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Lakme Fruit Blast Berry Lush Face Wash

Who likes berries?

They're cute and delicious. How about a daily dose of them?

Lakme brought my 2 of my favorite berries together in this new face wash ~ Strawberries & Raspberries.


Feel juicy fruit extracts of strawberry and raspberry re-energize your face with every wash. While the strawberry exfoliator seeds gently brush away impurities, raspberry & passion fruit extracts re-hydrate skin leaving it tingling fresh with the aroma of natural berries.

I didn't like the Lakme Strawberry Face Wash at all coz it dried out my skin like nobody's business. 
But this one is different. It leaves my skin feeling clean-clean without the dryness and yes it tingles. It smells so yummy. Like mixed fruit jam! 

To see ingredients, click to enlarge

I'm loving it!

Price ~ Rs.125

Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. It looks so pretty.. I too was worried about the drying bit as their facewashes don't suit me but this sounds delicious and is non-drying too.. Will try it out :)

  2. @Tanveer~ It is very pretty ;)


  3. I loved the strawberry facewash and from the fruit blast range I hv melon melt which I totally love..I m waiting for finish some of my facewashs to try this one and citrus rain


  4. Well the swatch looks deadly;)
    but pretty too:)

  5. @HD~ I wanna try those ones too! Such irresistible names they have :)

    @Anamika ~ hehe...yup it does look deadly


  6. looks yummy...lolz! can't wait to try it..great post!

  7. Omg yum! This sounds delicious hehe I love anything fruity for a face or body wash!

  8. I've started using this one as a body wash because I love the smell and the tingling feeling. Its a nice wake up call to the body! After all, whats good for your face has to be good for your body!

  9. keerthi

    hey this is very prety because i like fruit gels


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