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UPGRADE Your Skincare Routine ~ CLEANSING

There are a number of changes I've made in my beauty routines - face, body, hair - and ditched some habitual things too, which I regret not doing sooner. 


Ahh... I wish I'd done this sooner, not when I'm already in my 40s!

The rule is to treat your neck & décolletage area the same as your face, because we want that harmony. 

I'm not one to apply makeup on my neck & ears, so this process ensures I won't even need to!

The blue suggests foam. Yes, go wherever I've marked blue. Yes, all those parts also - trust me, it will make a difference. 
With the right product, all allergic spots, dryness, pigmentation will be visibly reduced.

What kind of Cleanser?

Pick one that has ingredients that you think will tackle your skin concerns.


I'm loving the Skinfood Rice Daily Brightening Rice Cleansing Foam right now. It is so creamy & non-drying. The ingredients I like in it are Allantoin, Panthenol & Rice extract.

If you're looking for an inexpensive option, I love the Biotique Papaya Deep Cleanse Face Wash.

How To:

- Take a coin-sized amount of facial foam. You can increase the amount as required.

- Add a little water to foam it up.

- Apply foam on dry skin - Face, neck, chest, underarms. If you don't mind your product running out too fast, you can cover your entire arms.

- Leave for 5 mins or more (but don't let it dry), wipe off with a damp washcloth & rinse off with normal-lukewarm water; or like me, just jump in the shower.

- Afterwards, I use the same toner I use for my face, or a body lotion with SPF. 

You don't need to do this everyday. I do it once-twice a week.

Hope this tip will do wonders for your skin!

Stay tuned, I have a bathing tip next.


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