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I Transform Into A Pop Star | I Transform Series Look #1

*** AMETHYST'S New Album, eccentric, is out now! Hope you'll go out and BUY it! ;) ***

Welcome to the first post of a new series I'm doing! Been planning to start this for over 2 months. This one wasn't supposed to be the 1st look, but it just happened, since I did the glittery purple eyes, so I went with it. More about the series at the end of this post. For now, I'm a purple-haired Pop + R&B Star named AMETHYST (real name, not just stage name)........

Face ~ Bourjois 1,2,3 Perfect CC Cream, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, The Body Shop Loose Powder

Eyes ~ Step-by-step Tutorial on how I did them + products posted HERE

Cheeks ~ NYX Powder Blush Pinky.

Lips ~ Topshop Velvet Lips Plush (Shown here). Later, I applied Maybelline Color Sensational Gloss Raspberry Reflections.

Purple Wig ~ From

About the I Transform Series:  
Basically, I will do a few looks during my last 5 months of complete freedom. A thought hit me the other day ~ Will I have time to play dress up once the baby arrives? I don't really know the answer to that, but I might as well take full advantage of the alone time I have NOW

 Below are the looks that I am definitely doing......

Readers' Choice ~ You can all think about whose look you'd like me to replicate, or take inspiration from. I'll pick the one with the most votes, or the one I want to do the most. Think BOLD! The crazier/more OTT, the better!

I might do more than 7 looks, but let's see. I want to do another Ghost/Horror look too....haha! =D

I'm waiting for many things to reach me from Ebay, and I'm ordering some more. So sad that one wig got lost  in the mail, and never reached me =\ This wig is for the "An Imaginary Person" , so I have to hunt for another one, and wait 2 weeks for that to reach me! I don't know why Delhi still doesn't have a proper wig/costume shop!

Okies, talk again soon. Hope you liked this one <3

"Be eccentric now. Don't wait for old age to wear purple." ~ Regina Brett.


  1. Awesome... You look so good even in purple hair... :)

    I really wanna see you do a lady gaga look lol... But Taylor Swift look will suit you more... :)

  2. Amazing look :)
    and yesh... GAGA look :)

  3. AWSOME! i think purple suits you a lot :)

  4. You look flawless, love this! I need to do more looks with my wigs again.

  5. Can I just borrow your "I transformed series" ?? I have wanted to do something like this for a long time, back to my youtube days ;) btw I love your glitter purple eyes, please do a look on: Nicki Minaj and Beyonce! Thank you!

  6. *speechless* ...... pls do a vintage look .with soft waves, red lips , winged eyes pearl necklace ... ♡♥♡♥

  7. Spectacularly awesome. I'm at loss for words. Cynthia this is by far the most awesome look of yours. Please do more than 7 looks and let us be awed. Seriously Amethyst you are one gorgeous woman we adore...... I heart purple hair........

  8. can u plz do a simple everyday college look for everyday ... which wont look over the top but trendy at d same tym :) plz czzzzzzzz

  9. Ok we all know already how amazingly talented you are Cynthia, but with this I have to say- you are a GODDESS!!! Can hardly wait to see more of your transformations :-)
    Please do a Lady Gaga-esq crazy look if possible, too.

  10. So cool..... try a murlin munroe look..... :)

  11. This is truly amazing!!! You are incredibly creative n talented.
    And regarding later, you'll probably be too busy and fascinated with dressing up baby to play dress up yourself ;)

  12. i am waiting to see all your looks :) Love you <3

  13. Amazing Series this is CZ Di ..No beauty blogger has such a creative mind ...Can U do A Lady gaga or Kesha Or A blonde Actress ..Britney Spears ..umm <3 Shrutika

  14. Just one word - Flawless :)

  15. One of the beautiful transformations I have come across our inhouse blogs..Superb Cynthia.

  16. you are flawless<3 btw purple suits you a lot

  17. Hey, this look is totally awesome :).
    Can you do a character from Game of Thrones?? Cercei or danaerys or margerey?
    carrie bradshaw from Sex and the city? :)

    1. Omg yes!! You spoke my mind. Would love to see you transform into Dany :')

  18. Pls transform into Khushi from iss pyaar ko kya naam doon which was potrayed by sanaya irani.......
    She looked extremely cute and it was the perfect indian makeup and I intend to wear to my brothers wedding but im not able to breakdown the look.....

    pls pls pls pls pay heed to my request!!!!!!!!!1

  19. Incredible look dear. Love the look.... I want you to do a Katy Perry look ..... you will look great... really want you to do one of her looks.

  20. Freaking love the eyes, the glitter is just wow and purple looks sooo good on you!

  21. Girl . . . You are very creative . . . Astounded . . . Wow!!!!

  22. Love this! If you're looking for some crazy wigs you should look on this website called I found some wonderful blue and teal colored wigs there the other day but they have all sorts of them.

  23. Do a Luna Lovegood if you're into Harry Potter! It's so much more creative than boring Hermione Granger!!!

  24. Wow!!! You look so pretty. Love the violet hair and makeup. You look like Lady Gaga.

  25. You reminded me of hyuna (k pop singer) in the second picture, especially the lips. Purple really suits your skin tone, I think it gives a nice glow to your face, although I don't really like the pastel wig. ;)

  26. Amazing! Well, my request would be an Indian Vampire Woman lol but in a sexy way OR transform into an old lady with wrinkles :D.


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