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Make Up For Ever Très Vichy Collection For Spring 2011

Who wants to kiss (on the cheek!) that girl in the promo pic? Isn't the whole pin-up girl meets Barbie look just ADORABLE?!! And OMG...BOWS! *.*  Très Vichy in French means "Very Gingham" and I'm a big fan of gingham prints too! I can't wait for this collection. It's the cutest one since the MAC Hello Kitty Collection in  my books. I hope that it'll definitely be launched in India too.

Make Up For Ever Très Vichy Collection is inspired by Brigitte Bardot, the iconic French actress & model.

Tres Vichy Collection Products:
Star Powder Diamond ~ Crystal White, Sweet Pink, Peach Pink, Pale Green
Très Vichy Palette ~ Crystal Diamond # 301 and Cheek Color # 303. 
Très Vichy Faux Lash ~ Lashes with gingham bows. Oh-so-cute!

I see a Très Vichy-inspired look coming ;)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. these bow eye lashes are so cute....quiet similar to MAC Hello kitty collection :)

  2. I love those lashes! I want, but I wonder where to wear them too?? But still, I want bows on lashes :D :D

  3. Damn...there goes my money! God all these companies need to stop coming up with these collections...I can't control myself.

  4. awww...cute. so girly and pretty..and those bows on

  5. amo os produtos da mufe!!

    amei seu blog



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