Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick Photos, Swatches & Review (& Giveaway?)

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks are said to have high concentrations of pigments to ensure high coverage in one single stroke. Made with a mixture of natural waxes like Candellia, Rice and Beeswax for a long-lasting hold. Derived ceramide combined with Sterol & Nylon powder to prevent the lips from dehydration.
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Paraben Free
  • Violet Bouquet Scent.

Available in 50 shades and 3 finishes ~ Satin, Matte & Pearly

Review (on the Satin finishes):

WOW! I'm blown away by these lippies (I'm not saying that just coz I won them =D) They are really amazing! I'm kinda addicted to them these days, I could wear them all day! They just make you feel sexy ;)

I can't say they are my most favorite lipsticks right now coz I love A LOT of different types of lipsticks, but I'm sure these would be in my Top 5 Favorite Lipsticks list.

Pigmented at its best. The colors just *POP!* The Satin finish  feels somewhat like the Mac Cremesheen lipsticks.
The best part is when you've applied the lipstick on your lips, it stays put, even with a coat of lipgloss on top. They're long-wearing (really last!Even after eating the color doesn't wear off completely), leave lips feeling soft and smooth coz they're non-drying.

If you love wearing lipsticks, then you should definitely try at least one of the Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks.

Price ~ $19
Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5 (Quality, Packaging, Shades)

♥••*´¨`*•.☆•   ❀◕‿◕❀  •☆.•*´¨`*••♥

I decided not to swatch all of them coz I'm thinking about GIVING AWAY a few to one or maybe two of you lovely readers. I don't see why I should keep the ones I won't be wearing at all.

These are swatches of some of the shades I'm keeping........

#36 ~ Satin Fuschia
True blue-toned fuschia (Best fuschia lipstick ever!)

#29 ~ Satin Rosewood

#32 ~ Satin Soft Pink
Yellow based pink

#28 ~ Satin Light Taupe
This shade is exactly like my natural lip color if applied sparingly

Mat 1 ~ Matte Flesh
This is a matte finish. Very very matte. It's like applying a crayon to your lips.

Here is the Moulin Rouge Lipstick from the 'Fall Collection 2010', an exclusive collection created from the collaboration between Make Up For Ever and the Moulin Rouge dancers in Paris

It is a gorgeous gorgeous red. I will do a FOTD with this soon

For more swatches, you can go visit Karlasugar Here

*I will announce the Giveaway shortly :)
The shades I could part with are the 3 at the back in the photos (17,21, 42)

What do you think? Want any of those?

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. oh my look at the bright pink! super hot :)

  2. Woow, great colors. Where can I buy them online? Here is no Make up for ever in Germany... :(

  3. #28 ~ Satin Light Taupe looks Unbelievable on you!!!!!

  4. Oh great choice =) ... Nr 17 looks really interesting.. its like orange... I got this thing about orange lipstick... hehe Im kinda looking for one hehe =).. But yeah great choice hon =)

  5. 29 and 28 are PERFECT for my lips.

    I didn't know I wanted these but I do now!

    I'll allow myself to buy them because I don't have many lipsticks.

  6. yes yes yes!! they look gorgeous on u!!!

  7. @Mehul~ Thanks :)

    @Rhamnousia~ Yes they would...u should check em out

    @Amandita~ Orange would look v pretty on u

    @Fathima ~ Thanks. It's one of my favs

    @DATC~ I guess they would be available on Ebay

    @Get gawjus~ Yup it's really hot :D


  8. the colors are great ! heya i missed getting stereo rose and petticoat both were sold out at the noida mac :( did u get nything from the In the Groove collection

  9. I just saw the swatches of 17,21 and 42...they are gorgeous! If you won't wear them , please do a giveaway! :)

  10. @Rajni~ Nope I didn't coz I wanted to take a break from Mac (trying to resist everything!)

    @CS ~ Will do...will do :)


  11. Lovely ones Cynth..Satin Rosewood and Satin Taupe are gorgeous among the lot :-)

  12. wow I did the taupe one! Each of them looks gorgeous on you though :D

  13. fuschia and soft pink made me weak. they look so lovely. and the moulin rouge! omg! i wanna see u wearing it. i love everything moulin rouge

  14. Cynthia, I was just stalking your blog and have to say I love the new template.

  15. I have been wanting these lipsticks as well! The colors are all so gorgeous and pigmented. The one I have my eyes on is #40 bright orange, but satin rose looks really pretty too!

  16. Love your new template! :)
    those colour looks amazing. You have such shaped, full lips. the purple one really looks good. :)

  17. OMG !! i love how they look , i love all the shades and now i want one .. hmph.. *Rushes to sephora* :P

  18. Hey Cynthia, I am so addicted to your blog..Lusting for all the stuff that you got.:-)) and that Satin Rosewood looks just fabulous on your beautiful lips..Are these available in Delhi....? :-)

  19. @Prachi~ hey thanks :). They aren't available in Delhi. I'll be giving away some soon so do take part in that. You never know....;)


  20. I am adoring the Satin Soft pink! It is such a girly shade!
    The Moulin Rouge Lipstick is such a hot shade! I Like the packaging of it too!

  21. Thanks Cynthia..I will keep my eyes glued to your blog. :-)

  22. they look amazing on you , taupe and hot pink one wow :)

  23. Satin Rosewood is amazing and so are the other shades. They all look gr8!

    Yea, no 42 looks interesting, wldn't mind a giveaway :)

  24. Do you get Makeup Forever in India? I know that you won these fabulous lipsticks, and I love 28 Satin Light Taupe and 29 Satin Rosewood and ofcourse Moulin Rouge (who can resist red?!?!), but, I was wondering how can i get my hands on them? Reply soon and keep up the good work..............

  25. Hi Tannistha, MUFE is in Mumbai, but hasn't come to Delhi yet. Although Kunchal's in delhi does sell some MUFE products.

    Thanks for your support! :)


  26. lovely shades...satin light taupe & satin rosewood are brilliant.....!

  27. Can't wait for a give away! I love this blog! Planning to get my first lipstick from Elle 18. I want a red one!


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