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Philips Kerashine Hair Styler ~ Tried & Tested.....

There's a 2-in-1 new hair styler in town that intrigued me from the moment I was introduced to it ~ Philips Kerashine Styler. Let's see if it's what your hair needs, and most importantly, if it's worth your money.....

  • 45mm barrel, Ceramic coating with Keratin infusion.
  • Swivel Cord of 1.8m.
  • Heats up to 190° C.

You twist the top and the bristles retract. If you want loose waves, just twist sections of hair around it, hold for about 30 secs and release.

2 heat settings, the double worm waves being the hotter one. If you have very thin hair, you set it on the single.

To Use: You have to use it only on dry hair. Extract bristles to comb through hair for a smooth look. It's like using a blow dryer and round brush. For outward flips and waves, brush & twist hair inward or outward, and then turn the tip of the barrel to retract the bristles before releasing hair. Retracting bristles prevents hair trapping.
For Sleek Hair: If you want blow dried looking, sleek hair with some bounce, this is perfect! You will especially love it if you have difficult bangs that look like brackets or noodles, coz it'll shape them and help them fall better. As you can see, it also makes my hair more shiny. A tool like this is ideal if you don't like flat straight hair you get with a straightening iron.
For Curling: The curling tong feature will only give you loose waves & texture, so don't expect tight curls. If it had one more higher heat setting, I think it would be able to give more defined curls. My hair needs up to 200° C to really curl, especially now with my new haircut with blunter ends. Even with my other curling tong, I have to set it to the highest temperature to get more long-lasting curls.
Overall, it's really helped my hair styling routine, because the top layer of my hair looks like a mushroom if I leave it naturally. I've been using it every time nowadays, and I would recommend it to anybody who's looking for a tool to quick salon-styled hair.
I also used this before curling with other styler in my New Haircut post (here)

*This was sent to me by Philips India to try out. My thoughts about it are completely my own & based on my own experience with it, as always.

Price ~ MRP is Rs.2595, but it's cheaper in many online store. Google!

My Rating:

Okay, now I just have to share this little joke from real life.

My sis-in-law's cousin sister called up the grocery store in her apartment building. You know, one those little shops that sell everyday necessities. A man picked up the call.

She: Bhaiya, Corn hai? (Do you have Corn?)

Man: Madam, mein Imran bolti hoon. (This is Imran speaking.)


For those of you who don't know Hindi, he thought she asked "Kaun hai?" (Who is this?)


  1. I have Remington curler and love it! Loved the review and you hair look total Gorgeous CZ xoxo

  2. Beautiful volume and waves - amazing look on you :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  3. Bought this too and it really add volume to my limp hair. You looked lovely with your new hairstyle and the ombre is just perfect. Take care Cyn

  4. this looks good for adding volume to hair.. :) Corn hai.. lol!!

  5. Tempted to buy it. Plus your pics, likes always , you looks very preety! LOL @ joke =D

  6. hahahaha I loved the joke at the end. it's funny!!
    This looks like a great hair tool. Heard good things about it. am looking at getting that bouncy hair style at the crown. maybe this just might do the trick :)

  7. awww cynthuuu ur hindi is a fail too "mein Imran bolti hoon" its bolta hu :D

  8. Hi Cynthia! I was thinking of buying this and your review just clinched the deal! This will be my first time using any hair styling tool, and this seems easy enough to use. Could you please do a video tutorial on how to style your hair using this and the Babyliss tongs? It'll be really helpful for utter novices like me :-)

  9. Did you use any heat protector before using it ??? If yes which one? And congrats for the coming baby !!!

    1. Yes, I used VO5 Smoothly Does It Heat Protect Serum. Thanks!


  10. That hair styler seems interesting :)

  11. your hair look amazing Cynthia! Great review..might have to try it :)

  12. You styled it nicely! seems like a great product to me!

  13. Hey I am planning to buy a hair straightener cum curler....confused between this and Torlen Soft Touch Hair Straightener which u had reviewed earlier. Pls help me!!!!


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