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Kareena Kapoor's Eye Makeup Tutorial

I showed you a preview of Kareena Kapoor's Eye Makeup here, and today I will be showing you how I did it. It is very very easy, no kidding. Products used are also not a lot:
  • Plummy brown eyeshadow
  • Black Eyeshadow
  • Black kohl pencil (Lakme Kohl Ultimate)
  • Eyelash Curler
  • Black Mascara (Bourjois Fast & Perfect Mascara)
  • Brushes: Fluffy blending brush, angled liner brush, pencil brush.  

Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream & Clear Glow Compact Powder Review

Have you seen how Maybelline India advertised the Clear Glow BB Cream?
"The answer to WTF"
First time I saw it, I thought it means something else. You know what. Of course, it didn't make any sense.
But they actually mean "Women Take Forever". The answer to women take forever.
I think it's pretty clever. 
About Maybelline BB Cream: 
They decided to call it  Bright Benefit cream, instead of Blemish Balm. Claims to provide 8 benefits: 
  • Instantly brightens : Brightens skin to one tone lighter.
  • Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++ : Has a smooth, light & non-greasy texture.
  • Evens tone : Hides imperfections & corrects uneven skin tone.
  • Hydrates : Moisturises all day(8 hours).
  • Conceals : Perfectly conceals flaws, blemishes & redness.
  • Smoothes : Instantly makes skin softer & smoother.
  • Mattifies : Controls shine all day.
  • Freshens : Resists sweat & sebum for 5 hours.
Available in 3 shades: Nude, Radiance, Natural.


Sunsilk Keratinology Products From MedplusBeauty.Com

This is kind of a review of MedPlus Beauty, an online beauty store. I ordered Sunsilk Keratinology Sun Kissed Colour Therapy Shampoo & Sun Kissed Colour Therapy Conditioner. I saw them at my supermarket last week & was so so tempted, but I decided to check online first- coz maybe I would get them cheaper. And yes, I was right.
They both cost Rs.200 each, but MedPlus offers a 15% discount on Sunsilk Keratinology, so Rs.170 bucks each. You save 60 bucks (woohoo.... lol).

Ordered on: 23rd Feb '12
Received on: 27th Feb '12

[To tell you the truth, I almost cancelled my order because I didn't get a shipment confirmation email, and I thought they would take too long to deliver. I emailed to cancel, but they said I would receive them today, which I did.]

In the end, I'm happy with my first shopping experience with MedPlus Beauty.

The products were packed in a big box with some thermocol, and both were wrapped in bubble wrap.


8 Happy ORANGE Products For Spring

Orange is the color of Gluttony- one of the 7 deadly sins. The only sin I don't commit. Really.
Frank Sinatra thought it's the happiest color. He's right. I'd rather stare at orange juice than take Prozac; or lie on a shrink's couch talking about feelings.
I think it's the color of my school farewell party, because I wore orange silk pants & an orange spaghetti top (with a black coat & black slip-ons, of course!) But still, orange pants! I felt so hip & happening. I look at the photos now & think: "What the fudge were you thinking, you silly pumpkin?!!"


I Heart Nude Nail Polish

Nail Trend Spring 2012- NUDE. Basically, any nail polish that looks like foundation goes. I see nude nail polish & I immediately think about a pair of patent nude pumps. Both chic, both always wearable.

Picking the right nude for your skin tone: Pick a nude that will sort of blend in with the color of your fingers. Darker skin tone? Pick a nude with some brown in it. If you have a skin tone like mine or lighter, you can also pick a lighter nude than this one, but it has to have a pink undertone. This particular shade would work on darker skin tones too.

Just for fun, I randomly applied some heart baubles on top. Boy, these things are so tricky to apply. 


Chocolate Beauty Treats ~ The Body Shop Chocomania

Though I don't go bananas over chocolates,  The Body Shop Chocomania range had me at release. I couldn't wait to sniff them all! When I finally did, the smell was nothing like I expected. Nothing like Dairy Milk or Ferrero Rocher le sigh.

But I still got 2 products to try out-  Body Scrub & Lip Butter.

  • The Body Shop Chocomania Body Scrub, Rs.760.75 ~ This smells like brownies. It is a fine sugar scrub, and the exfoliating beads aren't big like the ones in TBS Cocoa Body Scrub, but they're still sufficient for a good exfoliating experience.  If you want to skip body lotion after a bath, this is perfect because the oils in it  (Brazil nut oil & Soya Oil) don't wash off completely & give the skin a nice glowy sheen. 


Kareena Kapoor Eye Makeup : Bollywood Babes Make-up Series Preview

Welcome to Bollywood Babes Makeup Series. I'll be doing some looks inspired by some of the most popular Bollywood actresses.

Kareena Kapoor's "soft smudged eye liner look" is the most requested celeb makeup. I don't really know which look exactly, so I just picked a photo for inspiration & also because she wears this particular look a lot.

She & I have very different eye shapes, hence the deep lid-making with an eyeshadow brush =D

Tutorial for this look is coming soon! I have to edit & put the pics together.

Bollywood Babes to come:
Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai, Sonam Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Vidya Balan.....and who else? Who wears good make-up these days? 

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


Dressing Room & Storage Ideas

I want to turn my hodgepodge dressing room into my little clutter-free heaven this season (atm there are pillows & cushions on the floor, and shoes everywhere!) & I got some nice ideas while googling. I have a very small space to work with, so I can't afford to get/buy anything useless. The main theme will be whiteI think, coz I already have a huge white closet so I'll  have to work around it.

I'm not saying I want all of the stuff in the pics below, they're just for inspiration. Hope you'll pick out some useful ideas for yourselves too!

All photos courtesy Google Images
Me like this so much! A vanity table + jewelry & makeup storage

A space-saver this one. LOVE!


The Body Shop NUTRIGANICS DROPS OF YOUTH Product Photos & Prices

Science, nature and technology join forces in the latest skincare offering from The Body Shop, with the launch of Nutriganics™ Drops of Youth. Utilising the very latest in plant stem cell technology to help combat first signs of ageing,

Nutriganics™ Drops of Youth is our certified organic alternative to anti-ageing potions. Drop by drop, Nutriganics™ Drops of Youth enhances surface skin renewal, the skin’s natural process of replacing the uppermost dead cells with the new ones beneath. Day by day, Nutriganics™ Drops of Youth reveals smoother, fresher and healthier looking skin. Shed your old skin and step into a new, revitalized you.

Nutriganics™ Drops of Youth can be used in combination with serum, or added to a moisturiser day or night to give a surge of hydration and kick start the cell repair process. Simply massage two to three drops into skin and allow the concentrate to sink in for a few seconds before applying your usual moisturiser or serum.


Nutriganics™ Drops of Youth harnesses the power of plant stem cells harvested from criste-marine (Crithmum maritimum), which grows on the rocky Britanny coastline. Able to survive in the most demanding conditions, criste-marine thrives in dry and inhospitable environments, Sustaining itself by absorbing nutrients from the very air around it. Fortifying Nutriganics™ Drops of Youth is extract of beech bud, with its rich concentration of minerals, trace elements, enzymes and vitamins.
Nourishing, enriching and stimulating, Nutriganics Drops of Youth is a botanical powerhouse. As part of the Nutriganics range, a minimum of 98% of Nutriganics™ Drops of Youth ingredients are derived from natural origins. Silicone and paraben free, Nutriganics contains 20% organic ingredients to deliver natural beauty, naturally.

Pamper Yourself At Lakmé Salon Mumbai & Get Invited To Lakmé Fashion Week

Lakmé Fashion Week has been the epitome of glitz and glamour since more than a decade. Lakmé Salon now gives YOU the opportunity to experience this glamorous occasion firsthand. Lakmé Salon will not only get you passes to Fashion Week, but will also make sure that you look like a million bucks! 

Let our Lakmé Salon Experts work their magic on you, leaving you with perfectly primed up hands and feet. Indulge yourself by taking the package mentioned below by Lakmé Salon and receive an invite to Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2012. This is your chance to rub shoulders with the pioneers of the Indian Fashion Industry. 

Pamper yourself with the Lakmé Salon LFW Nail Package that includes the following:
Get a Peppermint, Free spirit or Pure defense manicure and pedicure

Soft Caress Hand & foot Masque 

Get the Lakmé Absolute look with the Fast and Fabulous Nail Color service 

Visit any Lakmé Salon or Studio in Mumbai and avail this offer to walk the red carpet at LFW.
** Offer Valid only for the first 200 customers that take any of the above services in Mumbai only**
**Offer Valid only from 16th February – 1st March 2012**

About Lakmé Lever
Lakmé Lever Pvt. Ltd (Lakmé Lever) is dedicated to the contemporary Indian woman’s exploration of the fine art of beauty. It operates India’s first and leading chain of Lakmé Studios and Salons that offer expert services in Hairstyling, Skin and Beauty care. The studios and salons offer a differentiated experience, delighting women by the expertise of their professionally trained hair designers, hair artists, skin experts and consultants, and now to men also

Lakmé Lever also operates Lakmé Academies in partnership with Pivot Point, USA, world leader in ‘beauty education’.  Combining international cosmetics, hair and skin care technology with an in-depth understanding of the Indian woman’s needs, Lakmé Studios and Salons offer their customers a holistic ‘Beauty Sutra’ experience. 

Lakmé Lever has a presence of 170 Lakmé Salons at premium locations in 40 cities.

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


BECCA Strawberry Beach Tint Review, Look & 1 Day 20% OFF Online Offer

Allure magazine's favorite lip & cheek tint- BECCA Beach Tint, reminds me of water color paints with similar-looking tubes. Though I never paint anymore, I have a brand new box of the cuties just coz. How amazing would it be to be able to use those on our faces as well?! :)
BECCA Beach Tint is a beautifully blendable crème stain for cheeks and lips that suits all skin types. Kiss-proof and water-resistant, it dries to a perfect, streak-free, non-greasy and non-drying finish. Layer it under powder blushes, bronzers, lip balms, and lip-glosses for added intensity.
Key Attributes:
  • 2-in-1 crème stain for cheeks and lips
  • Deliciously scented
  • Oil Free, Streak Free, and Water-Resistant
  • Contains anti-oxidant vitamin E
  • Preservative and paraben-free
Available in 7 shades: Strawberry (warm orange red),  Peach (warm orange pink), Grapefruit (pale coral pink), Fig (tea rose pink), Watermelon (bright pink), Raspberry (deep berry pink), Guava (bright coral pink)


Urban Decay NAKED 2 Palette & How To Get It

I watched Paranormal Activity & wanted to watch Paranormal Activity 2....and 3 & now wishing for a 4 too. Man, that's good stuff! Same with Urban Decay NAKED, I had to see the sequel - NAKED 2.
It's a Valentine's Day (Week?) present from Mr.CZ. God bless him & this day of... love (please excuse). I wouldn't have gotten it this soon otherwise, oh-no.
Naked 2 comes with a dual-ended Good Karma Shadow/Crease Brush & 0.11 oz Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Naked (pinky neutral). Review & Swatches will be posted after I've used everything enough. Hope you enjoy the pics for now.
Eyeshadows: Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall, Chopper, Tease, Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol, Verve, YDK (What is this? 'You Don't Know'?), Busted, Blackout.


11 Favorites: Makeup, Skincare, Book & A Leopard and Lace Handbag

I can't review everything I use & love, so some things worth talking about will be in my 'favorites' posts. 
This time, I picked 11 favorite things:
  • The Body Shop Natrulift Firming Serum With Organic  Pomegranate: My skin loves this stuff. It is light yellow & has a gel-like texture. My face soaks it up in a jiffy. It makes my face feel firm, plump, and hydrated without feeling heavy or oily. It smells like pomegranate, of course, which I love. Now I get why it's a TBS Best Seller. Price- Rs.1555 for 30 ml.
  • Pond's Smooth Pores Pore Tightening Facial Foam: Have giant pores? Try this. It makes my face so smooth and clean! It's interestingly light grey in color too.  Price- Rs.65.
  • MAC Cleanse Off Oil: My DHC Cleansing Oil is almost over (say, another 1 month?), but I just couldn't wait to get this again (I've used up a bottle before) Now I know it's my favorite makeup remover & cleansing oil. It beats DHC in my books. Price- Rs.1200.
  • YSL Babydoll: I finished this! I can't wait to be at Duty Free and get another one. It's one of my scents, and I'd feel incomplete without it.
  • Lauren Conrad Sugar and Spice: Jane Roberts, why are you so sweet? Who will you end up with? I started reading this in December, but so much was happening I couldn't even read 10 pages of it. Still not done with it yet, no spoilers! Price- Rs.250


Heart Tweezers? For FREE?

You know I like me some cute unconventional beauty tools & FREE stuff. So when I got these cute heart tweezers for free with my purchase at NEW U, I was overjoyed. Very Tweezerman but with a he♥rt, I thought.
NEW U Cashier: You are getting this.... free. [Very dull man he was.]
Me: Really???! =D It's so cute! ("Nice. Isn't it cute?!", quietly to Mr. CZ) have just that one color and design
See? I'm a true Indian (or woman?). I feel I deserve choices with FREE stuff as well.


Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick Pleasure Me Red ~ Another Deep Red

Meet No.1 Selling Red Lipstick in the US- Maybelline Color Sensational in Pleasure Me Red.
Why? Because it's the one Christy Turlington wore in the ad below:
Had I paid attention, I would have joined the flock sooner. I mean, look at that! ♥_♥


Loving MAC Constructivist Paint Pot

I was confused between 2 MAC Paint Pots- Constructivist & Groundwork. I wanted something neutral but one that can still look intense if I want it to. Groundwork looked duller than I expected, and it reminded me of a dark-toned concealer.

So, Constructivist won me over.

About MAC Paint Pot:
A highly pigmented eye colour that goes on creamy but dries to an intense, vibrant finish. Long-wearing, colourfast. Creates seamless coverage without weight or caking. Blends smoothly over the lids. Cream-based, can be mixed with M·A·C shadows and liners.

Constuctivist is described as a metallic brown with red pearl. I love that it can look taupe & the shimmery finish makes it look like I'm wearing at least 2 colors when I'm only wearing it alone. Doesn't crease, doesn't wear off, suits my honey-colored eyes, it's awesome.


Lotus Strawberry Shake On My Nails

I don't like to drink milk & I don't like milkshakes. But this shake, I like.

Lotus ColourDEW Nail Enamels are:
  • Natural and safe
  • Acetone, DBP and toluene free
  • Fast drying
  • Flat and sturdy brush
  • Smooth application

Nail polishes really do make my nails weaker, so it's a good change to try some without the harmful ingredients.


The Body Shop Launches Chocomania ~ A Chocolate Range Fit For Valentine's Day!

With Valentine’s Day drawing nearer, thoughts of true romance are front of mind – and what better way to celebrate than with the food that has inspired countless love affairs throughout history? This February, The Body Shop is proud to launch Chocó mania, a lavish celebration of the timeless ingredient that continues to capture our hearts and our imaginations today.

For over 3,000 years, chocolate - like gold - has had universal appeal. From kings and queens, to laborers and laymen, chocolate has inspired, tempted and tantalized. Once the culinary privilege of the wealthy and famous, chocolate has worked its way into our hearts and lives. And for the chocoholics amongst us, we’ve got some news to get your blood racing: our new Chocó mania bath & body range is here.
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Chocó mania is a decadent, sensuous and indulgent range guaranteed to plunge you, your skin and your senses straight into chocolate heaven. Sin free, pleasure rich and oozing with luxurious texture and fragrance, Chocó mania is irresistible.

With its rich and sumptuous texture, Queen of the Chocó mania range is Chocó mania Body Butter. “Inside every pot is an exclusive formula of 12 Community Fair Trade Ingredients from around the world making this the most lavish Body Butter from The Body Shop to date. Smooth and seductive, Chocó mania Body Butter simply melts into the skin, combating dryness with 48 hours of intensive moisturisation and releasing a heavenly chocolate fragrance that will make you smell good enough to eat.

Can’t get enough? We understand. Thankfully, there’s a whole Chocó mania range to enjoy, so you can indulge in the delicious fragrance and sumptuous textures in as many ways as possible. Now, that’s pure luxury.

  • Chocó mania Body Butter – Rs.895 (200ml.) , Rs.345 (50ml.)
  • Chocó mania Body Lotion –  Rs.595
  • Chocó mania Shower Cream Rs.395
  • Chocó  mania Body Scrub  - Rs. 895
  • Chocó mania Lip Butter – Rs. 295
  • Chocó mania Heart shaped Soap – Rs. 245
  • Chocó mania  Bag of Hearts – Rs.595 

Indian Beauty Addicts Are Waiting For....

Below are products that aren't available in India yet. We've talked about a few we are waiting for, so let's call this the next batch. We Indian Beauty Addicts have to wait a lot. Most of the time, for such a really long time that if they were our husbands, they'd be sleeping on the couch or out on the street. Probably out on the street.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters

Bourjois Eye Pearls ~ LOVE these quintets. I hope the eyeshadow quality is like the Intense Eyeshadows