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Pink Roses & Manicure

And the pink roses on Valentine's Day tradition continues.....

Nail Polish is Etude House XoXo Minnie Bubble Pink, one of my most favorite pink nail polishes.

Hope you had a lovely day yesterday, whether or not you celebrate the occasion.

Thank You for reading & I'll talk to you again soon! =)


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  1. loved d shade.. it looks so pretty n matches d roses jus perfectly.. :)

  2. the shade looosk so beautifuull on u .. n like the tiny minnie heads on the bottle.. :)

  3. Such a cute nailpolish! The pink colour is my fav and is looking good on your nails.!
    And another Beautiful Blog♥

  4. This print reminds me of the shoes available at skins studio

    1. Here is the whole collection -
      Hope you like it


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