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Lakmé Studio Gave Me Model Hair & Tuxedo Nails

On Day-3 of Lakmé Fashion Week, I got to try out Lakmé Studio's 'Ultimate Blow Dry'. It was amazing, especially since I hardly spend time on styling my hair most times. Take a look at the transformation......

My hair before

Lakmé Studio Hairstylist Virender

TIGI Volumizing Spray & big velcro rollers

Woah! So big! :)


 I was loving the side part, but I had to shoot afterwards, so I couldn't really have anything covering one eye. I don't like to have to touch my hair all the time, and I dislike it when others do it too (no offense)

Also had my nails done in sort of tuxedo style without the bow- though a bow is on my top ;)

Yellow ~ Lakme True Wear 05
Black ~ Fast & Fabulous Black shade

Hope you liked both the hair & nails guys. I will post my outfit separately tomorrow.

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous Cynthia! Love that hair. Your hair colour's so pretty! And you're making me want to have a side fringe now :)


  2. wow, Love the hair! I am so going to buy me some of those rollers!! I'v seen good ones in so will get em when i can. ^_^

  3. u look super!! I luvd the hair, whtever bit of dress i cud see and of course the nails!! Tuxedo nails were also seen on the red carpet this year! :) Yours have a lovely twist with the yellow!!

  4. whoa ! The hair looks great with the bounce..:)

  5. the hair looks really nice n the added volume n bounce is wow..n loved the nail art..cute..will try something like it now :)

  6. wow ur hair looks amazing! I need to get me some bigg ass rollers like that!! Nails are so cute! I think the black bit on ur tips is meant to be like half the bow :-)

  7. Looks awesome! Loving the nails as well.

  8. Your hair looks lovely!! Waiting for a full outfit pic!

  9. SUPERRRR PRETTY CZ :D D: you are looking so delicate babes .... ahhhhhhhh totally eye candy .... you and nails and hair and everythingggg :D :D

  10. u look fabulous....i love ur expressio when u have the big rollers on and when he's opening's like wow!! my hair's looking so awesome... :) :)

  11. I love love love how they did your hair...
    n ur nails look super cute too!

    Any idea where i get these jumbo sized rollers?


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