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Good News =D & New Hairstyle

Hey everyone,

First of all, I'm sorry for not updating lately. Took a while to get my internet connection reactivated (I'm in my hometown btw) and now it's quite slow. I will try to post everyday from now on. I'll be here for a month, so I'm planning to do different kinds of posts & some videos (editing one right now)

On to the good news.....

I won the 2nd place in the 'Make Up For Ever ~ Rouge is Art Contest'  *jumping up and down* =D

I was pleasantly surprised by this email from them today......

 ♥ I love Make Up For Ever!!! ♥

Thank You to all of you who wished me luck, commented &'liked' my photo in the MUFE Facebook Fanpage. I really really appreciate it.

Click here if you haven't seen the the photo that won me 10 Rouge Artist Lipsticks hehe...

My new hairstyle....

See you again soon! Muah! :*)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. heyy! congratulations :)!! u totally deserve it x

  2. Wowwwwwwww..Congrats on winning! And you are looking so pretty with this new hairstyle :-)

  3. Congrats gurl!!!! I am so happy for u!!!lovin the hairstyle too...BTW i luuuuuuurrv ur haircolor...

  4. Hey !! Congrats !! i knew you'l win !! love the eye makeup btw !! cn u do a tutorial ???

  5. Congrats! and looking fwd to ur videos.

  6. Congooooo Cynthia:)

    and yur hairstyle rocks dude!!

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  8. Congrats hun!! I knew you're gonna make it. Second thing your hairstyle with volume is gorgeous.


  9. Many Congratulations Cynthia! You really deserve this prize! Happy for you girlie :)

    p.s Love you new hairstyle! xoxo

  10. wowwwww.
    Congratulationsssssssssss Cynthia.
    you really deserve this

  11. Congrats CZ! Wow, that is gr8 news :) U def. deserve it

    & yr new hairstyle looks wow! I quite like it :)

  12. Hey Cynthia....Congrats!!!!!!!!!! well deserving win!!!!


  13. Wow !
    Thats some news ..You deserve the prize honey :)
    Show u the new MUFE lipsticks when you get them .. Would love a peek in your vanity case :D

  14. CONGRATULATIONS! that photo was really b beautiful!
    looking forward to pics!
    the hairstyle is so feminine and flirty.

  15. Congrats!You look is perffek.I really like you new hairstyle.So pretty!:D

  16. Congrats. Sorry have been totally out of action in the blogging thing but i visited makeupandbeautyblog (the original one, lol) and was so happy to see you among the winners.

  17. congrats sweety.... It indeed was a wonderful mix :D


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