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Etude House XOXO Minnie Collection Photos

Finally I took Etude House XOXO Minnie Collection out of the box! Although I look at them almost everyday since they arrived. Mr.CZ complained several times about the box always being on the dining table, and I gave the same reply: "Because I have to click!" I think he had been waiting for this post....hehe.

I have not used most of the products, except for two of them. I can't bring myself to using the other 5, coz I like them looking all new and shiny. I'll play the "collector" card again this time. No swatches, but hope you'll also like just looking at them =D

Open eyes- Blusher, Closed eyes- Highlighters (1 extra. Reason below)

Minnie Touch Blusher, $15.99 | Rs.995 ~ Look. How can I spoil that? However, I may use it, coz I'm curious to see how those colors will look on skin.
Minnie Touch Highlighter , 15.99 | Rs.995 ~ Remember I told you I got one that shattered into powder during shipping? Well, I got a replacement, but that too broke the same way. It's not the seller's fault actually, coz he/she packed it very nicely. In fact, seller told me it's a common complaint with this product. It's just a manufacturing problem, I guess, breaks easily. On the bright side, I got one extra Minnie face for free! =) (I posted pic of broken one here.) Oh, and this reminds me I need to get some rubbing alcohol to set the powder (so messy it gets when I open the compact). What it would've looked like.....
So sad.

Minnie In The Nails in Bubble Pink, $5.39 | Rs.336 ~ I've worn this and it is pretty. Creamy consistency, glossy finish. I couldn't click pics, coz it was around the time I was doing my Maybelline Color Show Photo Diary posts and didn't get to wear it for more than a day or two. Might wear and click one of these days.
Minnie In The Nail Glitter #02 Minnie In Black, $4.99 | Rs.311 ~  Mickey/Minnie heads, bows and polka dots. You basically stick them on wet nail polish. I stuck the Minnie ones on white nail polish here. They are super cute, but I dread running my fingers through my hair, coz the strands get stuck in them, if you know what I mean.
Minnie Wink Lash, $5.39 (each) | Rs.336 ~  #01 Minnie Up Lash, #02 Minnie Under Lash (bottom lashes). Yet to try these out too. I'm excited to try the Under Lash.
Minnie Kissing Lips Lipsticks, $9.99 (each) | Rs.622 ~ They are my favorites! I can't over how pretty and high quality the packaging is, both of them. I wish there were more with different prints. Pink is #02 Bubble Pink, Red is #01 Minnie Red. Not tried either, but I have a feeling I'll love 'em.
Bubble Pink, Minnie Red

Etude House XOXO Minnie Collection is Limited Edition. I can still see them being sold on Ebay.

I got all of them from one Ebay seller (Link)


Which product did you like the most?

*I just found out Grey's Anatomy won't return till Feb next year.  Cliffhanger last week, so whole week I was excitedly waiting for today thinking there'll be a new ep. As upsetting as broken highlighters. Maybe more.


  1. Omg! I'll re-frame it, Ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyy God!! This is amazing collection........ *fainted* I love everything here <3

  2. I WANT thissss... super cute xoxo

  3. These look SO cute!

  4. This collection looks so cute! I love these packages and designs in makeup!

  5. its so cute lippies look amazing specially pink one.... CUTE

  6. this is such a cute collection!! :) i want everything from this <3

  7. oh my god....such a cute packaging :)

  8. Is it possible to buy any korean cosmetics in India? but not online :)


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