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Beyond Vanity: Jean Paul Gaultier Diet Coke Cans

I love to click pictures of beautiful & unusual things. Every once in a while, I'd like to share with you things that I really like, beautiful things but unrelated to make-up..... things Beyond Vanity. I find fun & creative things very inspiring, and I hope they inspire you too.
I'd like to start with the Jean Paul Gaultier Diet Coke cans. I don't drink Coke, or any other aerated drink, for that matter. I love my tea. But Mr.CZ can't live without Diet Coke/Pepsi. He got these the other day, and showed me the 'cutedifferent' packaging. My jaw dropped. I had just seen a weird photo about Jean Paul Gaultier for Coke in the recent magazines. You know, the one where some girl is holding Gaultier's head? I mean, photo of his head? I had no idea that this is what it's all about. These cans are gorgeous!
There are 2 types of cans designed by Jean Paul Gaultier- Day & Night. These are 'Night' cans, featuring Gaultier's iconic corset  and cone bra design. The 'Day' cans feature Gaultier's signature Breton blue & white stripes. I like the 'Night' ones better.


Spotted: Balmi Lip Balms (Like eos Lip Balms)

I was at Boots yesterday, and saw these blatant copies of eos Lip Balms, except Balmi spheres come attached with key chains!

Revlon India Nail Art Contest- 100,000 Worth Of Products to WIN!

I was asked to be one of the judges (in a special category) of the ongoing Revlon India Nail Art Contest. *Entries must be submitted by tomorrow 30th September.* So sorry for the late heads up! I came to know only a few days ago. They did not ask me to promote it in my blog or anything like that, I just personally wanted you readers to know about it coz there will be 40 WINNERS! You read right, FORTY!
1st Prize: Revlon voucher worth INR 10,000
2nd Prize: Revlon voucher worth INR 7,000
3rd Prize: Revlon voucher worth INR 5,000
4th Prize: Revlon voucher worth INR 4,000
5th Prize: Revlon voucher worth INR 3,000

25 runner up winners - Revlon voucher worth INR 2,000 each.
10 Additional Winners will be selected by Bianca Hartkopf, Beauty Expert Revlon India. 
All you have to do is register & upload a photo of your creativity in Revlon India's Facebook Page here & get your friends & family to vote for your photo. 
It's the weekend, so why not give it a try? Even if (if) it's too late for the voting part, you might still stand a chance in the last category. 
Psst, I took a look at a few entries last night, and already spotted one that won't stand a chance, coz I know it was lifted from Google Images =D

Are you game? Would love some Indian Vanity Case readers to win this! =)
 ♥ Cynthia Z  *.*


Meet My Forever New Bow Wallet!

Remember when my handbag was stolen in Goa last December? Well, I didn't find a wallet to replace the one that's stolen along with it. I'd been using a very old tattered cream/gold Nine West one. I washed it once, and the water left brown/rust marks on the material that it looked dirty =\ . But still, I kept using it, like a cheapskate (even hiding it from store managers at the counters) I just didn't want to buy anything I didn't fancy enough, I wanted something different....something that isn't black....something girly.....something with a bow....something that would fit in a small handbag....Where, where are you???!!!
Then the week before I left Delhi, I saw it. THE ONE. I almost screamed and jumped up & down in the Forever New Store. 

Liese Bubble Hair Color Platinum Beige Review, Swatch & LOTD

I know, I know. I'm very very late with this review. It's one of the pending ones from India, and I've had these pics for 4 months! My dark roots are already about 3 inches, and I'm thinking about changing the color again. So, I want to quickly show you how Liese Bubble Hair Color Platinum Beige looked on me.
I love Liese hair colors mainly because the bubbly foam makes it very easy to color evenly without missing any spots at the back of the head.
Platinum Beige is an ash brown shade. 


MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection

Just when I thought I had had enough of MAC's limited editions this year, BAM! They bring in Marilyn Monroe. 
I like the packaging, although I personally think it couldn't have been.... even more attractive.
Launching in the UK first week of October. India- no idea, probably next year?
Can't. CAN'T. Wait. 
I'm getting a lipstick for sure. Those lashes look fab too. And one of those blushes. And..... argh.... I have to watch How To Marry A Millionaire now!
Are you excited about this collection?  
♥ Cynthia Z *.*


Eylure Katy Perry Lashes Photos

I like Katy Perry. I like false lashes. I like pretty packaging. I like romance-inspired names on cosmetics (I would name a lipstick "Unfaithful" someday....someday.) 
So ya, I did fall hard for the Eylure Katy Perry Lashes ever since they were launched. 
All Eylure Katy Perry lashes are handmade, 100% natural and each style is reusable. Adhesive included in all.

FREE Clinique Products With Instyle Magazine & Next Month's Free Gifts Are....

Monday Evening, 24th September '12, Newcastle Upon Tyne:  It rained the whole frickin' day, the internet hadn't been activated yet, I was feeling out of sorts. I just wanted to curl up on the couch with some random show on British tv & a cup of Tetley. BUT we had to make a trip to Sainsbury's (supermarket) to buy some necessary groceries. On the way, my right hand was almost frozen, because both Mr.CZ & I had to hold the edges of the umbrella, so the wind wouldn't blow it into a Y shape. If not for Instyle, some cute table mats & a pack of chilli powder (authentically Indian, mind you), it wouldn't have been worth it.
The magazine section is near the entrance, so that's where I ended up first. Hello, Instyle magazine! Olivia Palermo on the cover. A pretty thing, but who is she? I've seen her somewhere. One evidently famous celeb I do not know. Ooh! FREE Clinique products!
Price: £3.80 (Rs.330)
It took me a while to notice that they had a different free product on each issue: Repairwear Laser Focus Serum, High Impact Mascara, Long Last Gloss Wear, Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer. 'Collect All 4 Amazing Products' they say. Yeah, right. The tactics these people! I picked the moisturizer, coz I really needed one =)


Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal & Curling Mascara Review

If you were intrigued with the newly launched Lakmé Eyeconic products, you are in the right place. This is a review in which photos will speak louder than words, so.....


Photo Of The Day ~ MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj Lipstick

MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj. I finally got my hands on it! 
About Viva Glam ~ Every cent of the selling price goes to the MAC Aids Fund. Nicki Minaj teamed up with Ricky Martin to raise HIV/AIDS awareness among young people around the globe. 
Finish ~ Satin 
Color ~ Bright Yellow Pink. It's very bright with a coral tinge. Compared to MAC Chatterbox, it is lighter and again brighter. Chatterbox's pinkness is deeper.
Price ~ £14.00 = Rs.1210. Yes, MAC lippies cost more here in the UK =\ (India- Rs.990)
Available in India? Last time I checked, not yet.
If you're wondering why this lukewarm one-pic post with only three things turning the temperature up: I don't have broadband yet and my dongle is running out of megabytes, so I can't upload too many pics until Monday. I have not watched a YouTube video in almost 2 whole weeks, and I feel like I'm losing my mind!
Review, swatches & look coming next week. Enjoy your weekend! 
♥ Cynthia Z *.*


My First Primark Haul ~ Bows, Bows & More!

Primark is one of UK's most popular shopping destinations, and I went c-r-a-z-y! I found the prices very reasonable, and I think you fellow Indians will do too. The designer(s) & I have at least one thing in common - a love for bows. I went oh-my-bows every few minutes!
Let's start with the twosome that made me squeal, literally: 
  • Metal Bow Bag & Skinny Belt ~ £8.00 (Rs.695), £2.00 (Rs.174) Because they belong together! [Matching purse & Berry color also available] *Hey, imagine matching shoes ♥_♥

Maybelline The Jewels Berry Brilliant ~ Product Of The Week

Berry Brilliant. Berry Nice. Berry Autumn.
Another gorgeous shade from Maybelline The Jewels Collection. Since I made it Product of The Week, I'll quickly quickly chat about it today. 
996 Berry Briliant


Makeup Haul & New Products

I have not done a haul post in quite some time now, and I know many of you likes seeing ze hauls. So, I thought I'd give you a sneak peek of most of the brand new goodies in my vanity.


Maybelline New York Dream Cluster Review, Photos & Swatches

"Look Like A Dream"
I want that. You want that. The dream being: flawless, glowy, goddess skin. The Maybelline New York Dream range of 5 products promise to help you achieve somewhat close to that by making your skin look matte, airbrushed, poreless & gorgeously luminous skin!
For real, or is it just another dream? Let's have a look! 
  • Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
  • Maybelline DreamLumi Touch Concealer
  • Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Airbrush Foundation ~ I have been using & loving shade 4 & have reviewed it here
  •  Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation
  • Maybelline Dream Touch Blush 05 


Maybelline New York Launches The Falsies Mascara [India]

If you had been waiting....waiting....waiting....It's fianlly here!
Yet another innovation from its leading mascara franchise Volum’ Express, The Falsies Mascara creates the illusion of long, batty eyelashes to give you the most volumized lashes ever! 
The groundbreaking The Falsies mascara gives you a full set of voluminous and bold lashes which help you achieve volume styles to keep up with the current make-up trends. The mascara redefines volume for really long lashes and is designed to give the appearance of no gaps and spaces.

The Pro-Keratin and Fibre enriched formula is designed to deliver immediate results. The formula helps in distributing volume and visible intensity to the lashes, and also gives 300% more visible and fuller lashes with a unique flexible wand. The spoon curler brush comes in a shape of false lashes so it's a cinch to reach every last lash. The brush fans out the lashes corner-to-corner for an ultra glam look like never before.

So, ditch your false lashes and try the new falsies mascara today!

Price: Rs. 425/-
Available:  All MNY counters across the country.
I have done a review on it here 

♥ Cynthia Z *.*

The Worst Beauty Products

Hope you're all doing well. Today, I'll be showing you some of The Worst Beauty Products I've ever used.

*Please note: I'd used these products for a considerable amount of time, and I did give them the benefit of the doubt before I made up my mind. Also, they might have not worked for me personally, but it's very possible that they're wonderful products for others. That's one of the reasons why most of the ones mentioned are still flying off the shelves.

  1. Colorbar I-Define Pencil (Midnight Black) ~ Hard & dry. Would work better on paper, not eyes.
  2. Inglot Gel Liner (Shade 75 Purple) - Not creamy enough, and dried up before the gel liners I bought way before it. I was gonna use it this one time, and found a purple rock!
  3. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer ~ Caused big painful cystic pimples. It feels like a dream, but works like a nightmare.
  4. Bourjois Elastic Mascara ~ No volume, lashes looked uneven in length & the formula burned my eyes. By far, the worst mascara I've ever used.  
  5. Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Blush (Shade #6 Quickie) ~ Dried up before I'd even used it properly. I was shocked! Really not worth $26 (Rs.1400) You are better off mixing a powder blush with moisturizer.
  6. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion ~ Extremely drying & it neither prevented nor cured pimples. The only thing it cleared up was all the moisture from my skin. On nights when I used it, I was afraid I'd wake up in the morning and see my skin had cracked!
  7. Revlon Colorsilk Luminista Hair Color (Medium Blonde 175) ~ Burned my scalp like a chilly paste during developing time. Had the color not turned out brassy, the unexpected sting would have been so worth it.
  8.  L'Oreal Re-Nutrition Shampoo + Conditioner ~ Re-Name, Re-Grease, Re-Dull. 

I told you mine. Please tell me yours!  
♥ Cynthia Z *.* 


Bourjois Colorissimo Roses Fashion Review & Swatches

"Everyday, Flash, Chic. That's 3 complementary hues of different intensities which can be worn alone or mixed together for an added touch of style." 
That's how Bourjois describes the newly launched (in India) Bourjois Colorissimo Lips Palette. I've been using Shade 03 Roses Fashion, a mix of pinky/orange hues, that are usually colors that I fancy in lipsticks.
Finish of the lipsticks is semi-matte, but still glossy & moisturizing.
Refer to pic: For a plump effect, apply color 2 on the center of your lips


Life Of An Indian Beauty Blogger In UK ~ Settling In & Shopping

Just letting you know that we reached Newcastle safely. It's been crazy since we reached on the 11th- shopping for household necessities & walking A LOT (phew!) It gets really cold in the evenings, but I'm glad there's sun in the mornings. We are really happy with the house, it's cozy & clean, but I get scared to go upstairs or downstairs alone at night. The neighborhood is really quiet. I rarely see people around, but I see one black & white cat with green eyes, a lot. Yesterday, it perched on the fence below and just stared at me through the kitchen window! Creepy, especially since I'm not a cat person.
That's the backyard of our house. I can't wait to mow that lawn. Yes, we have to maintain it too. See that wooden door on the left? That's the garden shed. And no, I have never mowed a lawn in my life hehehe...!


Maybelline Colorama Mint & Baby Pink ~ Nail Polishes Of The Month!

I'm not supposed to be blogging today, since I've got only 2 days left to finish packing, but I couldn't wait - could not wait! - to show you these new Maybelline Colorama nail polishes I got today - after a visit to my bank to get my new debit card (since my stolen handbag episode in December last year!). Yeah, it took me that long!
  • Maybelline Colorama Cremoso Intenso Absinto ~ MINT! OMG, I am in LOVE with this one!
  • Maybelline Colorama Color Irresistible Astral ~ Baby Pink.


Perfume Storage & My Wardrobe

As I was packing up & putting away all my perfumes in their respective boxes yesterday, I couldn't help but take some last shots of how they were. I was in my element, and a MAN walked into my dressing room:
Mr.CZ: "It seems you're clicking pictures more than you're packing! Every time I come in here, you're clicking photos."
Me: "Wha....?! I don't think you should come into this room anymore!" 
Uff, I don't want to talk about it! Back to topic of the day: How I (used to) store My Perfume Collection.
I got the basket with some Lakmé products sometime back, btw. I somehow ended up keeping it there, and decided to put the perfumes I wear the most in it.


New! Lakmé Eyeconic Kajal & Curling Mascara

Woot! Woot! Make way for Lakmé's latest launches- Eyeconic Range. I know exactly which familiar products these will compete with, and you & I will be there when it happens! ;)
The new Eyeconic Kajal by Lakmé is literally iconic as all you need is one sweep of kajal and it lasts for 10 hours. The product is waterproof, it doesn’t smudge and it is even safe for the eyes since it is dermatologist tested.  Complete your look with lots of Eyeconic Curling Mascara. 

My Kryolan Train Case

Hey Everyone, happy Saturday! Mine will be a packing & organizing day. I've got only 6 days now! Amma!
I sorted out some make-up yesterday, and emptied out this Kryolan Train Case. It has been a big part of my life for years, and now that I have to part with it, I wanted to show it to you. I have treated it rather badly, but it has never broken on me until now (touch wood!) I LOVE this baby!
Once, I had it with me on a plane. When we landed, one of the guys from a rock band walked by me and said: "So it's not a bomb."
Color:  Grey & Black 
Price: Rs.2200 ($40.00) when I bought it in 2004. Or was it 2500?
It can be locked

Those separators can be shifted around, and can also be removed completely.
I have now filled it with all my lipsticks & other melt-able products, and I'm still hoping it will accommodate some more.....