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Fashion Friday ~ Black Lacy Fingerless Gloves in The Now

Gloves are my new favorite accessories right now, after I picked up these Forever 21 black lacy fingerless gloves. Cheap and cute, but had it not been for those bows, I probably wouldn't have bought them. Obviously :).
I couldn't decide what to wear with the gloves so as not to look trashy or too 80's.

The black strip on the skirt is actually see-through mesh

Gloves~ Forever 21 (about Rs.450? I don't remember exactly :S )
Tattoo Mesh Bodycon Skirt ~ Topshop (Rs.2200-2300)
Lace cami ~ Topshop (Rs.2100)
Belt ~ Nichii (Rs.800). Didn't wanna wear it but the skirt is a tad loose. I almost lost this belt twice at a club coz the clasp isn't that stable.
Shoes ~ Vincci (Rs.1200)
Black stud earrings ~ Forever 21 (came in a pack for about Rs.350 or 450)
*the tube under the lace top is actually a t-shirt which I cut and wore without an elastic to hold it up, that's why it's hanging down at the back :D

Okay, let's see how this outfit would look at a bar....

Nah, too dressy for a bar, hence not trashy. Maybe, I don't know, somewhere with dressy people? =D
In winter, I'd throw in a pair of plain black tights and a quarter/folded blazer or cardigan in the same color as the skirt, and maybe a scarf too. 

Products used (click on highlights for reviews & swatches):
Face ~ Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie Pore Cover, Laura Mercier Undercover Pot as concealer, Revlon Colorstay Oily/Combination foundation in Warm Golden, MUFE HD Powder, MAC Bronzing Powder in Golden on hollows of cheeks, forehead, nose and chin
Blush ~ On cheeks Bourjois Blush in Cendre De Rose Brune , Bourjois Blush Lune D'or on the cheek bone
Eyeshadows~ Revlon Colorstay in Berry Bloom, Maybelline Eyestudio Diamond Glow in Lilac Mauve 

Eyes ~ 1 to highlight brow bone and inner corners, 2 on lid, 3 on outer corners of lids, crease & lower lashline, black eyeshadow from BF 120 palette
In2IT Gel Liner Pencil to tightline upper lash line,Loreal Super liner Carbon Gloss eyeliner, Eylure Girls Aloud Cheryl Cole lashes, Maybelline Double stretch mascara on top and bottom lashes. 
*On the outer corner make a V (refer to pic) with black eyeshadow using pencil brush and blend with a fluffy brush
BrowsNo7 Beautiful Brows pencil in brown/black
Lips ~ Za Pure shine lips in RS1 Salmon Rose
Nails ~ Bourjois 1 seconde T9 Prune Stellaire

Hope you like :)

Happy Friday everyone!

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. cute...would be an understatement.

    love the gloves..and your makeup is awesome..hope u are considering my request :-)

  2. amazing look love the gloves :)

  3. Those gloves are so cute, you look super hot in that dress & that makeup pic - the last one is just just amazing! You look so pretty CZ!

  4. awww cute outfit and great makeup like always <3

  5. Thanks all! ^.^

    GGG~ Yes I am...n will do :)


  6. looking super hot... hadnt noticd the top hangin..until u had mentioned it..

  7. wow, ur hot as in really really getting hot compliments from girls rather then boys which makes me crack up! haha.

    Love ur blog!!


  8. aww.. so pretty !!! love your makeup and ya off-course your gloves !!

  9. You'ver already read many *hots* here so i have no words. and gloves are really pretty!! Of corse make-up is flawless!!


  10. oh I love them, and ur make up is flawless =)

  11. Wow! You look so cute!! Loving those gloves :) Your makeup is awesome Cynthia :)

  12. I lovvvvvveee those glovessss....the bows r so damn cute..

  13. oohhh those gloses are uber sexy! you look stunning Cynthia :) I love your hair here. I luks somewhat shorter and darker, so pretty :)

  14. So hot. Perfect for going out. Maybe even for halloween if you want to dress sexy. Reminds me of Britney Spears when she was normal :)

  15. Oohh love those gloves! And you look really pretty too! x

  16. Those gloves are supa cute!!!

    and i LOVE your makeup! hey....y don't you do a video tutorial on your makeup, skincare and stuff? i would love to see more of your video tutorials..! waiting for your reply!!

    P.S I live in Delhi too! hope to run into you sometime :P :)

  17. Oooh I love those gloves! I've been wanting a pair forever!!

  18. Thanks all for the sweet comments! ♥

    Akshi~ Hi, thank u so much! Videos are coming very soon. Hope to run into u too! :)


  19. AOYV~ Haha...I miss her. Thanks girl...n ya they're perfect for halloween too

    Crazypoplock~ haha....thanks a ton!


  20. Butterfly~ thought I'd mention it so people don't think I just wanted to show my back :D


  21. You look Sizzling hot in that hot mini dress, girl!! Love the bows on those cute gloves and belt! those heels are gorgeous! xoxo

  22. ahhhh dear is it you who is inspiring to do eyelooks and dress good ???
    pls whisper in my ears :) or u can blink blink twice and i will understand :)

    but .... leave it , i must tell u
    you are looking awesome dear :) the color in crease the blending the highlighting is just so perfect and ohhh why not give any credit to your camera ??
    its damn good yaar ...
    crisp pics :)
    keep the looks coming to boost US :)
    again blink blink

  23. Thanks Sonali! ^.^

    Rashmi~ Oh ur too sweet...thanks loads. And *blink blink* lol


  24. Love those gloves!! I find that a person defines the clothes, so I will say that you are classy!

  25. Love those gloves!! I find that a person defines the clothes, so I will say that you are classy!

  26. you are so so so so stunning! model material ;) xx

  27. you look great! the makeup, outfit, accessories - everything!


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