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Dream Layered Hair Cut And Style

I've just booked an appointment for a haircut, and I'm feeling very nervous! Although my natural & uncurled hair no longer has any shape, I'm afraid they'll ruin it.... haha! I want layers, but not the choppy step-by-step kind. Below is a video I found on YouTube, and I'm blown away by the technique.

Isn't he amazing?!

That style is egg-jackly what I want!

I wish I could take off my head and attempt to do it myself =D

I will show a pic of the final result to my hairstylist today. Let's see if he/she will be able to achieve something similar.

More pics I found on google....

 Longer version of this.

Longer version of this too.

[ALWAYS take a picture of what you want. Most times, they act like they understand exactly what you're talking about, and then they give you something totally different (to cry about). Been there.]

Good Luck meeee!


  1. Love this cut


  2. They have huge catalogs for you to pick a haircut in Greece. All hairsalons in Greece have magazines, catalogs, pictures etc. But here in the UK they don't. They wait for you to tell them or bring them a photo. I think it won't hurt them to have albums of haircut picture...

  3. Great post :D
    Super agree with the second last line, been there too! :/


  4. That's such an interesting technique! It might take a lot of skill to do that. Good luck with your haircut.

  5. oooh do talk to your stylist in advance and maybe even show him these pics. all the best and would love to see your new hair style.

  6. I chopped off my lower waist length hair in June, while visiting India. I got the exact same cut in pic 2. The girl at Lakme Salon in Pune did a fabulous job. It looks nice towel dried, straightened or hand crumpled. Tell the person you want a heavier crown.

  7. He is really amazing 6 scissors is like great. do post a pic whenever u get a hair-cut

  8. Your hairstyle is nothing less :)

    Hi! (AS)


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