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Secret Brush

Oval makeup brushes.

 Once frowned upon. Howww???, they did that hand gesture. Toothbrush, they mocked.

Yes, I was one of they. Until I decided to try of of said toothbrushes....

 The Etude House My Beauty Tool Secret Brush 121 Skin

What it is: It's s synthetic brush for applying cream products, as well as powder products - no hard rules here.

What I LOVE about it: The brush blends base products effortlessly. The sponge is like a polishing tool, because my skin looks like polished wood - what I mean is 'sheen' - after I give it a good buff with this & it makes all my pores non-existent.

 The only complaint I have is that when I'm using the sponge, it sometimes comes off because it doesn't fit into the handle tightly enough. 

Price: I got it last year for $13.59 | Rs.922

It's now on sale for $11.99 | Rs.832

Available on Ebay HERE

Now I want a BIGGER brush like this & a few smaller ones too, yes I do.


  1. I too want to own one of these. I am seeing them everywhere :D

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  2. I had seen some Japanese bloggers raving about this.. Its in my wishlist...

  3. So pretty! I would love to give one of those a try :)

  4. I too want to try this out, but not right away ! I'm happy with the base brushes I own & if I get bored of them I'll check out this one :)
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  5. interesting post, can you please do a post on international shopping from ebay, I am always puzzled on the delivery and how to select a seller, thanks!

  6. These toothbrushes are truly amazing! i specially like the smaller concealer one. You can try the one from pac cosmetics. Its available on Flipkart and Amazon and is really good quality.


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