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XO, M U S E.

What should I say? That I......

Nah, not that. Don't say that.

What about where I've been?

Nope. Don't go there. You'll bring everybody down.
C'mon! You're overthinking again!

Ummm....You c'mon, genius! Tell me then, tell me what to say. You know exactly where my head is!


~ How about you managed to survive on 50 rupees in your wallet since the demonetization. You saw the new 2000 rupee notes only yesterday. You thought they'd be pink, and felt *phus* when you saw they're purple? 

~ How about you're listening to August Alsina's 'I Luv This Sh*t' & 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil' as you're typing this? Shuffling between: I'm just trying to chill cause I'm way too drunk to be talking like this I'm way too high to be tripping like this
I'm way too young to be living like this & ज़मीन पे न सही तो आसमा तोह आ मिल 

~ How about you're now hooked to a new tv show - The Missing, Season 2?

~ How about Ziizayne now yells 'Mummaaaaa!', says 'Oh-kay!', 'Shoes', and 'Moo!' when he sees cows?

~ How about you're now only into black or nude/muted rose nail polish shades, and you find corals & pinks almost repulsive? This is when they should probably understand your state of mind.

~ How about you think the new Lakmé 9to5 Mousse Lip & Cheek Color are awesome?

~ How about you're kinda obsessed with the word 'Quinoa' - keeen-waaah!  

~ How about you've decided you're going to become a Lawyer? The kind that would carry night vision goggles & have a snitch in prison.

~ How about you found inspiration in the most unlikely place.... the most hopeless situation.... the most unlikely person.....?

~ How about........

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Lace Belt: Forever New
Shoes: Heatwave
Bag: Palomino
Earrings: Forever 21
Heart Ring: Accessorize
Owl Ring: Accessorize 
Watch: Michael Kors
Black Nail Polish: Colorbar
Lipstick: Lakmé 9to5 Mousse Lip & Cheek Color in Blush Velvet


HAPPY DECEMBER, everyone! =)

Feels darn good to be back. I've missed you all so much!

Love You for still being here & Thanks a million for all the emails/messages that some of you sent my way when I was in hibernation

Speak again soon! xx


~ ........ quoting Walter White - 'I am awake.'?


Welcome To My SHOE BLOG!

Hi, Hello! First of all, I'm sowwiee for disappearing for a week. Lost my energy after travelling back from Scotland to New Delhi, and I caught a throat/sinus prob, that was accompanied by a condition called "Phantosmia" (I found out the term when I turned to Dear Google one sleepless night = relieved that I'm not crazy.) It basically means I was smelling things that aren't there! I smelled - wait for it - gasoline, paint (hate both!) I'd lie in bed under the quilt and both scents would hit my nose simultaneously. Top note: wet paint, Base Note: gasoline. I suspected the oil radiator and got it taken out of our room...then I suspected the bed covers/detergent, my hands, my hair, Mr.CZ....haha! This phantom smell actually made my eyes water a couple times. It was milder last night, so let's see if it needs a special checkup. Anyone ever experienced this weird condition?
Anyways, enough about that! Our NEW BLOG is finally up! And SHOES it is! Good guessing to some of you ;) I meant to launch it last week from Edinburgh- but got busy and exhausted. Then last night - but for the very first time in 4 years of blogging, my layout messed up and froze! I had to change the whole template that I'd spent days to customize. There's a reason for everything, right?
I thought of one reason. I think I was meant to happen today, the 22nd January. My birth date is 22nd, so obviously it's my favorite number.
 2 + 2 = 4
I started this blog on 13th August, 2009.
1 + 3 = 4
Okay, I'll stop now. Please don't go away! Back to welcome speech....
Welcome to my NEW blog! I've been thinking about this for about 2 years now, and it's finally up- My 2nd blog! Didn't I tell you I want 2 of everything? ;)

Blog Name: CZloves (pronounced: Cee-Zee Loves) ~ Shoes & Life Of A Beauty Blogger.

Website: (Please don't forget the - hyphen after cz! Turned out plain czloves was already taken by some Chinese website =\)

What you'll see on CZloves: Aside from Shoes, I will be posting about Life stuff. That means random photos, food/cooking, decor, shopping, crafts, even makeup and beauty (because I can't help it!), etc, etc. I want to keep it light and spontaneous, so I'll focus more on pictures, like photo blogging. Let's see what else could happen! =D

Indian Vanity Case & CZloves will co-exist, like sisters with different personalities- different content & pictures. IVC will still be my first priority and it will continue like before, but I'm gonna give my best to CZloves as well. If you come here, and there's no new post, you can just click on the My Shoe Blog tab up near the header (maybe I've yet to add it), and you'll probably see a new update there! 
Please click HERE to see my 1st shoe post  + I've put a couple mini posts #justlikethat 

I hope you'll leave a comment letting me know what you think and follow if you want to stay updated! =) 

P.S:  The design and layout still needs a lot of work, so please ignore if anything looks off. A lot is.  Right now, I've just done the most difficult thing - START! 


New Year Makeup Haul | A New Blog In The Making!

Hello Lovelies, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2014 will be very very nice to all of us!  A million Thank Yous to all of you for reading my blog, and being so supportive. I couldn't have asked for better readers! ♥
We went out partying with friends last night, came home a little after 12:30 am. That's quite early, but we started at around 7:30 pm. Didn't get time to click my outfit, but I will re-wear it some day. You should have seen me run around looking for a skirt & then get ready like a hurricane! So exhausting. So much hype around NYE, then you look back and wonder why you even bothered so much.

The Last Haul in 2013:
MAC ProLongwear Blush Rosy Outlook & Paint Pot Layin' Low ~ I went to MAC in Glasgow, and picked up these two. No more MAC now until Delhi.
Sleek Makeup Blush Life's A Peach ~ I forgot I use to own Pan Tao, and was glad they're not the same.
Collection Lasting Colour Black Gel Liner ~ Comes with a tiny brush. It's creamy and pigmented so far. I had to get this yesterday, coz I'd left my Bourjois Liner Feutre Felt Liner open for a night and it dried up! >.<
Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Gold ~ A revolutionary detangling hair brush that won't tug on your hair. I LOVE! Believe the hype.
Eco Tools Sponge Applicator ~  Makeup sponge on a stick! I saw it in Boots and immediately picked it up. Yet to try it out, but I really hope I'll like it. I love the packaging with snap button. This has made me really notice Eco Tools.
Primark Egg Makeup Sponge ~ This is so cheap I had to get it.
Real Techniques Setting Brush ~ I just got this along with my LRP Effaclar Duo from Escentual last time, coz it was on sale. I like to use it to set powder in little nooks on my face, like undereyes. 


WINNER of IVC 4th Blog Anniversary Giveaway Is......

Hey Everyone, I'd just like to THANK you all who participated in my 4th Blog Anniversary Giveaway. Thanks for all the wonderful comments on how you stumbled upon my blog, I enjoyed reading each and every one of them. As always, it's not a good feeling to have to pick ONLY 1 WINNER from so many deserving readers, but *sighs*


My Beauty Blogging Camera + Tips

I'm  doing this post purely as a blogger, just to show you how I click photos for this blog. It's been requested by some other beauty bloggers, but all you non-bloggers might find these tips handy too, you know, when clicking pics of your kid's birthday cake, or your new mani to show-off on Facebook. If you don't have a camera, and never click photos, you can just look at the MAC lippies. I put them in there just for you =)
Since I couldn't use my camera, I used my mobile - Samsung S3. Previously Mr.CZ's, coz I was using Nokia Lumia 820, which I no likey. We swapped, sadly not before he dropped it on a marble floor and cracked the screen. I wanted it anyways, coz that Windows phone was driving me crazy.
My Camera: Sony Cybershot DSC-HX7V. When I'd gone shopping for a new camera (after my Panasonic Lumix got stolen along with my handbag), I picked this over 2 DSLR's - Canon EOS-something & Nikon-something. Reason: It's smaller & lighter than the 2. It's simply more convenient & fits in my small handbag too.
Main Features: 10x Optical Zoom, 16.2 megapixel sensor, 3D images, Full HD Movie. I really don't know the rest.


4th Blog Anniversary GIVEAWAY! Win YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick + Sleek Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette [CLOSED]

Hello! It's time for a special Giveaway again! It took me this long to announce it because I was quite confused about the prizes. I wanted to give products that you all would LOVE.
I asked in IVC Facebook Page what you all want with all your heart and soul, and the product that topped the list was Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. That was my first option too. BUT if I picked that, it'll just be one prize since it's pricey, and I wanted to give at least two (always two) products. I will surely include the NAKED 2 in my next giveaway.
After a lot of thought, I went with my instinct, and picked my most loved products.
  • YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick ~ Shade of WINNER's choice! Because I just can't get enough of them & want them ALL! So I want to gift 1 to one lucky IVC reader.
  • Sleek Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette ~ Because it's a very versatile palette, great for everyday & party looks. I've swatched it here.


4th Blog Anniversary In Shoe Heaven | Haul

Happy Birthday IVC! I thought about posting this yesterday, but I got busy and by the time I got home and finished cooking dinner, it was after 2 am IST. I decided to just chill and watch new ep of Breaking Bad  with the man (Yay! It's back!)
Anyways, I know some of you expect blog anniversary posts every year, so here it is! =)
4 years ago yesterday, I sat down and wrote my first blog post, and I owe a lot of my current happiness to that small decision. I celebrated with a visit to a place called Shoe Heaven. If you follow me on Instagram (@czloves), you would have seen it before.
So I've been in the UK for almost a year now, and I only came to know about New Look's Shoe Heaven 2 weeks ago! Hawww I don't know! Maybe it wasn't there in Newcastle? I saw "Shoe Heaven - 1st floor" one day, I went up the escalator, and when I got off it & saw hundreds of shoes all at once, violins played in my head.
That day, I couldn't find any shoe I liked in my size, which is 3 (but some 3's are still too big.)


We WON Best Beauty Blog!!! Cosmopolitan Blog Awards '13

Oh My Bows! I officially have the best readers! We won the award for Best Beauty Blog (India)! YOU VOTE PHOR MY BLOG

Thank You! THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who voted & everyone who simply reads this blog! Special thanks to Cosmopolitan India for hosting India's first-ever blog awards! 

There's a cartoon-ish version of me. Give me a jharoo (broomstick) so I can fly... haha!
Answer #4: Thanks to Mahak Sharma who posted that comment =)


What Are Your Favorite Posts On IVC? [Please Vote!]

Hi Everyone,

This blog is approaching it's 4th Anniversary soon, so I wanted to know the kind of readers I have now. What you expect every time, what makes you feel good, what inspires you, what you never miss reading. 

I also noticed something has changed, that's why this poll will help me prioritize things around here.

Please Vote below....


Thank you to all who're still here 4 years later
A warm welcome to all who just got here! 


How To Follow This Blog When GFC Dies.....

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick post to let you know that Google Reader & Google Friend Connect will no longer exist from 1st July '13. I've been meaning to post this for a long long time, but of course I had to leave it till the last minute, like everything else.

I feel so sad, because it's been there from the time I started blogging. This Google has made so many changes lately, it's so annoying! Oh, and today I saw changes on my Facebook Page as well. I find both of them  so.....what's the word?..... Egocentric. If they were lovers, I would've dumped them long back. 

*Reminder: Never fix what's not broken.

How To Stay Updated: 
  • Follow By Email. Just fill in your email address on the right sidebar there >>


  • I have a new personal Facebook Page CZloves (here), that I created for something I'm working on. [But it won't keep you updated with this blog.]   

Okay, now the boring-but-important stuff's out of the way. Now I can finish writing my next post for today. Stay tuned!