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Update On My Name Necklace

Just a quick one to show you how my My Name Necklace looks now (after about 2 months.) Previous post HERE

I was going to wear it last weekend, but was extremely disappointed to see that it's TARNISHED! 

I haven't even worn it much. Maybe two whole days. I also didn't spritz perfume on the necklace or stored it with other jewelries either. I hung it on my table mirror.

=\ WASTE. OF. MONEY. I have cheaper silver jewelry that haven't yet tarnished even though I store them carelessly.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Aww that really sucks :( I had the same problem with a ring of mine :(


  2. Hi Cynthia!

    Awww....Good silver always tarnishes. But there is an easy solution. Just rub some colgate on it (not the gel variety, the white pasty one) for 15 mins and then wipe away and polish with a cotton. As good as new!

  3. if this necklace is doing that that proves that it is 97.5 silver , It will build a rustic layer :p u have to clean it with either metal polish. it wouldn't do this if it was coated with rhodium :) as Rajeswari said to use any toothpaste :) oh and the reason why the name is more black then the chain is because the name itself has more silver and the chain is not pure silver :) Dont worry Cynthia :) just polish polish :)

  4. Cynthia, you get silver polish in some of these small stores that sell silverware. That works just fine. Try it on! I forgot the name of the polish but it's a small black bottle :)

  5. Oh no, that's terrible! It's strange because I've worn mine about four times now and it still looks good as new. I wonder what the deal is?

  6. Is it real silver cynthia ? If it is then polish it with talcum powder/ toothpaste powder...put it on otton and shud be good !!!

  7. rajeshwari- Thanks! I'll try that

    jewelryanalysis- thanks, i guess u know better ;)

    appu- ok I'll try to find that thanks

    beautygirl24- I wonder too. Maybe it's just mine

    pnb- they say it's sterling silver. I'll try that thanks


  8. You can try rubbing tooth paste on it and wipe it off.. my friend gave this tip.

  9. too bad...I was gonna order..hope d toothapaste tip works for u..

  10. oh no.. same happened to mine.. grrr... :(

  11. A few comments to the above comments:
    Professionals recommend that toothpaste is NOT used to polish silver.
    All .925 sterling silver tarnishes. However, if stored correctly, it will go longer without tarnishing. If it doesn't tarnish then its not sterling or it's rhodium coated (which will gradually come off) so the chain may be coated while the nameplate isn't.
    I have a number of sterling nameplates and they haven't tarnished. I got mine from

  12. That's funny...good silver usually doesn't tarnish so quickly...I find the easiest way to clean is with a silver polishing usually comes with two pieces for polishing/'s easier than a chemical solution. Thanks for sharing what happened.


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