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Maybelline Fit Me Fresh Tint with Vitamin C & SPF 50

NEW! Maybelline Fresh Tint with Vitamin C & SPF 50

Makeup + Skincare Hybrid with Natural Coverage & Matte Finish.

I'd ordered this online and a day later, I saw on Maybelline's Instagram that it's a new launch in Asia only.
I was quite surprised it was available in India already....and it was on it's way to meeee!

Shades available in India: 6 shades.

Maybelline Fresh Tint 05 Swatches

I was confused while picking my shade online, and this guide below really helped me......

I almost bought shade 03, but after seeing this guide and checking my old Maybelline Fit Me Foundation shade was #128 Warm Nude/Beige Chaud, I picked Shade 05, which matches my skin tone perfectly.

I'd worn it for a day, and my first thought was it's thicker than I expected. 
I was hoping that it'd be close to my holy grail MAC Face & Body Foundation, which is runnier.
I'd say it is creamier than the original Fit Me Foundation, which sets (and oxidizes) faster on the skin, so that's a plus for me.

What I like about it: It's got decent coverage, and it's very easy to blend - BB Cream kind of texture.
The finish is matte enough to not need powder, and at the same time leaves a bit of dewy glow.
The packaging is small, but you'd only need 1-3 small drops each time, so it could last a while.

Price: MRP 399, but I got it for 379.

(30% off on Myntra right now) 

Net Weight: 30 ml.


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