Etude House Princess Happy Ending Collection Haul & Photos

Etude House meets Disney's Fairytale Princesses - Snow White, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine. This Limited Edition collection is another one of Etude House's many gorgeous creations. They outer boxes are made like little books....so CUTE! And I have to mention again how awesome the reasonable prices are! Why isn't this brand in India yet???!!!
The only sad thing is, I missed out on the lipsticks because they sold out everywhere. I know I'm still on my Lipstick Ban, but the packaging is too pweety! (Pic below). I also didn't get anything from the Jasmine pieces - a mascara & nail set.
Etude House Princess Happy Ending Belle Rose Cheek Blusher ~ The packaging! ♥_♥

Price (each): $9.26 = Rs.574

I don't know if I'll ever have the heart to touch that design!

Etude House Princess Happy Ending Belle Rose Cheek Blusher #2 Coral Shine Rose

Etude House Princess Happy Ending Belle Rose Cheek Blusher #1 Pink Shine Rose

Etude House Princess Happy Ending Snow White Precious Mineral BB Cream SPF 30 / PA++ Natural Beige W13 ~ This BB Cream comes with a 'slim layer fit formula' that smoothly glides onto skin even when you apply several layers, helping to express clean, bright and smooth skin with its mother of pearl. Available in one more shade N02 Light Beige, which is lighter.

Price: $14.39 = Rs.892

Squeeze tube with a pump - always nice!

Etude House Princess Happy Ending Belle Nail Kit #1 Purple Rose & #2 Pink Rose + Nail Sticker that change color according to temperature. I've yet to see if that claim is true =D

Price: $9.26 = Rs.574

Etude House Princess Happy Ending Cinderella Fairy Glitter Shadow #1 Pink Glass Heels ~ This is like pressed glitter - So gorgeous!

Price: $8.63 = Rs.535

Etude House Princess Happy Ending Cinderella Fairy Glitter Shadow #1 Pink Glass Heels 

 These are the lipsticks that were SOLD OUT. Actually, I had a chance but I put off ordering them for many weeks. They will haunt me for a long time. I...I can't look at them anymore!

"Everything's going to be alright." ~ Snow White's Happy Ending.

"I want so much more than they've got planned." ~ Belle's Happy Ending.

"I'm like a shooting star." ~ Jasmine's Happy Ending.

"If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true." ~ Cinderella's Ending.


I ordered everything from the seller on Ebay I buy most of my Korean beauty products from - f2plus1
FREE Shipping & Delivery took about 1 week, which is very quick.

Hope you enjoyed all the cuteness! =)

Which product did you like the most?


  1. I have their pricess etoinette lipsticks.they were not that pigmented to cover my lips but the packaging was too adorable and
    I have bought from this seller..a few samples and nail polishes..they deliver quickly.
    I loved your pictures.

  2. Oh my gosh...they're all so cute! I want! ^_^

  3. O my... They are so gorgeous... You should've bought the lippies too...

  4. Awsome picks CZ :) can't wait to see them on you dear

  5. Why these are not available in india :(

  6. Oh-my-God!! The little girl in me, the one who loved playing with Barbie dolls, has woken up after a looooooong time! I never realised anything this cute can exist. If I would ever buy anything for it's packaging this would be it! For now... I'm just going to save these pics and stare at them... and dream... ... A princess in a beautiful castle, with perfectly mowed endless lawns.. in a pink tafetta and chiffon gown. Beautiful long wavy hair, and pink cheeks.. *sigh*

  7. Soo cute! That gets added to my wishlist!:)

  8. Soooo much CUTENESS <3 drooolinggg :p

  9. Packaging is very cute. Blushes remind me of Milani's limited blush collection.

  10. Love love that coral blush and the pink cream shadow! Both shades are stunning!

  11. Lovely pictures and very cute collection :)

  12. All are sooooooo cute specially blushes :)

  13. CZ..your pics always take me to fairy tale land.... :)

  14. OMG!!! This collection is so pretty!!!! This will be included in my wishlist!!!!!

  15. I want.....i want...i want.....but no availablity in India :(

  16. They couldn`t look more beautiful! <3 <3
    Great post!
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    Kaiyo Aino Blog

  17. Hi, I never get my stuffs through INDIA POST����������.... will you be kind and let me know if you got these through india post? I live in gurgaon too. Thanks and lots of love to you and your little heartbreaker ☺....


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