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Dear Vaseline, India Needs This.....

If I were in Delhi right now, I know I'd be putting my body lotion in the fridge. Actually, I'd be putting a lot of beauty products in the fridge. Sometimes, lipsticks too.
These days, it's warmer here in Scotland, and we don't need the radiators anymore, but I still need to wear socks & sweaters. Then I'd feel stuffy, and my ankles would start itching.... I'd start scratching them like a wild animal.....and I'd end up with red bumps. This not only happened with me, but with Mr.CZ as well. So you can imagine us watching Breaking Bad & scratching our legs.
Ever since I started using Vaseline Aloe Fresh Hydrating Body Gel, my skin hasn't acted up like that again. The man also used it once or twice, and I guess his skin is also in a zen state because I haven't heard "Heat! Heat, honey!" since then.
Since it's a gel, it is very light and feels like a slightly thicker water. It moisturizes skin but leaves it looking matte, and makes it feel smoother. Cools the body after a hot shower, smells refreshing, LOVE! It would be perfect for our Indian summers.
So, when I go back to India (in a few month, woop!), I want to be able to still get my hands on it. 

Price ~ £2.33  |  Rs.215  from Superdrug. It will obviously be priced lower in India (I hope!)

Don't you feel cooler just by looking at it? =)


Vaseline Pink Bubbly Limited Edition Lip Therapy Review & Giveaway

Every year Vaseline launches a Limited Edition lip balm. Last year it was Crème Brûlée, this year it's this one right here- Pink Bubbly. How cute is that name?! I adore the packaging too, very lingerie.
Before this was officially launched, Vaseline held a contest. They sent this tin, but with a plain unbranded lid, to selected UK beauty bloggers, asking them to design the lid & guess the name of the next Limited Edition Lip Therapy. What's most interesting was, they also sent them a few things as clues:
  • A balloon
  • A scented candle 
  • Pink Champagne Truffles in a heart-shaped box
  • A champagne flute
  • Etc.
The Winner + 1 winner's blog reader win a trip to Paris! 
So cool, right? I would have loved to design that tin, and I wouldn't have done it for Paris =)


Vaseline Cocoa Glow Body Lotion: Why I Love It

Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you like eclairs? Do you like vanilla mousse with cocoa sprinkles? Do you hate dry/rough skin?

If you're nodding, then you have to try Vaseline Cocoa Glow Lotion!  I am not much of a sweet tooth myself but I compensate for that in the beauty department.

Sweet lord, this body lotion! Wow. My elbows are loving it, my hands are loving it, my derrière is loving it (like a baby's, I tell you). My skin got really dry a week ago, it felt so rough like it's going to crack ("pleeease no stretch marks!"), then who came to the rescue? Eclair in a bottle. 

New Vaseline Total Moisture with Stratys-3 technology infused with Cocoa Butter not only works from within to give you an inner glow but also nourishes every layer of your skin. It gives your skin the multilayer moisture therapy infusing moisture at the top, core and deep down layers of your skin leaving your skin feeling healthy and glowing. New Vaseline® Total Moisture™ is the only moisturizer in India which combines three powerful ingredients that infuse and suspend moisture throughout all its layers.