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Oh-My-Bows! They're Here!!!

Okay, can I speak now? =D

These to-die-for pretties are from the Etude House Dreaming Swan Collection, which is their newest Limited Edition Collection. In collaboration with illustrator Kerrie Hess, it is inspired by the Ballet. Everything is girly, and tutu, and bows, and sooo dreamy! I can't get over how gorgeous the packaging of everything is!

I got a few more products, so I'll be posting more pictures with all the products in another post. I just wanted to post this, so y'all can go grab them before they're gone!

I ordered them from the Etude House website HERE

Order Date: April 9, 2015
Delivery Date: April 20, 2015 
(Less than 2 weeks is awesome!)

FREE Shipping on orders above $50
I see a lot of products from this collection have SOLD OUT! So you can head to Ebay, if they're not available on the website anymore.

They came packed nicely in bubble wrap in a box and - THANK GOODNESS - nothing broke during shipping!
Yes, You Are!

I've been unwell since Monday,  but so many packages have arrived since then to perk me up =D

Talk again shortly :*

Now I want to wear a tutu dress/skirt....
with a ponytail.....
and sit on a swing.....


  1. You really love bows CZ. Even sometimes I even buy for packaging. Get well soon.

  2. The products you pick are amazing. Your posts I mean you make me happy :) Hope you are feeling better now....

  3. Tempting products you have got :)

  4. I Received Them Just Yesterday! And, I Still Can't Stop Staring At Them! *_*

  5. Aww this is adorable! Did you buy one of each ?!? Eager to see more pics!
    xx | My Recent Post

  6. Reading your blog makes me happy! I read it whenever I want to feel good :) keep writing always :*


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