How To Use Scrubs ~ Reader Query

Christine L asked:  Please educate me on how to use a scrub! I've never bought one because I just don't know how to use one lol. See I always use a loofah anyway with body wash, so am I supposed to put some of the scrub on the loofah and use it before the body wash or after?? Also am I supposed to leave it on for a bit?? Helpp!!

I think many people still don't know how to use a scrub. An ex-roommate of mine actually used it as a face/hand wash! :)

How To Use ~ Wet face/body first and then take appropriate amount of scrub. Spread it all over face/body, gently massage for about 2 mins- I prefer using my hands -  and then rinse. For body, I usually shower first, with a body wash using a loofah, rinse, and then use the scrub as mentioned.
*** When you're going to shave: Use scrub before shaving, not after. Skin is too sensitive after shaving. The razor actually glides on more easily after scrubbing. Sometimes when I run out of shaving foam, I use a scrub instead of soap. I read somewhere that soap isn't good for shaving- something about the lather clogging the hair follicles...ya, something like that.

How much to use?
  • Face: 1-2 pea-sized amount. 
  • Body: Depends on how much meat you have going on =D. I use about 2 tablespoons of The Body Shop Body Scrubs.

Whether to leave scrub for a while before rinsing:
Body scrubs- Not so much, coz most times my wet fingers start pruning (which is like nails on blackboard for me...ahhh! Sorry!) and all I wanna do is get dry right away! But I like to leave face scrubs for a minute or two (like a face mask) before rinsing - if I have time, otherwise rinsing immediately is just fine + you can run your hands on your soft, smooth, satiny skin ASAP! :)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. i love the way you answer queries :)

  2. Instead of using scrub for the body I love using the Body Shop Shower gloves...intense exfoliation without the scrubby particle creating a mess on the bathroom floor:)

  3. could you do a post on how to get a good bikini body? i mean exercises and all (to tone down, not to lose weight). preferably without any sophisticated equipment. and maaybee, if you dont mind, something on how to prepare the body for swimsuit times? like waxing and scrubbing and whatever else might be needed? aaah, i love your blog :) !!

  4. anonymous- aww..thanks LOL..I'll try to come up with some tips

    MM- ya those are great too, but a scrub is great too. I know what u mean about the mess though :)

    Rentu- Thank u so much Rentu! :)


  5. Ooh yay!! Thanks for answering :D :D

  6. how much meat u have goin on :D :D

  7. thank you for this post. it's really helpful. :D


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