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A Dermatologist Visit: Moles, Pigmentation, Etc.

So I finally visited a dermatologist after putting it off for months. Mr.CZ was like, "I'm just going to call and book an appointment for you. I don't care what you say anymore."

***Before you continue reading this post, please keep in mind that I'm in no way giving you medical advice. Your own dermatologist or family physician is always the best person to go for the best advice on anything concerning your skin & health. I'm just sharing my experience and the products recommended to me only for reference. Like, I'd love to know what other people's dermatologists are recommending for the same skin issues, so that I can ask my own doctor about those products.


Derm: "Hi, Cynthia. I was waiting only for you (Not like Richard Marx , I was his last appointment). Come, come, sit. Tell me."

Me: "Hi, Doctor. So I have this mole (on my neck)....I think it's changed....sometimes it...."

Derm: "Oh, nothing to worry about! See, if the mole doesn't ooze or bleed, there's no need to worry about it."

Me: "....sometimes it itches....and I think it got a bit bigger...."

Derm: "It looks fine, don't worry.... *then he spoke too fast* .....heart is a small organ & skin is such a BIG organ."

Me: "So, there's no need for a Biopsy and such?"

Derm: "Nah! See people in the West....the skin is thin.....pigmentation.....and we people here....*again, he spoke too fast & I have the attention span of a 5-year-old*"  

(Mr.CZ later explained to me that what he said basically is that white skin that burns easily when exposed to sunlight is more susceptible to serious skin problems.)

Me: (Please finish speaking, so I show you my other skin concern! Gawd, these jeans have gotten so tight, I hope I can still pull them up to show him my legs. Okay, go!) "Doctor, I also wanted to show you these red bumps on my legs that I got after waxing...."

(I got these tiny red bumps on my legs last year after waxing during my 2nd month of pregnancy, I think, and they got worse coz of the hormones maybe. I didn't want to use any strong medicated creams during pregnancy, so I thought let it be. Then the heaters in winter made them appear again. They kept re-appearing and spreading, so it's time for a permanent solution.)

Derm: "Oh, this is just Folliculitis. I'll prescribe a cream. I always tell people to just use lotion for dry skin!"

Me: "But I do use lotion."

Derm: "Which lotion?"

Me: "Uh....lots." (The Body Shop, Nivea, Vaseline, Soap & Glory....Them beauty products are my drug, bruh!)

Derm: *Smiled like I was lying to him.*

Me: "Body washes are okay to use? They're not the cause?"

Derm: "With any skin concern, I always recommend a neutral soap. DOVE. That's all."

Me: "Okay. Another thing, Doctor. I got this brown line during pregnancy...."

Derm: "Oh, stretch marks."

Me: "No, that line in the center....below the belly button....Linea Nigra."

Derm: "Oh, Linea Nigra. That's normal."

Me: "No, I want to remove it."

Derm: "Okay. I'll prescribe a cream for pigmentation. It will lighten it."

Me: "Does this cream work for pigmention on the face too? Like Melasma and....."

Derm: "You don't have pigmentation! =D"

Me: "No, I'm just asking =D" (For my blog readers & others interested)

Derm: "Yes, it does."

It may seem like the doctor was quite rude for interrupting me all the time, but he's actually very nice. Unlike other doctors who want you to go visit them all the time, he told me to just email him a photo of any skin problem anytime. He said "Just click and send. No need to come see me!" =)


So below are the 3 products he prescribed for me:

For Rashes/Folliculitis ~ Lishkara Body Lotion. Enriched with Vitamin E, Dead Sea Minerals & Squalene. I see the first ingredient is Aloe Vera. I feel this lotion is quite over-priced, and that maybe the doctor have some kind of deal with the company that makes it. I can't even find it on Google for Pete's sake...Haha! But I've used it, and it does soothe my skin. It smells like that veteran soap - LifebuoyPrice: Rs.499.

For Moles (in case they itch) & Folliculitis ~ Fucibet. Price: Rs.39.90

Pigmentation ~ DepiWhite Intensive Depigment Cream. Claims to fade brown spots & even out complexion. Active ingredients are: Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, Aluminium Silicate, Ascorbylmethylsilanol pectinate & Lactic Acid. Price: Rs.235/15 ml)

That's all. So far, everything feels better. Even my mole looks normal again. Sometimes you just need to hear it from a doctor, coz Google will straight away make you think you're dying! =D

I've yet to try the Depiwhite Cream, so will let you know if it works after a while. I will send it to some people with thick face pigmentation too, so that I'll get some feedback from them.

Have any of you tried these products before?

Have a great week all! <3

Since some of you want blog posts on baby products, I will be posting them on my 2nd blog
To read, please click on pic or HERE


Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blushes ~ Affordable Products Of The Month!

Hiya! I feel like I haven't talked to you all for a really long time, although it's only been a couple days. I also couldn't wait to fill my homepage with other posts after my previous scary post...hehe...I didn't want people who land on my blog to freak out & never come back!
So today I wanted to show you these cute Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blushes. I'm just so impressed with their quality! They are pigmented, feel silky smooth and blend like any other good blush. The compact packaging is light and fits in your palm, so ideal for your handbag and traveling.


NEW! Lakmé Absolute Royal Collection ~ Limited Edition

Revisit the magnificence of the past with a truly precious limited edition collection by Lakmé that pays tribute to the reign of queens – Lakmé Absolute Royal. Inspired by the era of the royals, this new collection introduces limited edition shades for three amazing products: Lakmé Absolute Crème Lip Colors, Lakmé Absolute Royal Nail Colors and Lakmé Absolute Shine Line Eyeliners that will help you create an elegant look for the festivities this season. With this new collection, Lakmé lays out the beauty statement for the season that is dominated by imperial velvet red lips and a unique play of light pink and gold for the eyes. These rich hues, reflecting modern opulence, will take center-stage at the Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2013 Grand Finale by Sabyasachi Mukherjee

This limited edition collection will be available in stores starting 1st September 2013.

Lakmé Absolute Crème Lip Colors: Get lips that go with glasses of wine, caviar and polo matches. It’s luscious creamy color with a flamboyant, glossy finish that lasts all day. Price: Rs. 600/-
Limited Edition Shades: Red Carpet, Plum Delight, Mystery Pink, Candy Floss, Peach Blush, Bake Pink, Mauve Dream, Mauve Shimmer and Nude Rose. 


Sleek Makeup Suede Blush Review & Swatches

I have decided that while I'm in the UK, I'll buy a lot of Sleek Makeup. I feel like I owe them. You know what I'm referring to, right? If you are a new reader, don't worry, you'll find out in a minute. (Oh, and HELLO! You found this vanity at the right time ;))
Moving on: I recently got the Oh So Special Palette. Are we even yet? 4 products so far.... nah, I have to buy some more.
Moving on some more: Sleek Makeup blush in Suede is my new-found love. It's special because I was smitten the minute I saw it and, unlike most of the products I buy, I had never really seen it  around on the internet and seen swatches and reviews. Maybe I saw, but I wasn't paying attention. So, it was like I discovered it. It is the perfect nude blush. Do you remember Colorbar Just Earth Blush? I'd say this is a peachier version of it.


Indian Women Reveal Their Make-up Habits & Secrets

This is an infographic that Revlon India sent over after they got the results from polls they conducted in their Facebook page in an attempt to understand Indian women’s habits on cosmetics. More than 70,000 women participated in these polls. All this was part of the launch of the revolutionary Revlon ColorStay Whipped Crème

Let's see what my habits & secrets (if that) are:
I am BUGGED most by foundation that.... is too dry to blend effortlessly & end up looking cakey.
I normally apply foundation using..... brush. Sometimes with fingers. If you want to avoid the unnatural look, get a synthetic buffing brush like the Sigma F80
How often do you apply foundation? It's part of my daily makeup routine. It makes everything else look better.... look complete.  
How much time do you spend applying makeup? 15-30 mins. 
Which compliment would you feel happier to receive? "WOW! Your skin looks flawless! It's glowing! It doesn't look like you have makeup on!"  =D
How many times do you touch up your makeup in a day? Powder- once or twice, depending on the weather. Lipstick- more than 3 times for sure.
What's your skin type? Oily/Combination. Verging on Normal in winters.
[Err... what about "How much are you willing to spend on a foundation?" 
I'll answer it anyways: No more than ( Rs.1000 Rs.900 if it's a drugstore brand.] 
Good news:  Revlon ColorStay Whipped Crème retails for Rs.800. I will be reviewing it soon-ish.
If you feel like it, do copy the questions and jot down your own answers in the comments below =)

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


MAC Mehr Lipstick Photos & Swatches

Me to MAC SA: "Do you have Me-her lipstick?"
SA (British): "Mm-ha?"
I wanted to get another matte lipstick from MAC (because I love Party Parrot so much), so I decided to pick up one of the MAC Indian Lipsticks - Mehr - if it's still available. It was!
MAC Mehr Lipstick was launched with the Mickey Contractor Collection. But I think it's still available, especially in India. 
Finish ~ Matte. But non-drying.
Shade ~  Described as dirty blue pink. It looks a little mauve-ish pink on me. It is pinker & more opaque than MAC Cosmo


MAC Indian Lipsticks

MAC presents 4 lipsticks for Indian women!
Lipsticks go lush in full-bodied shades inspired by the sultry tones of India. Be marvelous in Mehr’s rosy mauve, or for a more dramatic look, try Tabla for a rich chocolate brown. Yash is luxurious and chic in a soft sandy neutral and Double Shot promises to keep you savvy in chestnut.
Yash -  Deep neutral (matte)
Mehr  - Dirty blue pink (matte)
Double Shot - Full bodied mocha cream (amplified)
Tabla -  Chocolate brown (amplified


Revlon Colorburst Lipstick Rosy Nude ~ 'My Lips But Better'?

I mumble "Mmm-hmm, my lips but better" as I applied this lipstick. I was in my element.
Mr.CZ:  "Why do you keep saying those words??? 'My lips but better' "
Me:  "Because they're lipsticks that are almost the same color as my natural lips." 
Silence. Some things are to be understood only by us ladies. We hunt for a lipstick that is exactly like our bare lips & a blush that is exactly like our natural...err, flush?
If you're looking for another Nude lippie, then Revlon Rosy Nude 065 Colorburst Lipstick might suit your preference. I personally adore it at the moment. Revlon Colorburst lipsticks need no introduction, as they've been there for a while (they even have babies now). I've always like their finish, color selection, pigmentation, packaging, and the fact that they're fragrance-free.
Rosy Nude is a just that- Rosy Nude. A very wearable shade, which can be played up or down


Autumn Makeup ~ On Darker Skin Tone

There were requests for me to do a darker look after my darker skin tone lotd here, so this is for all you darker skin-toned beauties out there. This base is the darkest one I have. It was tough to layer it without it looking patchy, so I hope you won't find me looking too muddy hehe....


Sleek Avoir la Peche Collection Review,Swatches & LOTD (Darker Skin tone)

Here are swatches & mini reviews of the Sleek Avoir la Peche Collection + LOTD of moi in a darker skin tone.

Paraguaya i-divine palette ~ The colors are all pigmented, smooth and buttery. The least pigmented of them all is Bittersweet -second last , bottom row, grey shade. It works fine if you want to use it to blend a darker color, though. Hmm...Bittersweet. How apt.


Lakmé Introduces Sun Expert Cucumber & Lemongrass Fairness Sunscreen Range

Lakmé  has come out with a a break-through innovation in sun care- Lakmé Sun Expert Cucumber & Lemongrass Fairness Sunscreen range . These dermatologist-approved products offers broad spectrum sunscreen that gives you 97% protection from harmful effects of the sun. The sunscreens range from SPF 20 to SPF 50 and PA+, PA++ and PA+++  includes specific sunscreens for dry, oily and normal skin. Lakmé has also introduced Sun Expert Fairness Body Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 24 PA ++.


Lakmé Fairness Sunscreen Cucumber & Lemon Grass After Sun Skin Lightening Gel
A light, cooling, moisturizing gel that fights harsh damage and provides total hydration, leaving skin radiant at all times. It lightens sun tan, uneven skin tone and corrects blemished skin. 
5o gm- Rs.145/-


Lotus White Glow Intensive Skin Whitening & Brightening Serum

What it is:
Enriched with Grape, Mulberry, Saxifraga extracts and Milk enzymes that are known fairness agents A proprietary formula that distributes via an advanced delivery system It visibly refines large pores, eliminates blackheads and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The result, you have radiant, youthful looking skin. Contains no harmful chemicals.

How to use:
Use morning and evening all over face and neck after cleansing.


Lakme Perfect Radiance Multi-Mineral Skin Lightening Compact

Lakmé presents Perfect Radiance Multi Mineral Skin Lightening Compact in extension to their Perfect Radiance range. Available in 6 Shades designed specially for Indian skin tones by Lakmé’s Make up Expert, Cory Wallia
  • It protects you from sun darkening and damage with SPF 20*, UVA/ UVB
  • Flawlessly covers all signs of darkening with the goodness of Multi-Minerals
  • Vitamin B3 is a skin lightening compound that visibly lightens skin tone and helps reduce intensity of blemishes and dark spots
  • Gives you a radiant pearlescent glow with Brightening Pearls

Priced at Rs.150/-
Available at all leading lifestyle stores

I saw these at Westside the other day, and they looked nice. They're affordable a Rs.150 & the packaging is so pretty. But I didn't buy it because I was kinda pissed at the SA. A story I will tell you in another post.

♥Cynthia Z


Rupee Sign Inspired Look

I have wanted to do this for a while now, ever since the Rupee sign became official in August 2010, right?  Don't quote me on that lol...I don't read/watch the news much.
Anyways, were you ecstatic as I was about it?
From the day I was born, the Americans had $, the English had £, and we Indians had "Rs." and let's face it, aar-ess is not fancy like signs. Remember those movie scenes where dollar signs fly about to indicate a lot of money? Well, imagine 'Rs' flying about like that. Yup.
But now we have our very own rupee symbol...Yay! And an edgy-looking one too!


Dark Underarms?

Dark underarms can be a really embarrassing problem for some people. Imagine not being able to raise your arms at a Enrique Iglesias concert coz you don't want people to think you don't bathe properly! Okay, I guess you won't be baring that neck of the woods in the first place, but you get my point.
Mine were getting dark, because I was shaving every second day (plus my skin is generally prone to darkening.) They weren't SO dark, but dark enough to freak me out! So, I started using the Nivea Extra Whitening Cell Repair Anti-perspirant Roll-on, and... and... my underarms are almost their natural color now. Love it!

It contains 2x Licorice extracts, Witch Hazel & Avocado for Extra Fair & Smooth skin. It doesn't sting or anything like that and smells very fresh and pleasant. I won't say anything about whether or not it prevents sweating, because that's not what I want out of it. I wouldn't be sure anyways since it's not hot in Delhi anymore.
I have used the whitening one too before this, but it wasn't so effective (below)

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Light Medium

I thought I'd write about my current favorite powder- the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light Medium. In one of my old posts, I said that I had a love-hate relationship with this (the reason being that it didn't really keep my oilies away when the temperature was at its highest during the Delhi summer.) 
Then I rarely used it. Now, as the weather has started to cool down, it's a love-love relationship, baby! I want to wear it everyday! Actually, I do wear it everyday.


LAKME Earth Rose Blush Trio Review, Swatches & LOTD

Here are better pictures of the Lakme Earth Rose Blush Trio. The colors weren't coming out properly with flash the first time. And I promised you a face swatch. It's hard for me to do face swatches on all products, especially with face products, but I'll try to do them every once in a while.


Jiaoli ~ Miraculous Cream for Dark Spots & Melasma?

Before you read any further, please be warned that this brand has stirred quite a lot of controversy and also banned in some Asian countries! I am not advising anybody to try it out. I just want to share what I know and read about it.


Reader's Request ~ Make Up For Ever HD Foundation Review

This is especially for you, Rajni!

Originally created to keep the complexion of the actors looking flawless in the 6x magnification of high definition compared to regular cameras. The products innovative formulas with ultra fine granulometry meet the highest standards of both professionals and the everyday woman in daylight. HD Foundation harmonizes the complexion and does not accentuate wrinkles, leaving natural-looking skin.
Invisible Cover Foundation that is oil-free and Dermatologist-tested

Available in 25 shades. So, I think there's a shade for everyone.

My shade is #120 Soft Sand (for medium light skin with yellow undertones)


Kaya Skin Clinic Hydra-Cleanse Makeup Remover Review


What it is:
Hydra-Cleanse Makeup Remover effectively removes both water-proof and regular makeup without having to rinse with water. This 3-in-1 alcohol free formula is gentle on skin, lips and eyes while removing even the most long-lasting make-up. It retains moisture and natural pH of the skin. Cucumber and Witch Hazel extracts reduce pore size to normal and instantly soothe the skin.
Suitable for all skin types.