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Inglot Pure Pigment Eye Shadow (AMC) ~ My Newfound Love

Oh-em-gee! Where was this all my life?! I just got this because I needed a good vibrant silver eyeshadow,  but little did I realize that I was going to be hooked, big time. I didn't even go buy it myself! I asked my hubby to pick it up for me after I saw it in the Inglot website. So risky, nah? But I'm happy that it's just like I imagined in my head. I must say, the swatches in the website are pretty much accurate.

Now I keep swatching it on my hand, because I'm so fascinated with it.

I got #23, a silver shade...

Comes in a transparent plastic jar, like the Inglot Lip Paints

Inglot Pure Pigment Eye Shadow 23

I swatched that much on my hand below:

So pigmented, super blendable, vibrant, and non-messy

*Pigments are Paraben free, like all Inglot products.

I can't wait to get some more shades! I like this better than MAC Pigments, for sure.

Let's see:
MAC Pigment Eye Shadow- Rs.1300
INGLOT Pigment Eye Shadow- Rs.700

That's one. Two- Inglot pigment doesn't fly as much as the Mac ones. I think it's because Inglot pigment is more heavy. 

I love it so much! 5-heart rating for this one. ♥♥♥♥♥

P.S: LOTD with this coming next week. I'll be visiting my dentist tomorrow. Teeth cleaning/whitening =D. Too much caffeine stains and *cough*...okay then, you all have a fun weekend and thanks for visiting always :)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. WOW. That is super duper pigmented!! Do you know if these come in the freedom system as can we buy pans of 3 for less?

  2. i like gray eye shadow nowadays ^_^
    that is such a perfect

  3. pnb- Nah, they don't unfortunately

    camilla- it is :)


  4. lovely color :)

  5. That is a lovely shade! I guess a trip to Inglot is due :)

  6. I have to go to Inglot!! Keep reading abt them

  7. CZ I'm turning GREEN wit envy!! I've been eying a eggplant purple with gold fleck in it from Inglot AMC pigment range...I guess wil lhave to break the bank & buy it soon.Beautiful swatch do post a FOTD soon

  8. wow hope the FOTD will come soon..
    is that cough for what i think it is.. :)..

  9. Ohhh thats such a gorgeous color! looks super pigmented too :)

  10. I just looove Inglot. But hate the fact that it has just 1 outlet in Mumbai at Versova which is way too inaccessible for me.

  11. This looks gorgeous. :D

    If you like pigments, have you tried the Indie Mineral companies on etsy? :)

  12. hi cynthia thanks for being my 1st follower LOL. i absolutely love ur blog and i think ur gorgeous! :)

  13. ♥ this've done it again..great shade :D

  14. OMG so pigmented and much cheaper than MAC. Unfortunately, we don't have it here in Malaysia. boo..

  15. Ginger- lol...maybe, maybe not ;)

    Roopa- At least it's there. Some cities don't have any store :)



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