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Liese Bubble Hair Colour- Chiffon Beige Review & LOTD

I miss my long hair. I MISS IT!!!

I got frustrated with my bad haircut last week, so I thought 'Why not color it and distract people from the cut?!' (Wrong!)

Enter Liese Bubble Hair Colour. I got Chiffon Beige- a yellow brown shade. I wish they had more neutral shades. I wouldn't have picked anything with a gold-undertone, but this looked the least reddish/orange-ish & I really wanted to try the bubble hair color.


A Ring From Sonali @Asian Beautifier

A few weeks back, I received a beautiful ring from the beautiful Sonali, who writes Asian Beautifier- a makeup & fashion blog. 

Reason? I won her giveaway...Yay! :))

Half of my heart melted when I saw the tiny blue box with a bow on top. The other half  melted when I saw the ring inside.....

Yes, I know I sound cheesy. I just ate a lot of cheese =D

Playboy 'Play It Sexy' Perfume For Women

Playboy Play It Sexy is a dark, intoxicating and seductive fragrance, with sensual and sophisticated aromas, ideal for "hot" nights.

Top notes: pink grapefruit, mandarin and pink pepper. Heart: jasmine tea, scented flowers and licorice. Base: vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood and tonka.

The bottle design is so cute. The bunny ears & bow are the USP of this range of perfumes, I reckon, but I find the eye on the bottle unnecessary. At first I thought it was a defective bottle! 


Benefit Box O' Powders ~ Bella Bamba, Coralista, Dandelion, Thrrrob & Hoola

Benefit Box O' Powders are what put Benefit Cosmetics on the map. The cardboard packaging is still one of my favorites. So different and....out of the box.
I thought it would release more happy hormones if I put them all together in one post. 

Boxes of Bella Bamba & Hoola are different, they are flip top with mirrors, whereas the others are removable covers without mirrors. I prefer the removable ones, coz I'm afraid I'll rip out the flip ones since they have some magnetic thing that pulls down the cover every time- very annoying.


Etude House Angel Kiss Lip & Cheek Cream ~ Sweetie Angel

Etude House Angel Kiss Lip & Cheek Multi-tint Cream named Sweetie Angel is one of my favorite products this month. It's perfect for summer- it's a flattering shade of coral & it smells like grapefruit.

It is one of the best lip & cheek tints I've used so far and the cute packaging may have bumped it up to first place.


Yves Rocher Matte Tri-Tone Eyeshadows ~ All I Need Everyday

This is the very first Yves Rocher product I ever bought, and I'm quite impressed. This eyeshadow trio was the only thing I used everyday single during our 2-week vacation last month. It is so easy to use and has got all the colors I need for an everyday neutral, sometimes smokey, look. I love it!

This 2 1/2 x1 1/2 " palette is small & light, and it fits in my palm. It comes with a pretty good dual-sided sponge tip applicator-one side big & the other small and pointy, so I do use it quite a lot.

Yves Rocher Matte Tri-Tone Eyeshadow
There are about 5-6 shades available, and I picked Prune Rose...


Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover Powder Review

Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover Powder is another cutie from the brand's Sugary Trap Collection.

The pressed powder is enclosed in a mint green compact case with a pretty 3D design on top.


Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner ~ .05mm Tip!

I just liked 1 liquid eyeliner in the past, and that's the Loreal Super Liner with the felt tip brush. It was the only liquid eyeliner I used.

Until a better one came along...

Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner! A ultra-fine liner with a .05mm tip. It's very black & waterproof- hence, long-lasting. It also didn't burn/irritate my eyes or anything when I applied it close to my waterline. It is sooo....easy to use! I wish they make them all that way.

I saw it in Cleo Magazine, decided I must have it & got why the salesgirls at Watsons had doodles with liner and glitter on their eyes. 


MAC Flighty Big Bounce Shadow: Impeccably Rich ~ WOW!

Impeccably rich. Doesn't that sound This shade lives up to that name. It is one mac product that I'm in looove with at the moment. To be honest, it was more of a half-hearted buy, but after the 1st time I wore it, I've wanted to wear it everyday!

About Big Bounce Shadow:
Eyes are fresh and luminescent with beautiful sheen washes of vibrant color using new Flighty Eye Shadows. This spongy, mousse-like eye shadow is lightweight, lasts for hours, and imparts a cooling sensation upon application.

Impeccably Rich is aptly described as a light cream with gold pearl.

Clinique Chubby Stick Super Strawberry Review & Swatches

What is Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm?
Super-nourishing balm is loaded with mango and shea butters. Just what dry, delicate lips need to feel comfortably soft and smooth. Eight natural-looking lip tints in all, each with a subtle sheen.

To Use:
Apply directly to lips. For subtle definition outline lips first, then fill in with natural-looking colour. Never needs sharpening: simply swivel up to reveal more lip colour balm.


Winners Of Inglot Eyeshadows & Sleek Avoir la Peche Are...

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who participated in my Birthday Giveaway. Thanks for spreading the word & making this the biggest giveaway I've ever held!

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream Review

Sudocrem. The first time I came to know about this cream was when I read about Cheryl Cole's Favorite Beauty Products in some blogs. She said that she uses it to zap pimples, and that 'this stuff works!' Women who adore her went wild, mainly coz it's such an inexpensive product and if it's good enough for Cheryl Cole, it's good enough for everybody!

So, what is Sudocrem?
Famously known as a nappy rash cream, Sudocrem’s clinically proven to soothe, heal and protect your baby’s delicate skin and works in three ways:
A water-repellent base forms a protective barrier, helping to stop any irritants (urine and faeces) coming into contact with the skin.
It both softens and soothes sore, inflamed skin.
It has a weak local anaesthetic to help ease pain and irritation.

Sudocrem contains:
Hypoallergenic lanolin, to help soothe and soften irritated skin.
Zinc oxide which reduces the loss of tissue fluid.
Benzyl benzoate and benzyl cinnamate which are ingredients of Balsam of Peru, recognised for its healing properties.
Benzyl alcohol, a weak local anaesthetic which eases pain and also acts as a disinfectant/antibacterial agent.


Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush

You know that kick you feel when you get the very last Limited Edition product available in a store? 

Okay, imagine getting the very last LE product in, not one, but 2 countries.

I went asking for the Lancome Butterflies Fever Blush in KL & Singapore, and got it until a few days before leaving KL from 1 Utama Mall. By that time, I was only asking if it was available out of habit, and had predicted the answer- not "Out Of Stock', "Finished". But then....

Lancome SA ~ Hesitated first,"We might have ONE left."
She pulled a drawer in front of us. My hubby and I looked at each other, holding our breaths (he was tired of me whining over this for months, so it's important to him that I get this as well) She took it out, opened it to show us, and I exhaled.
"We held this for a customer, but....." I couldn't hear her anymore.

Glowy Ballerine was launched with Lancome's Ultra Lavande Collection, Spring 2011.


Prettify Your Clothes Hangers: DIY

 "No money to buy new clothes! I have nothing to wear! But *sigh* look at my cute hangers... ♥_♥"
On the very last night in KL, I  rushed to Watsons at 9:15 pm  to visit it for the LAST time. It closes at 10, at which time the movie we are going to see (Insidious) was also starting. On my way there, I stopped by this kiosk which, by the way, I had visited earlier that day, but all I noticed then were these vintage-looking telephones my husband didn't let me buy. This time I noticed the hangers and the price fit into my last-RMs-in-my-wallet budget. RM 20 (300 rupees!). I bought them without a second thought. So Meant-to-be, I thought to myself.

I had seen even better hangers like these in Miss Jo about 2 years ago, but they weren't available anymore when I'd decided to buy them.

So, back to topic- How to prettify your clothes hangers? The week before I left for vacay, I was shopping at La Senza and thought the hangers looked really cute. They tied gingham ribbons on regular/blah hangers. Just a ribbon! So simple! I have wanted to share that with you ever since.

Note: This is not a planned post. All my scrapbook stuff (the good stuff!) are in a box somewhere in the corner and I don't want to make a mess, so I'm working with whatever I have lying around nearby.


New! Lakmé 9 to 5 Day Forever Silk Eyeliner and Kohl Ultimate

For bright and sparkly eyes all dayYou can’t rely on the weather or the traffic, but what you can rely on is the eye make-up range from Lakmé Nine to five which promises to keep you looking fresh through the day!
Nine to Five adds to its range Forever Silk Eyeliner and Kohl Ultimate. The smudge-proof, water-resistant formula ensures a long-lasting finish.

Forever Silk Eyeliner comes in scintillating metallic shades and the soft formula glides on effortlessly. One neat stroke and you are set for the day!
The Kohl Ultimate is a kohl, smudger and sharpener all in one stick. You can create the smoky look with ease by using the smudge tip to smudge the kohl line outwards!

Kohl Ultimate:
- 3-in-1 smooth kohl stick with smudger and sharpener
- Moisturizing ceramides will smooth and soften the eye skin
- Smudge-proof and water-resistant
- Ensures 8 hours of great looking eyes
- Dermatologist approved
- Priced at Rs.650/-
- Available at all leading lifestyle stores.

Forever Silk Eye liner
- Soft creamy texture 
- Smudge-proof and water-resistant
- Ensures 8  hours of great looking eyes
- Rich in Vitamin E
- Dermatologist approved
- Available in 7 shades
- Priced at Rs.395/-
- Available at all leading lifestyle stores.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

You Thought The HAUL Was It?

I have a thing for tiny soaps & tiny bottles, which is why I like collecting hotel toiletries. Every time. They need their own cabinet =D

1st day at a hotel:

Hubby ~ Aren't you going to steal any hotel stuff this time?

Me ~ Uhm...yeah! (incredulously)


Hubby ~ Do you need the combs & the toothbrushes too???! And the sewing kit???
Me ~ Uhm....YES! (defensively)


Etude House MiniME Perfumed Stick ~ Ms.Ever "Happily Ever After"

A fairytale ending sounds so cliché, yet it's always nice to hear. No wonder Ms.Ever is one of the best-selling sticks out of 5 Misses:

 Miss Cutie , Miss Hot,  Miss Lonely,  Miss Twinkle,  Miss Ever
Oh Ms.Lonely, why you look so sad? Ms.Twinkle, please give me your belt. And Ms.Ever, you're mine forever :)

Etude House MiniME Ms.Ever Perfumed Stick is a solid fragrance with a floral bouquet fragrance. 

How To Use Scrubs ~ Reader Query

Christine L asked:  Please educate me on how to use a scrub! I've never bought one because I just don't know how to use one lol. See I always use a loofah anyway with body wash, so am I supposed to put some of the scrub on the loofah and use it before the body wash or after?? Also am I supposed to leave it on for a bit?? Helpp!!

I think many people still don't know how to use a scrub. An ex-roommate of mine actually used it as a face/hand wash! :)

How To Use ~ Wet face/body first and then take appropriate amount of scrub. Spread it all over face/body, gently massage for about 2 mins- I prefer using my hands -  and then rinse. For body, I usually shower first, with a body wash using a loofah, rinse, and then use the scrub as mentioned.
*** When you're going to shave: Use scrub before shaving, not after. Skin is too sensitive after shaving. The razor actually glides on more easily after scrubbing. Sometimes when I run out of shaving foam, I use a scrub instead of soap. I read somewhere that soap isn't good for shaving- something about the lather clogging the hair follicles...ya, something like that.

How much to use?
  • Face: 1-2 pea-sized amount. 
  • Body: Depends on how much meat you have going on =D. I use about 2 tablespoons of The Body Shop Body Scrubs.

Whether to leave scrub for a while before rinsing:
Body scrubs- Not so much, coz most times my wet fingers start pruning (which is like nails on blackboard for me...ahhh! Sorry!) and all I wanna do is get dry right away! But I like to leave face scrubs for a minute or two (like a face mask) before rinsing - if I have time, otherwise rinsing immediately is just fine + you can run your hands on your soft, smooth, satiny skin ASAP! :)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


Frills On The Poolside ~ OOTD

I don't usually get to click outfit photos here, coz it's kinda dark inside the house even during daytime (I don't like flash!) and it's so hot outside + who'll click? The guards downstairs? I don't think so! You know what type they are. But while on vacation my (impatient) hubby was there, so I had to turn on the sweetness:

  • I wasn't smiling that time! Once more, please.
  • My leg should face the other way! Once more, pleeese.
  • Please crouch down and then click so I look taller =D
  • This time of just my shoes, okay? I love you.
And then some more hehe. So, here are some pics on the rooftop poolside of our hotel in Kuala Lumpur:


The Body Shop Body Butter Duo ~ Sweet Pea & Macadamia

What is the one known trait of a Gemini? Being two-faced. If you have been reading my blog from the start, you'd have noticed a cycle- I have to have 2 or more of the same thing. Even with these duos, I had to get 2, see? I'm never satisfied with just one (I mean things, not people ;)). Can you imagine having 2 mothers or 2 husbands?! I'd go insane! =D

When I first laid eyes on The Body Shop Body Butter Duos, it was like a little bulb inside me lit up. Twin language? Hehe.

So, what's the deal with TBS Body Butter Duo? Basically, this twin pot contains two types of moisture: a light cream for where skin needs less hydration and a rich cream for drier areas like elbows and knees. In my case, feet too.


Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek ~ Macaron For Your Cheeks

These were the very first things I bought from Watsons on the first day in KL. I'm so in love with these uber-cute dahlings ~ the bows on the puffs...the macaron tin packaging...the shades. When things look this adorable, it's better to play without any rules, don't cha think? 

Puff de Cheek blushes are from Majolica Majorca's Sugary Trap Spring 2011 Collection.

I got Strawberry Macaron & Apricot Macaron (Other 2 shades available: Peach Macaron & Vanilla Macaron.)


Vacation HAUL

Hi guys, apologies for the lack of posts, but I'm happy to say that I'm back in Bharat. Very happy to be back! Honestly I got tired of shopping (really!) It was, like, "Shop woman, shop, or you'll miss out on something! Go into Sephora again now! It doesn't matter that you went there yesterday and the day before that. Go!"

Okay, some of you have been waiting for a big haul post, so here it is:

Blushes: Benefit- Bella Bamba, Dandelion, Hoola. Bobbi Brown Cabo Coral Pot Rouge, Lancome Butterflies Fever Blush, Baviphat California Scandal Multi Action Color Balm (2 shades), Majolica Majorca blushes (2 shades), Etude House Angel Kiss Lip & cheek color, Top Shop Cream Blush