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Prettify Your Clothes Hangers: DIY

 "No money to buy new clothes! I have nothing to wear! But *sigh* look at my cute hangers... ♥_♥"
On the very last night in KL, I  rushed to Watsons at 9:15 pm  to visit it for the LAST time. It closes at 10, at which time the movie we are going to see (Insidious) was also starting. On my way there, I stopped by this kiosk which, by the way, I had visited earlier that day, but all I noticed then were these vintage-looking telephones my husband didn't let me buy. This time I noticed the hangers and the price fit into my last-RMs-in-my-wallet budget. RM 20 (300 rupees!). I bought them without a second thought. So Meant-to-be, I thought to myself.

I had seen even better hangers like these in Miss Jo about 2 years ago, but they weren't available anymore when I'd decided to buy them.

So, back to topic- How to prettify your clothes hangers? The week before I left for vacay, I was shopping at La Senza and thought the hangers looked really cute. They tied gingham ribbons on regular/blah hangers. Just a ribbon! So simple! I have wanted to share that with you ever since.

Note: This is not a planned post. All my scrapbook stuff (the good stuff!) are in a box somewhere in the corner and I don't want to make a mess, so I'm working with whatever I have lying around nearby.

Here's a plain transparent hanger:

With just a bow :

Placed some bogus crystals I found in my jewelry bag, but you get the idea

Plain pink hanger:

That's a sash from a dress so I didn't want to cut it, hence the rolls :)

That's a pink panther I got with the movie's DVD box set. He's always hanging in my closet like that btw. I lowwwe him!
So many things can be used to prettify/cutify hangers:

  • Mobile hangings
  • Stickers
  • Crystals
  • Buttons
  • You can also cut out fabric that don't fray from your old clothes, bed sheets etc, to make the bows.
The options are limitless. I hope I'll show you better ones next time! Any other ideas are welcomed :)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. So cute! :) I felt my hangers were blah just today!.. I'm going to get ribbons & I'm doing this right away!

  2. U have such cutee stuff around..amazing...I am just wondering how much cute stuff u gonna get for ur babies and cutify them more :p
    I love cute stuff tooooo....

  3. Cynthhhhhiiiaaaaaa!!! You seem to live in a cute barbie doll world with pretty things all around you !!!! I want those hangers in the first pic so badly!!!!

  4. you made the hangers so cute! the pink panter is a nice addition :)

  5. Wow and amazing DIY post!! and so easy. going to save it to my favs. Thanks.

  6. OMG......This is such an adorable idea!!!! By the way, I just moved to India from England (am originally Indian) and am absolutely ecstatic to come across your blog (which I might add, is absolutely the funnest *that is so not a word...LOL* place to be). Do check out my blog sometime too. It's new, but I'm just getting the hang of things. Take care hun! XOXO.

  7. What a great idea! I will make mine when I'm free. Thanks!

  8. Cuteeee! CZ, I'll pakka try the bow wala DIY :D

  9. Great idea! I Love those hangers, so cute! xoxo

  10. i open my wadrobe n i m like whaaaa?! hangers r so boring!..i m doing that right away!..i have similar ribbons with black polka dots <3

  11. Quick, easy, and cute!:D Thanks for the tutorial!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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