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Weisberger Shoebox

Count on me to buy anything that comes in a shoe box. I almost bought a set of Sex and the City dvds coz they came in a cute black/pink shoebox, even though I already had all the dvds. Come to think of it, I will sell mine on Ebay and buy the shoebox. It will save storage space too, no? Ya, that's what I'll tell hubby.

This is Weiberger Shoe : Box Set from Flipkart, which I ordered a few days back. It reached me in 4 days. Very well-packed (although annoying when unwrapping it, I must admit) I LOVE Flipkart. The books always look so new, unlike those from bookstores :\

I didn't really want to read the books. Reading The Devil Wears Prada after I'd already seen the movie seems like a waste of time, and on top of that the others are so-so I heard? Whatever, back to the shoe box. How cute! *squeal* I had to have it! I thought it was going to be big enough to fit a pair of my own shoes, but's too small- 51/2 X 8 inches. Kids' shoes maybe.

  • The Devil Wears Prada
  • Everyone Worth Knowing
  • Chasing Harry Winston
Price ~ Rs.506. I thought it's decent.

Sex sells? No honey, Shoes Sell.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. 506! very good deal! Everyone worth knowing is good chasing harry winston is meh.
    U shud read devil wears prada cos its different from the book specially the ending.

  2. haha..dat box is super cute..agreee...

  3. such a cute box! I think the Devil Wears Prada book is a lot better than the movie, but then again i think that for most books!

  4. That box is stunning! I totally see the shoebox appeal lol


  5. Brilliant packaging! I agree with you on the Devil Wears Prada... but I still braved Everyone worth knowing... it was TDWP allover again, in a different situation! Have yet to try Chasing Harry Winston... let us know if you lke it CZ... btw, I got the SATC book after reading abt the prequel on your blog! Thanks :)

  6. cnf- thanks for telling me. I'll read all of them then

    anks- Welcome...and thanks for the info


  7. Hey Cynthia...the box is adorable..and i love Flipkart :D It stocks books that even Crossword in Mumbai doesn't sell. AND free home delivery!yay!

    I agree with the'll like The Devil Wears Prada the most of 'em all...Chasing Harry Winston is a torture :( I bought all 3 books at mrp years i feel stupid. dammit! X-(

  8. Wow ! For 500 bux thats a great deal Cynthia..and that box is so cute..I havent read even one of these ...i saw devil wears prada though..but now im definitely getting one of em this weekend...

  9. That is a good deal Cynthia :)

    The Devil wears Prada book is much better than the movie. I always feel no movie can bring the entire emotions in a book [in 2-3 hrs], be it the devil wears Prada / Harry Potter / PS I Love You.

  10. That's such a cool shoebox. Oh, shoes! Well, OK, shoes on books also work. :D


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