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It's Our Birthday! Make A Wish.....

Today, the 13th of August, is this blog's birthday. One year ago, I published my first review on Delhi's Beauty Addict ~ Vaseline Healthy White Body Lotion =D

I was gonna put up a video, but it would take forever to upload it on YT coz of my slow connection :[

So, just 2 photos for now. That is a golf course in my hometown, Shillong.

Now on to a photo that has a whole lot of meaning.......

That's a wishing well, from which all the money collected goes to charity.
In that particular wish right there, I wished that: 

"The wishes of all those who read this post today (13th August), will come true."

So go ahead..... Ask for that one thing you want so desperately.
I truly hope that it comes true :)

Thanks all! Blogging has been a joyride, mostly because of you.

Enjoy your weekend & stay fabulous!

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Awww..Congrats on the 1st anniversary. Your blog shares B'day with Rati and Amritha too :-)

    I wished..I wished..and will tell you once it comes true k??psst..

    Btw, you look cute in the pic

  2. I'll tell you if my wish comes true :D

    you look lovely in both pics! :-*

  3. awww.... Thats so cool !!
    Wish your blog a Super duper budday :P
    Even I wished .. Will let you know if it comes true .. just like Ki and Poornima :D

  4. Awwww...Cynthia you are the best. Happy birthday blog :-)

  5. CZ, yr so cute! God Bless both the blog & you and may all your wishes come true too!

  6. It's so sweet that you asked for that! My wish is that I continue blogging for a long time:) Happy blog birthday!

  7. Happy Blog Anniversary!

    So nice of you that you wish our dreams would come true. So, I hope yours come true as well :)

  8. yaye !! wow its been a year already? time flies quickly . you are doing a great job hon . keep up the good posts coming :)

  9. i hope my wish comes true!
    and yours too. :)

  10. aaah!! 13th august is a special day isnt it??! your blogaversary..Rati and Amrita's birthday!! and to think it is friday the 13th!!! you look super duper cute in the lst pic between...i will tell you my wish if it comes true!!

  11. congrats!
    did you get the courier yet?

  12. Awwwww so sweet!! and how thoughtful!! Congrats and nest wishes for future!! :)


  13. Congrats Cynthia! Happy blogger birthday!
    ♥ Noelle

  14. thats great wish ur baby blog a very happy b'day i mean annv. hey me too celebrated my first month today :)

  15. Congrats dear Cynthia!Y blog is amazing and you look so pretty these pics!Happy weekend!=)

  16. Congrats on your Blog Anniversary, Cynthia! You look cute in these pics! God bless xoxo

  17. Hey Cynthia,

    Happy blog anniversary..and I wish that all yur wishes come true:)

    By the way is purple yur fav color?

  18. Hi Cynthia,
    Just stepping in! Congrats on spending the past year nurturing your love and interests - May you have many more! Lovely blog...Nice course out there - do you golf?

  19. I am late but doesnt matter....congrats on completing a fabulous year!!! Wish you celebrate many such more years here!!


  20. Hi!

    Nice blog you got there!
    I'm a follower now :)

    Maybe you can check out mine as well and become a follower?

  21. Thanks again all! Hope yr wishes come true...

    @Gaea ~ Thanks! No, sadly I don't golf :)


  22. Ok I have asked sumthing... Its hard to get... lets c..... hmmmm *fingers crossed* :P


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