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Inglot Oil Blotting Sheets: Overpriced?

I wanted oil blotting sheets, since summer is here and my face gets very oily. So I was in The Body Shop and saw the Tea Tree Oil Blotting Facial Tissues and thought Rs.395 (or 345?) is a rip-off, especially since I don't like the smell of tea tree oil very much.

Then I bought the Inglot Oil Blotting Sheets for Rs.560 :O. I know, I know, don't judge me. I regret it already. Let's have a look at the whole package anyways.

You push at the back so the sheet will stick to the glue part....

....and then you pull out the sheet for use easily. Neat idea, that I can't deny.

Claims: Oil Blotting Sheets remove excess shine from the face without disturbing your makeup or leaving any traces of powder behind. To instantly mattify the skin, simply press the smooth silky sheet anywhere on the face that shine is unwanted. Oil blotting sheets are ideal to use with or without makeup, it can be used by both men and women.

There are 50 sheets. Size: 5.5 x 8.5cm (2.1’’ x 3.3‘‘)

Ingredients: Polypropylene, Mineral Oil, Dimethyldibenzy-Lidene Sorbitol.

This is how it looks after I blot my face with it.

They are good. The sheets are soft and smooth- the feel is almost like those thin surgical gloves. They blot away the oil from my face nicely. However, they do pick up some makeup, although that could also be because I apply too much powder. But they are still the most overpriced things I have ever bought, period.

Rating ~ I don't know lol. I won't be buying them anymore. Sheesh! What was I thinking?! Okay, forget it now. Order some things from Sleek Makeup to feel better.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. omg dear cynthia u r being ripped off..i use clean n clear n it works really well..its only 100 something ...xoxo

  2. You should try the Shiseido Blotting sheets. They are amazing but pricey at Rs.1000 for 100 sheets. they not only absorb oil but also has compact powder on them which mattifies the skin completely!

    Style Fashion Etc

  3. CZ i think the price for TBS is 175 ( not sure )... i use them and they are awesome :D :D

  4. tbs is very good... me tooo uses it. its way cheaper and works great...agree with rashmi :)

  5. I was actually planning to get the clean & clear ones recently, but wasn't sure if they wld work :) .. My skin has suddenly become so oily.. will try TBS :)

  6. clean and clear are the best :) I have craaaazy oily skin and i have to blot maybe 6 or 7 times a day, and clean and clear is cheap and effective:)

  7. Though I don't need blotting tissues I gived the body shop ones to my friend and she loved it :)

  8. Clean and Clear Blotting Sheets all the way. Just 120 bucks and they work really well

  9. From where i cn buy the clean & clear's sheet in jaipur?

  10. any shop in pune where we can buy clean and clear sheets ??


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