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Pink Makeup Brushes

I've always wanted to have some pink makeup brushes, so I grabbed these from Sasa. They are so pretty! Okay, we've covered the looks, now let's talk about the personalities.
So far, I'm very impressed with these. Actually they are my favorite brushes right now. 

E04 Eye Smudge Brush (Taklon) ~ This is pretty stiff, which makes it an amazing brush for precision shading, defining the crease, applying liner & shadow on lower lash line, smudging pencil eyeliners, and also to highlight the inner corners. I love it!

E03 Eye Contour Brush (Goat) ~ I use this to apply all over color on my lids, blending, or just to apply color on my brow bone. It's great for blending contouring powder on your nose and eyes, and for applying concealer too. 
This is similar to the Urban Decay Shading Brush....

I bought these for RM 35.90 each from Sasa. That's a little over Rs.500, which is a decent price I think, considering I bought a Colorbar smudger brush  hardly use for Rs.550.
I checked Sasa website, they might ship to India, although I'm not so sure coz I've never ordered anything.

Now I want a whole set of pink brushes! Hmph... I opened a window...

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^