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LOTD: PINK Everything Feat. NYX Addis Ababa

The title looks like some trance song, no?
 But it just about Pinkness today. It felt really good indulging in pink again - after I outgrew it a little bit for a while, because of mint green!

Speaking of pink, I have a story for you. A true story. I know this man.
Man fell down. Either he slipped or fell off a stepladder.
(I forgot how exactly after I heard the punchline.)
He was in agony, so he was rushed to a hospital.
The doctors/nurses confirmed that man had dislocated (or fractured) his hip.
So they had to take off his pants. Obviously.
To everyone's amusement, man was wearing pink floral panties.
His wife's!

Okay, let's not judge the poor guy. Maybe he just ran out of clean underwear.


Beauty Haul ~ Sephora, NYX, Maybelline, Etc

Hey, Everyone! Hope you're having a good week so far. It looks like July is going to be a haul month. SALES are starting very soon everywhere, so keep your monies safe for now. No clothes and accessories till you see that 50% OFF poster. I've made the mistake of buying clothes that were put up on sale only 5 days later before. Not a good feeling! That's why when I was at a mall last week, I stayed away from all my favorite fashion destinations. I just went to beauty stores - where nothing ever goes on sale!
My last stop was Sephora, specially to get one brush that I'd seen last time I was at the store....... 


April Beauty Resolutions

Some people's resolution is to never let Yuvraj Singh bat in such an important match again.
Some people's resolution is to never vote for Congress again.

Mine is simply April Beauty Resolutions with an Apple on the side.  

#1 Apply Bio Oil everyday ~ To prevent stretch marks. The ultimate test begins now, since I'm in my 2nd trimester. I've started using it religiously for the last 2 weeks. I hate the smell of Palmer's Cocoa Butter, so I'll be sticking to Bio Oil.

#2  Apply a Face Mask at least once a week ~ My skin has been acting out a lot these days, because of the weather & water change. Not just my face, but my legs and arms too. Right now, I'm using Vichy Normaderm 3-in-1 Cleanser+Scrub+Mask, and I'm liking it a lot. Makes my face feel really clean, smooth & oil-free. But I'll soon stock up on natural/herbal masks, like Multani Mitti (fuller's earth), Sandalwood, etc.

#3 Use Hair Mask every time ~ When I don't use a hair mask, my hair feels drier, so I've decided to use one every time I wash it. I've been using TRESemmé Anti-Breakage Masque for months now, sometimes mixed with my conditioner to cut down shower time. It works well, makes my hair soft & sleek.


Current Beauty Favorites

Hi! If you're not following me on Instagram or my personal Facebook Page, it may seem I've been gone from the blog for a long time, and you don't know the happy news yet. Which is, we have found an apartment & we are moving in probably next week. I'm super excited, because I can't wait for life to start....and have all my things set up properly. That white fluffy things is a new rug for my dressing room.
Now let's talk favorites! Starting from the tall ones back there:
Palmolive Thermal Spa Mineral Massage Body Wash, Rs.135 ~ With thermal salts & white clay. This has got to be of my most favorite body washes. I've gone through 2 bottles since I got back to India. I just love that it smells like a holiday by the beach.
Vaseline Healthy White Complete 10 Lightening & Anti-Aging Body Lotion, Rs.175 ~ I went through many bottle of the original Healthy White Body Lotion, mainly coz I liked the smell so much. This one is a slightly more moisturizing version with anti-aging benefits, but smells the same.
Pond's Dreamflower Talcum Powder, Rs.49 ~ I previously used the purple one, which lasted forever! I decided to try this pink one, and it smells lovely, although I like the fragrance of the purple one a little bit more.
MAC Brush Cleanser, Rs.650 ~ A brush cleanser is a must-have. I was using one by Stage Cosmetics (Malaysian brand), which lasted for a long long time! There was still some left in the bottle when I discarded it in Scotland. I had to turn to MAC when I got back, because again, there's not many available here in India. It works well & cleans even the dirtiest brush in a jiffy.


Philips Kerashine Hair Styler ~ Tried & Tested.....

There's a 2-in-1 new hair styler in town that intrigued me from the moment I was introduced to it ~ Philips Kerashine Styler. Let's see if it's what your hair needs, and most importantly, if it's worth your money.....

  • 45mm barrel, Ceramic coating with Keratin infusion.
  • Swivel Cord of 1.8m.
  • Heats up to 190° C.


Christmas Day Makeup, Hair, Outfit

Merry Christmas, Everyone! Hope you are having a lovely day with all your loved ones. We are here in Glasgow, loving the city but hating the weather. Rain on top of freezing cold! Went out today, but almost everything was closed. After walking a bit, we found a Chinese Buffet Restaurant, and we had lunch there. Nothing special for dinner. Hotel life....missing home, actually.
I managed to click some awkward mirror pics while I was getting ready (and while Mr. CZ was taking a catnap.) 
Before hair & rest of makeup. Crazy Eyes =D
 Curled hair with Babyliss Volume Waves Curling Tong. I curled it inwards holding the tong horizontally. Can you believe I forgot to pack my comb/hairbrush? And I forgot to buy one yesterday, so I'm living without any atm.



MAY 2013 Favorites ~ Make-up, Best Concealer, DIY Waxing, Etc.

May is not over yet, but I'm in the mood to talk about my May Favorites now.

Carpe Diem!

We start with makeup, as always. From the back:
  • Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer ~ This, this is THE BEST CONCEALER. No kidding. It's great for under the eyes, it conceals blemishes, it does it all! And yes, it lasts. It's available in 4 shades- Fair, Light, Medium, Deep. I use #3 Medium (which was always out of stock!) I think my tube is broken somewhere, because the concealer keeps leaking out- messy, messy! The best thing about it- it costs only around Rs.350 (£4.19). This is one thing I'll be buying in bulk when I leave UK =D
  • NARS Loose Powder in Beach ~ This powder has a lot of yellow in it, that's why I like it. It's smooth and lightweight, and sets my foundation without looking cakey. It reminds of Ben Nye Banana Powder, which I've yet to try out.
  • Maybelline Crayon Oriental Kohl Intense Black ~ I don't want to finish my repurchased Lakme Kohl Ultimate so soon, so I've been using this. It's soft & black, and  hardly smudges.
  • MAC Cream Soda Betty Blush from Archie's Girls Collection ~ As I predicted, I ended up loving this light neutral coral blush with a satin finish. Although it looks light, it actually shows up quite coral on my cheeks. Maybe the micro shimmers in it attract attention. Swatches here & LOTD wearing it here
  • Sleek Oh So Special Palette ~  When I bought this, I had no idea I'd be using it so much. It has almost every eye shadow I need for everyday. Swatches here.
  • Revlon Just Bitten Lip Balm Stain in Sweetheart ~ Most-worn lippy from April-May. Swatches here
  • Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick #16 ~ A summery grapefruit pink lippy I reach for every time I think medium pink lipstick. Swatches here
  • Maybelline The Falsies Black Drama Mascara ~ This is different from the original "The Falsies", okies? Aside from having a fancier lace design, it's also better for my thin lashes. The formula is thicker, and it does make my lashes look like falsies. I have done a post on the original here
  • Maybelline Colorama Cremoso Nail Polish Equilibrista ~  I'm liking this girly lilac color more than pink on my fingernails these days.  
Here, we have my favorite skin care & a hair tool:
  • The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter ~ Raspberry is the new Strawberry.
  • Veet Oriental Wax ~ This comes with wax, wooden spatula & strips. My 1st time waxing at home, and it was a success! Basically, you just heat the container in microwave, or place it n hot water, and it's ready to use! It didn't irritate my skin too much, or caused too many bumps. I'm afraid to even guess how much the salons here in Scotland charge for waxing whole body. 
  • Carmex Cherry Lip Balm ~ It took me a while to get used to the cherry scent, after using the original/plain. But now I like it a lot.
  • The Face Shop Mini Pet Hand Cream ~ More pics here. I need more of these cuties. better than L'Occitane.
  • Babyliss Volume Waves Curling Tong ~ I.Can't.Live.Without.This. I've been curling my hair every 3rd day now. When it's straight-straight, I feel....ordinary.

The Etc's:

Leather Jackets ~ I've been living in furnace Delhi for so long, that I never had a chance to really indulge in leather jackets, but now I want so many types! Every second girl in UK wears a leather jacket, and every time I see a unique one, I get this urge to go up to the girl and request her to show me the brand tag inside (Let me see! Let me see! Take it off!) Ooh, look at that- Zara, with ruffle detail. Want!

Mama Hot & Spicy Noodles ~ OMG, these are so spicy! Although I do add extra chilli powder & pepper. They're awesome! If you live in Delhi, you might find them in INA Market or big supermarkets.

Macaroons or Macarons (whatever) ~  I tried, I LOVE! Thank goodness, because I've told you I don't like sweets and cakes and chocolates much. But these are so different & fun to eat- just like I imagined in my head (although a little less crunchy). My favorite flavor is Pistachio (green). Btw, these were from Marks & Spencer.

Current Favorite Song ~ Thanks To H&M for introducing me to it. It's always playing in the store, and I'd never heard it before. I noted down some words from the lyrics, and went home to Google. You know, I heard it in both Dundee & Edinburgh H&M stores. They must be promoting it, or something =D

Lastly, I'm watching Sex And The City from Season-1 again these days. I'm amazed at how much I'd forgotten. Last night, I watched 'The Baby Shower' episode, where Miranda said to Carrie:
 "I just realized...maybe it's maturity or the wisdom that comes with age... but the witch in Hansel & Gretel, she's very misunderstood. I mean, the woman builds her dream house and these brats come along and start eating it." 
Haha! Her bluntness, so hilarious. 

That's all from my side. What are your May Favorites?


LOTD ~ Big Hair With Babyliss Volume Waves Tong

Do you have a dream hairstyle? One that you have always imagined yourself with, but have never been able to achieve it? Sometimes you're sooo close to it, then *BAM!* the stupid hairstylist trimmed it too much or burned part of it during rebonding; OR you ruined it yourself by doing something equally stupid- like, streaking with Fem Bleach or spontaneously giving yourself a "razor cut" with some puraana blunt scissors and you ended up with high-low hair (one side shorter than the other). And then it's only just a dream, again.
My dream hairstyle is a longer (on the sides), pouffier (at the roots), shinier, evenly colored (dark roots make them look flatter) version of what I have here. Dreamy, romantic, cascading cashmere between his fingertips.....yeah yeah.
But a dream hairstyle is like everything else in life. If you want it, you have to make an effort and get it yourself!
So.... I got myself a curling iron. I've always wanted one! I had a hard time trying to decide between Babyliss Volume Waves Tong & TRESemme Salon Professional Volume Curls Tong . In the end, I went with my gut. By that, I mean I went with the more established hair styling tools brand.
Barrel Size- 38mm (1 and 1/2 half inch)
Plates- Nano Titanium Ceramic 
Heat Settings- 155°, 170°,185°, 200° C.
This was just a trial, and my 1st time using it. I will come back let you know if it makes me happy, how to use it, products etc, another time. But first impression was quite good, considering I didn't really make an effort. The curls started to flatten at night, but the waves & volume were still there the next day.