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Lancome Glowy Ballerine Butterflies Fever Blush

You know that kick you feel when you get the very last Limited Edition product available in a store? 

Okay, imagine getting the very last LE product in, not one, but 2 countries.

I went asking for the Lancome Butterflies Fever Blush in KL & Singapore, and got it until a few days before leaving KL from 1 Utama Mall. By that time, I was only asking if it was available out of habit, and had predicted the answer- not "Out Of Stock', "Finished". But then....

Lancome SA ~ Hesitated first,"We might have ONE left."
She pulled a drawer in front of us. My hubby and I looked at each other, holding our breaths (he was tired of me whining over this for months, so it's important to him that I get this as well) She took it out, opened it to show us, and I exhaled.
"We held this for a customer, but....." I couldn't hear her anymore.

Glowy Ballerine was launched with Lancome's Ultra Lavande Collection, Spring 2011.

This beauty is packaged in a glossy jet black case, and comes with a mirror and a tiny brush.

See how the purple on the butterflies got wiped off with the brush? Damn, why did I go and do that?!

It's an icy cool pink shade that will only work on light and cool skin tones. The blush itself is quite sheer, and I had to layer it for the color to show.

Sorry, this is more of a picture post than a review. I just can't ruin the design further. Yet. But I have to say, it is as pretty as it is in the promo pics.

Price ~ RM 130 (Rs.1950)
Availability ~ Lancome Butterflies Fever blush wasn't launched in India.

P.S: Birthday Giveaway is closed. Winners will be announced shortly. GOOD LUCK all! :)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Did anyone comment tat you look like tamil actress Trisha. Love,Jeena

  2. What a great haul! Read how difficult for you to get one, especially ur hubby get nervous of it. Lol ;)

  3. ooohh so happy for u! u found it :)

  4. wow!!!i m luks awesome

  5. This was so made for you are so the 'glowy ballerina'!!
    Its gorgeous to look at, but probably wont show up on my skin tone..

  6. ya this was the only product nt launched in India frm ultra lavande..wud look good on u..:)

  7. so pretty blush!
    Aren't the shimmer particles too big? they look artificial in the swatch but you may know better...

  8. It's very pretty, but I agree with Meenu. The shimmer particles look quite big. Not only that but I can't see much color on it. I'm tanner than you so a pink this cool would look more like a highlight than a blush. Too bad! The design is so lovely~

  9. Wowwwwwww.... is all I can say :D

  10. This is sooooooooo prettyyyyyyyyyy ...drooolingggggggg!! :D :D

  11. Meenu, Eden- The glitter is just sprayed on, so they'd come off if I dust them off with a brush. I didn't want to spoil the design, that's why the color is not showing well either :D


  12. Jeena- Really?! I didn't know her until u mentioned :)

    pnb- hehe...aww..thanks. Ya it won't show well on darker skin tones

    cnf- thanks girl


  13. It looks really beautiful but I can see too much shimmer :( Plus I doubt this would show up on me :( and Lancome's so expensive :( But it's soo pretty, I bet that's justified ;)

  14. I really like it! The blush is amazing :)


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