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Makeup When You Look DRAB

You know that "Pregnancy Glow" you keep hearing about? Well, not every knocked up woman gets to wear it like a halo. Most days, I feel like a lazy kangaroo with lacklustre waist-length hair. I'm too tired to prettify myself, and I've developed a habit of doing my makeup halfway too - BB cream, powder, a bit of brown eyeshadow on the crease....okay, that's it.
On this particular day, I made an effort to brighten myself (and mood) up. I'll jot down a few mini tips, and I hope my 'baby brain' will still translate my thoughts into words that make sense.

  • Bright Lips - always. Whenever I use pale lip colors, I look even duller. Opt for coral-toned, fuchsia & berry shades. Not reds & oranges, which can make you look washed out especially when you already look drab.
  • You can keep the rest of your face quite basic with just your daily face products & neutral eye makeup.
Note: In the pic up there, my eyes show my tiredness (Left eye got lazier too!), but the bright lips steal the focus.

There's an episode in Will & Grace where Jack said that Grace relied too much on her hair. I myself have started relying on my hair for a while now, and when my hair isn't at its best, my confidence in my overall look is ruined. Now, because I can't maintain it like I used to, it's at its dullest although I'm using hair masques, oils, serums. I don't feel like using hot tools  & I don't feel going to a salon for a deep conditioning treatment. I've decided to leave it as it is until after the baby is born.

So, in the meantime, I will adorn my head with Headbands! The brighter, the better. On days when I really need a styling tool, then I use the Philips Kerashine Hair Styler coz it doesn't require much time & energy.

Oh! I recently read somewhere that people with good hair are nicer to other people =)

 Note: This no hair color/no chemicals phase in my life has proven that hair colors & rebonding do add shine & vibrancy to hair. At least for me personally. Go look at my hair here, and you'll see what I mean.

If headbands are too cutesy for you, turn to jewelry. Big big earrings, statement necklaces, fancy hair clips. Basically, place a shiny & attention-grabbing something close to your face.

If you go bright around your face, don't break the symmetry by wearing dark clothing. Match everything, or color block with complementary colors.

Note: Here, had I worn something black or grey....well, no good.

The brights I used for this look, and on many other drab days:

Lancome Rouge In Love Lipstick Rose Boudoir #340B (swatch & DUPE here) | MAC Archie's Girls Pearlmatte Face Powder Flatter Me (swatched here) | Forever 21 Polka Bow Headwrap   (shown here)

Face: L'Oreal True Match BB Cream. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, The Body Shop Loose Powder.

Eyes: Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette , black liquid liner & a pair of falsies.

On the opposite side of DRAB.....

Good News: My Size 2 feet are swelling. They are finally swelling, people! Like I always wanted. I know it won't last, but still. I really need to go shoe shopping while they're still swollen =D

Bad News: I can't wear my favorite shoes (read: high heels). But I did try the ones that were looser before, and they fit nicely.

Bad News 2: I can't comfortably paint & groom my toenails anymore, coz I can't bend. I guess I'll have to visit a salon for a pedicure....and maybe hair treatment too while I'm just sitting there.

That's it for today. Talk again soon! :*)

Extra feel-good beauty tips are always welcomed!

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  1. Is it not safe to color ur hair in pregnancy? I myself am in my first trimester and can very well relate to what u are feeling.. but my problem is that I have lots of grey hair and keep getting root touchups done once in a while.. I am wondering how will I manage for whole 9 months

    1. Preeti, I too had greys during my second pregnancy and I coloured my hair with Casting. Try and reduce the frequency of colouring, ie if you colour once a month, try to do it once in two months. Also make sure you're in a well ventilated room when you colour your hair. And ask your gynaec if it's OK.

      Sorry Cynthia, for barging in. Hope you don't mind.

    2. @Preeti: It's not proven to be unsafe in later stages of pregnancy. But I wouldn't say it's okay in the 1st trimester. I hear/read that hair colors with less chemicals (ammonia-free) are totally safe and many women have safely used them during pregnancy without any problems. I'm personally not against coloring hair during pregnancy, but I don't wanna risk it either. Ask yr doctor, and see what she says :)

      @Dollie: Oh no prob, glad you shared yr experience. You're right, it's better to ask your doc.


  2. WOW!!! Amazing look. I love the lipstick.

  3. You are so pretty, I'm sure you look great even without makeup. I can't believe that you have any drab days.

  4. Wow, you look so cute! I love how your lippie matches the rest of your outfit. On days when I'm sick, I look..well sick and dead-like. I always wear a bright lip gloss and a medium coverage base having a glowy finish. The glossy lips really lifts up my whole look.

  5. oh you look so scrumptious. love the bow head-tie and the bright lips

  6. It's time for you to feel really good and positive. . Do all that you love.. U look beautiful Cynthia. . But avoid chemicals at all cost. . Best wishes dear

  7. Once again.. floored by shots! and honestly for a fangirl like can never look dull ! Always a pretty doll :)

  8. I see myself in you.I was looking damn dull and had become two tones darker whole my body in my last trimester.I was on a complete ban on perfumes and nail polish as I became more nauseatic when i use them.
    Do whatever you like and this is the best time!
    All the best !!!

  9. Is there any day wn u dn look pretty??? :)

    1. Same curiosity this side !!!!

    2. Oh, many days! Blog pics are meant to fool both you & me :D :D


  10. You can never look Drab Cynthia! Love this simple brown eyed look, it's smoky, subtle and still very made up. That lip color definitely warms up the look!

  11. Hehe the last trimester is difficult but wait till the lil one arrives! For the first few weeks everything goes for a toss. One is forever at the end of her wits. But 2-3 weeks down, you get used to the baby and the baby gets used to you, that's when you start enjoying motherhood.

  12. Omgsh you look so beautiful dear :)


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