."

Caller: "Yes, yes, agent is on his way there now."

1 hour later: No package. So I call him.

Me: "Hello, I'm still waiting for you. Where are you?"

Caller: "Sorry, Madam?"

Me: "You're the one who called me earlier, right? From Snapchat?"....

...."I mean, from Snapdeal!"


I'm not even on Snapchat! I don't even know what it's all about! But I keep seeing everybody else say "Follow Me On Snapchat", so let's blame them hehehe  =D

About the outfit: I'd been waiting half of winter to wear this tulip sleeve top! It matched a floral mini skirt I have perfectly, but I thought ~ Nah, let's wear pants. When was the last time they saw me in pants? ;p 


When September Ends.....

So I was listening to Radio One (94.3 FM) in the car one evening,
Male RJ.
Topic: Contest-type. Listeners (People?) had to call and say....

"Whenever I see you, I just want to pick my nose."

'Pick My Nose'! I swear I'm not making this up!
They had to say it in the most seductive way.
They had to make it sound sexy.
Oh, and the winner was gonna win some prize I can't remember.
Movie tickets? Restaurant meal?
Okay, I really can't recall!
Must have been a very unappealing prize. 
The callers really really.....tried their best.
I got to listen to about 3 callers.
 The RJ listened - I wondered if he was trying hard not to LOL - and politely gave each of them a pat on their backs for trying their (*cough* orno) best.
"That's really good."
"Oh, wow!"
And then the one memorable tickler.....

Woman: "Whenever I see you *moans*.... I just....mmm....*groans* want to....mmmmm.....pick my nose...... rawwwrrr!"
(In my head: This woman is standing in her kitchen, in black yoga pants, cup of tea in hand, looking out the window, waiting for the vegetable wala to deliver the fresh gobhi/cauliflower. Kids will be back from tuition in 20, and hubby in 60.)

RJ: "That was very good. I'm really turned on right now." 
(In my head: He's bored, thinking about Jack Daniel's.... and before he could stop himself, puts his index finger up one nostril.)

I'm sorry to say that we'll never know what happened next, because I had to get out of the car.

That's life.  
Short Journeys = Interesting/Funny radio programs, New Releases, Top-something/HIT songs.
Long Journeys = MmmBop, Ads, Queen, Ads, Chefs, Education, Kejriwal.


Speaking of nose-related things, whenever I wear sunglasses, my eyes always notice my nose first. Especially in photos. I don't know, even my nostrils seem bigger than usual.

Which means: Sunnies can hide careless in-a-rush eye makeup application, but not a dirty nose. Don't make 'em want to pick your nose! =D

Okay, now I'll stop saying "NOSE" now.

This is an end-of-summer look that I meant to post, like, a week ago......

Sunglasses: Forever 21

Lipstick: I was obsessed with orange-y lippies for a while. Here, I'm wearing Colorbar Definer Lip Liner in Peach Cocktail....


MAC Lady Danger Lipstick ~ LOTD, Swatches

Hello, Everyone! How have you all been? It seems like I haven't done a post like this in sooo long! This is my first LOTD after childbirth and, as you can see, the little one woke up from his afternoon nap. He was actually fussing there. Face/Neck scratching & hair pulling.....Ahh, where are those mittens?!!! And I had to wipe off that lipstick fast fast, because......
MAC Lady Danger Lipstick (Matte) ~ Described as Vivid bright coral-red. I got MAC Lady Danger mainly because I wanted an orange version of MAC Ruby Woo, my most favorite red lipstick EVER, and the vivid coral is punctuated by just the right amount of red to make it exactly what I had in mind. Well, almost exactly what I had in mind.....


Street Wear (By Revlon) Color Rich Range ~ Awesome Budget Buys!


If you're not familiar with Street Wear, it's a budget/mass brand in India launched by Revlon. It's been there for years. I've always thought their products are fun-looking.
When I spotted this girly comics range yesterday, I got so excited! The same excitement I get when I'm buying a LE MAC collection (with special packaging). Only difference is, I only spent Rs.650 on everything!

I couldn't wait to post pictures of them. I decided to throw in swatches too.

*Not reviews. I don't do reviews anymore.*


My 10 Summer Must-Haves

We've started turning on the air conditioners, which means summer is officially here. I used to complain about Delhi summers, until I lived in the UK. There, I would look at the gloomy weather, frequently accompanied by rain, and I'd think to myself 'I'll take the scorching heat, but with bright & cheery skies, in Delhi over this any day.'  I find gloomy weather very depressing! Once, in Newcastle, Mr.CZ called me up, and he told me that our one & only umbrella was attacked by the wind and it had turned inside-out. It wouldn't go back to it's normal shape, no matter how much he tried to fix it, so he threw it on the side of the road and walked back in the rain! =D

Like most of you ladies reading this, I have an endless list of summer must-haves, so I  picked just a few colorful pieces today:


Lipstick Fungus? Chambor Powder Matte Lipsticks

I started seeing the white stuff on these Chambor Powder Matte Lipsticks last year in Newcastle, and I thought: 'Oh, it must be frost from the cold.', like an idiot. It was freezing cold and snowing too, so I thought these lipstick froze...err...or something. Then recently, when I was taking out all my red lippies, I saw the white stuff looked thicker! I googled and people are calling the whiteness on lipsticks 'Fungus'. Ick! >.<
Shades: Rubis Rouge & Orange Flambe. I wore Orange Flambe in my Modern Cleopatra Look here.
I got them in late 2012, so it hasn't been that long for them to go bad. This is my first experience, and I'm quite put off. I won't bash the brand, because it's not like they did it intentionally, but I will not be buying these lipsticks again, that's for sure.

What do you think this white stuff is, ladies? Fungus or something else? If there are any Science nerds here, please enlighten us! =D


L’Oreal Paris Lippies ~ Glam Shine Balmy Gloss | Glam Shine Stain Splash | Rouge Caresse

How often do you see L'Oreal lipsticks on my blog? Rarely. Apart from hair colors (more than 50 of them, I think), I don't often seek L'Oreal makeup. The biggest reason for that is because L'Oreal a little bit more pricey compared to other drugstore brands, especially here in the UK. A gel liner costs almost a 1000 rupees! So the other day I went to Superdrug specially to get a Glam Shine Balmy Gloss, but as always, I was 'forced' to get 3 products to make use of the 3 for 2 offer (meaning: I get 3, but pay for only 2).
Thanks to the offer, I found a new favorite lippie that I wouldn't have willingly bought otherwise. I saved it for last.....
L’Oreal Paris Glam Shine Balmy Gloss Die For Guava ~ I picked this one from 6 shades (see all shades here). Die For Guava is a lilac pink. The texture is buttery, and this shade needs to be layered a few times to look somewhat opaque. For now, I'd say it's most similar to Bourjois Color Boost. It is fragrance-free. Price: £6.99  | Rs.694. They cost Rs.400 in India. In the case of 3 for 2, I got this one for free, coz it's the cheapest.


Some Orange & Green Makeup Products ~ Independence Day Special

Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Indians! I wanted to do something special, so I just picked out some orange & green products from my stash. Inspired by the colors on the Indian flag, of course. Navy blue is missing, because I didn't remember I have one in this palette. Oh, well. Let's just say it's about orange more, because we're talking makeup.

Orange Products:
  • Bourjois Shine Edition 1,2,3 Soleil #20 ~ Swatches here
  • Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Rendezvous ~ Swatches here
  • Faces Moisture Rich Lipstick French Rose #07 ~ Worn here
  • Chambor Powder Matte Orange Flambe ~ Worn here 
  • Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush Coral Reef ~ Swatches here

Green Products:
  • Inglot Eyeshadow 475 DS ~ Swatches here
  • Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! Sunsheer ~ More pics here  
Hope you all over in India had a nice chutti day (holiday)! I'm sure you're all glad it didn't fall on a weekend this year =)


Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Review & Swatches ~ Honey, Sweetheart, Rendezvous

All words from the romance genre ~ "A Rendezvous with my Sweetheart, who is sweeter thinks I'm sweeter than Honey."
(And that is why I will never be a poet.)
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains have caused quite a stir lately, and today I'll be the one stirring- with 3 colorful ladles.
Honey 001 ~ It's a dusty pink shade that could look mlbb (my lips but better) on some people. It's the kind of lippy that goes with everything.
Sweetheart 025 ~ Fuchsia pink. There's something about this color, it looks good on everyone. I have to send one to my cousin sister because she liked it so much when she tried it. I find that the finish is a tad different from the other 2- it's smoother, and makes my lips look a lil' bit plumper.
Rendezvous 040 ~ A true orange shade. It's almost exactly the color of the orange Cadbury Gems. It's a color that always stands out. Although I don't wear it much, I know I'll miss it if I don't have it.