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Urban Decay Primer Potion Vs Too Faced Shadow Insurance ~ Battle Of The Eyeshadow Primers


You know I like to compare similar products for you all, so it'll help you buy only the best. This time it's the turn of two of the most popular eyeshadow primers- Urban Decay Primer Potion & Too Faced Shadow Insurance. 

Short form: UDPP & TFSI

For those who don't know what eyeshadow primers do, they are supposed to enhance the color of eyeshadows, make them last longer & prevent creasing.

So, let the battle begin!

  • Color ~ Both light creamy beige.
  • Texture ~ TFSI is thicker than UDPP. Though they both dry to a matte finish, UDPP has a more oily feel. 
  • Finish ~ Both are easy to blend. UDPP makes lids smoother than TFSI, but I have noticed that UDPP becomes patchy when applied on top of powder, sometimes not everytime.

  • Eyeshadow hold~ In the pic above I used one of the least pigmented eyeshadows I have. They both make it pop and holds it better than unprimed skin. 
  • Staying power/creasing ~ Eyeshadows do stay on the whole day and almost never crease with both primers. 

  • Rubbing test ~ I rubbed both with fingers. Both withstood it.
  • Packaging ~ UDPP comes in a cute genie bottle with a spongy wand , TFSI comes in a squeeze tube. Hence, TFSI is more hygienic although it isn't always easy to squeeze the right amount. More control with UDPP.
  • Amount ~ Even though I have a mini UDPP and a big sized TFSI, I can guess that you'll get more product from TFSI, just coz it's thicker in consistency.
  • Price ~ Both are for $18.00 (Rs.800.) I suppose they'll cost more in India since MAC Paintpot is only $16.50 and costs Rs.1100 here =[

Winner ~ I like both of them. They have their own identity yet do the same thing in the end. But if I have to pick one winner, it's TOO FACED SHADOW INSURANCE. Here's why:
  1. I find it easier to blend on top of powdered lids. It doesn't become patchy at all.
  2. I need very little amount of it, whereas with UDPP I feel I always need a little more.
  3. Packaging. The purple color of UDPP bottle has chipped off. Even though UDPP looks cute and very 'magic potion', TFSI packaging still looks more expensive imo.
If you still can't decide between the two: If you have very oily lids, pick TFSI.
Still can't decide? Get both! ;)

*If you're wondering how MAC Painterly Paintpot compares to both of them, MPP is a lot thicker, so it doesn't really disappear or blend into the skin, like they do. But it works well enough as an eyeshadow primer that I would miss it if I didn't have it.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. great review! i'm currently using TFSI too but haven't tried UDPP.

  2. Superb comparison Cynthia!! Even I'd love to try Too faced primer!! :) :) Have seen it in so many tutorials on youtube by beauty gurus!! he he he...

  3. I am craving for UDPP and MAC Paint Pot.

  4. hey great review. I have really oily lids, am going to get myself the tfs one.

  5. Hiii Cynthia,
    Where did U bought both of doz primers...???
    The TFS packin' is mre girly & cute lukin' dan UDPP.
    Hpe U rply.

  6. Hi Candy, UDPP is from a palette I won in a giveaway & TFSI I got from from a blogger friend in US. Both aren't available in India


  7. Very useful!..Might order one of tese from strawberrynet!

  8. great review CZ, I was in fact doing the same math which primer is better, alas most brands available in India have still not started retailing primers as part of their product range.. thanks for the review & swatches

  9. awesome review great comparison.. but two faced tube also looks cuute i like it more... :D

  10. Me too like both, but haven't thought about both of them critically, so cant yet decide between the two :P Awesome post, though :)

  11. Ohhh...!!!Its so sad dt so many wndrful prdcts arn't available in india. i guess it wuld b lyk 2050 whn all gr8 brands lyk too facd,UD,NARS wuld cum 2 india. LOL...!!!
    @Mehak: the eye primer isn't available in i hv chckd out. By d way dey offrin' 10% off on all makeup till 26th april. If u wanna gt anythin' b quick gals...<3

  12. im so happy you did this review... I was debating which primer to get and now thanks to you i know im going to be getting too faced shadow insurance... Thanks!

  13. which online store sells UDPP? everyone the world over seems to be raving about it

  14. can a regular primer be used as an eye-shadow primer? or are eye shadow primers different?


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