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Benefit Posietint

Benefit Posietint has been on my wishlist since it was launched. It looked so pweety and reminds me of a nursery rhyme- "Ring a ring of Roses, A pocket full of Posies", except I used to say 'poses' instead of 'posies' as a kid, if I remember correctly. Honestly I got the nursery rhymes mixed up here and almost wrote "Rosie Posie Pudding and Pie."  Okay, I'm confused again, so let's move on....

Described as a poppy-pink, it can be used lip & cheek stain. The first thing I noticed is it's not drying at all. on my lips, although it dries to a matte finish, it doesn't make them feel parched.

It's easy to blend on my cheeks and looks very natural. The color is buildable though- the more you dot on, the more intense the color.

It has a nail polish brush

How to Apply

Posietint Swatch

Posietint Blended

Now just for the sake of showing it on my (tired) face. The fan was blowing my hair crazily, so please ignore it.

Benefit Posietint on my cheeks & lips

I like Posietint a lot, more than any other lip tints I've used, but it's not all good. Here's why:
  • Cheap looking packaging. The pink polish on the bottle looks so un-Benefit. If I had bought it from Bangkok, I'd immediately assume it's a fake. Look at the rim of the bottle (2nd pic), so bumpy and the pink paint on the bottle is equivalent to a cheap nail polish. Even my hubby said so.
  • The brush was bent (about 45 degrees) when I first opened it.

Price ~ $28.00 (Rs.1243)
Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥4/5

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. It's a beautiful colour though :)
    Have been using benetint...just LOVE it !
    And even though it's pricey...I lurve it for the staying power! Just doesn't budge :D

  2. Hey CZ the shade looks very natural on you nice hint of color on the cheeks, but yeah the packaging looks tacky..i mean who wants a nail polish brush to apply cheek tint, benefit should improve packaging asap...

    btw totally unrelated though- Ring-Ring o' Roses nursery rhyme actually refers to the Great Plague that happened in England in 16th century (A rosy rash, they allege, was a symptom of the plague, posies of herbs were carried as protection and to ward off the smell of the disease. Sneezing or coughing was a final fatal symptom, and 'all fall down' was exactly what happened.) Me thinks that's sinister stuff to tell kids to sing...

  3. I agree with you about the packaging, it does look quite cheap compared to other Benefit products. It's such a lovely colour though :)

  4. Looks great on u! I am curious to try the new Orange tint..Cha Cha tint :)

  5. I love Posie-tint and I KNEW you'd love it too. But on you it looks a little reddish while on me its only baby pink! Mysteries of the universe :P

  6. Great product. Really looks like a cheap np :D

  7. Love your blog and your pictures ! def. following you now! when you get a chance by by my blog and check it out and hopefully my writing will send you sparks so you can also become one of my followers too!

    love pose tint! I live off of that and carry it everywhere!!

  8. such a pretty color..n u look super cute with it..

  9. looks so prettyyyyyy...very nice shade..and I love such multipurpose products. They give you so much scope to experiment and play around with looks!! :D

  10. Really pretty Cynthia...I want to try the new tint they have the cha-cha tint!

  11. You looks really pretty .. I love to use tints and glosses on my lips than lipsticks :)

    Good to be here on your blog , happy to follow you !!

  12. Its a pretty color! And u look lovely!
    But its a bit expensive :|

  13. it looks really pretty cynth...the color is so natural...:)..packaing no comments for the price paid :(

  14. Lip n cheek tint with a nail polish brush !!! U have blended it so well :)


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